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Information.svg Note: Congratulations! The German translation project has been moved to the new German subdomain
German translation of the Terraria Wiki

Main goals[edit source]

  • German player support. It is really annoying to search for information on a game and only find something in English if you can't understand english that well.
  • Bring new people to Wiki (those, who will read articles written on their native language and make new articles with it).

To-do[edit source]

  • Create German section.
  • Translate all existing articles to German.
  • Add new information to German Wiki that does not exist in English one.

Official Translation[edit source]

Only the official translations of items, NPCs etc., as used in the German version of the game, should be used on the Wiki. Those can be found within the game's source code, accessible by decompiling Terraria.exe (available on GitHub: An easy method to find the wanted translation is to press Ctrl+F and enter the English term.

Notes[edit source]

  • As with every translation of a text, sharp distinction between translations of certain terms should be kept: e.g. "Player" translates to "Spieler" and "Spielercharakter". "Spieler" is the human player themselves, so this should only be used when referring to actions a human can execute (e.g. rethinking a strategy), whereas "Spielercharakter" involves everything around the character that is played in the game (e.g. taking damage).

Project participants[edit source]