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EnvironmentBiome Page NameSub-Biome Page Name
Max Life250
KB Resist0%

Enter a description of the Enemy here, including defining characteristics, their behavior, and where/when they can be found.

Attacks or Behavior

Add a separate Attacks or Behavior section for enemies that have intricate and important attack patterns. This usually applies to Bosses.


  • Give a rundown of a few strategies to defeat this enemy. This section should be relatively short and coherent. A quick rundown of which attacks work well and which do not will suffice.
  • Full or thorough strategies, discussions about approaches, or generally in depth analysis should be placed in a Guide, which is linked a the top of the section (ie: For further information, see: Guide:Strategies to kill X enemy)


  • Points of interest about the enemy (that affect gameplay) should go here.
  • If there are multiple points it should use a bullet list.


  • Here's a bulleted list of miscellaneous information that doesn't fit into the above categories.
  • Make sure it complies with the Trivia policy.

See also

Any related pages should be listed here to encourage the user for further reading. Items already linked in the top section or under Notes should not be listed here.


Use {{reflist}} to list references if applicable.


Enter the enemy's update history here, using the {{history}} template.
{{history|1.1|Health increased from 200 to 250.}}