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Terraria Wiki:Projects/Dutch translation

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Dutch translation of the Terraria Wiki
Nederlandse vertaling van de Terraria Wiki
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Current status: Abandoned Number of articles of this project: 89 (198 total pages)
#3 among all translation projects with no own subdomain
Latest contribution to this project:
August 5, 2020, 02:20:14 (Pickaxes/nl)

Hoofd doelen/Main Goals[edit source]

  • Nederlandse mensen die willen helpen/Dutch people who want to help
  • Maak de grootste, beste en meest nauwkeurigste wiki voor Terraria in het Nederlands/Make the largest, best and most accurate Terraria wiki in Dutch

Te Doen/To Do[edit source]

  • Vertaal alle Engelse artikelen naar Nederlandstalig/Translate every English article into Dutch
  • Begin met de belangrijkste, dingen als enkele vanity items komen nog wel/Begin with the most important things, pages like single vanity items aren't that necessary

Project participants[edit source]

Active participants[edit source]

Inactive participants[edit source]

You shall be placed here after two months of inactivity

  1. Zaikantos Total edited pages: 256
  2. seanos1998 Total edited pages: 98
  3. Superstrijder15 Total edited pages: 66
  4. ProffesorAwsom Total edited pages: 35
  5. JohnyTheCarrot Total edited pages: 35
  6. Sjeesen Total edited pages: 23
  7. Valayane Total edited pages: 15
  8. dragontr8der Total edited pages: 10
  9. ZaRooler Total edited pages: 7
  10. Jellie126 Total edited pages: 6
  11. douwe2002 Total edited pages: 5
  12. PoroCYon Total edited pages: 3
  13. SLUBADOG Total edited pages: 2
  14. AnimeZer0 Total edited pages: 1
  15. Ansien12 Total edited pages: 1
  16. Bennievv Total edited pages: 0