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Terraria Wiki:Projects/Turkish translation

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Turkish translation of the Terraria Wiki
Terraria Wiki'nin Türkçe çevirisi
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Current status: Abandoned Number of articles of this project: 53 (144 total pages)
#7 among all translation projects with no own subdomain
Latest contribution to this project:
September 7, 2020, 01:52:15 (Terraria Wiki/tr)

Ana amaçları/Main goals[edit source]

  • Türk oyunculara destek sağlanması./Providing support for Turkish players.
  • Terraria'nın en geniş kapsamlı, en iyi ve anlaşılabilir Türkçe rehberinin yapılması./Making the most wide, best and understandable Turkish guide for Terraria.

Projenin Katılımcıları/Participants of Project[edit source]

  • U8322