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This is a project that will be dedicated to listing the average (due to critical hits) DPS of all weapons in the game on their respective pages. This will definitely be easier on Desktop version Desktop version and Console version Console version because of the DPS Meter, but weapons like the Tizona still need to be measured. Things like missing with a ranged weapon or potions/accessories/armor that boost attack damage/speed or crit chance. The base attack damage/speed and crit chance of the weapon itself is all that will be taken into account, although the DPS increases caused by potions/accessories/armor will be displayed on their respective pages. There could also be a chart displaying: minimum DPS (no crits, somewhat useful), average DPS (average crits, very useful) and max DPS (all crits, not very useful). This will help inexperienced players see how well high attack compares to high attack speed or crit chance, because most inexperienced players just see a high damage stat and pick that, but it’s not always the best.