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Terraria Wiki:Style Guide/Biome

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Here you put the "Biome banner" (example follows):

For great visualization you may add "map view" of the biome.

Write a description of the biome, include where/how it is located, primary block types, and spawns (eg. The landscape of a forest includes lots of grass, plenty of trees, several lakes ranging from small to large and, sometimes, Sunflowers. Dayblooms and Pumpkins can be found growing in this biome.)

Also (if it's possible) you can include the related underground biome.

(eg. Underneath the Snow biome you will find the Ice biome)


Use the {{infocard}} template.


  • Here you add some notes about biome.
  • (ex. Water does not turn into Ice in Snow biome)


  • Put some helpful tips about biome
  • (ex. If players without proper accessories try to swim to the side of the map, there is a serious risk of drowning. In addition to plenty of healing potions...)


  • Here's a bulleted list of misc information that doesn't fit into the above categories.
  • This includes any references to popular culture or other interesting tibits about the biome.


Write short history about changes between game updates, using {{history}}. Examplary usage:

{{history|Desktop 1.2.3|
** Added biome specific stalactite variations.
** Now has its own specific theme music.}}
{{history|Desktop 1.2|Introduced.}}
{{history|Console 1.02|Introduced.}}
{{history|Switch 1.0.711.6|Introduced.}}
{{history|Mobile 1.2.6508|Introduced.}}