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Terraria Wiki:Projects/Simplified Chinese translation

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Information.svg Note: Project moved to:

Separate wiki created[edit source]

Simplified Chinese now has its own wiki. See zh:Terraria Wiki. New articles should be created there, and existing /chs articles at English wiki should be re-created there, without their "/chs" suffix. I'll be starting to get some structure up there in the coming days. Equazcion (talk) 13:07, 31 Jul 2015 (UTC)

主要目标 Main goals[edit source]

  • 支持使用中文的玩家。如果你的英文不是很好,面对一个全是英文的游戏词条,实在是一件很头痛的事情
    • Chinese player support. It is really annoying to search for information on a game and only find something in English if you can't understand English that well.

今后目标 To Do[edit source]

  • 制作中文WIKI
    • Create Chinese section.
  • 将现有的英文词条都翻译成中文
    • Translate all existing articles to Chinese.
  • 在中文WIKI上添加新的信息
    • Add new information to Chinese Wiki that does not exist in English one.
  • 允许繁体和简体之间的自由转换。
    • Allows smooth transitions between Traditional and Simplified articles.

参与成员 Participant(s)[edit source]