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Terraria Wiki:Projects/Norwegian translation

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Norwegian translation of the Terraria Wiki
Norsk oversettelse av Terraria Wiki
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Current status: Abandoned Number of articles of this project: 15 (42 total pages)
#9 among all translation projects with no own subdomain
Latest contribution to this project:
June 26, 2020, 09:29:25 (Cloud/no)

Main Goal[edit source]

  • To help Norwegian people. It is very frustrating to play Terraria, without any help/information for people that don't understand english.

Therefore i want to help Norwegian people to create a community where we can talk our own language.

To-do[edit source]

  • Translate all English pages on Terraria wiki into Norwegian

Notes[edit source]

  • Everyone that speaks a little Norwegian may participate in this project.

Project Participants[edit source]