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TypeToolCrafting material
Buy50 Copper Coin
Sell10 Copper Coin

General information about the item goes here, with the first mention of the item in bold. For clothing/armor sets, their individual stats would be listed here as well.



This is where each recipe for making the item or set of items in question is found, using {{recipes}} with the result= parameter. If the item cannot be crafted, this section is simply missed out.

Used in

This section lists the crafting recipes for which this item is a component, using {{recipes}} with the ingredient= parameter. Again, if this section is not applicable, it is missed out.

Used to craft

This section only applies to Crafting stations. It lists the items the crafting station is able to craft. The individual Recipes subpages are transcluded here. If the list is particularly long, it should be put in a collapsible box.


  • Interesting facts and points of interest regarding the item's relation to the game should be listed here. Be sure to differentiate Notes from Trivia and Tips. If they are acceptable under the bug policy, Bugs should be listed here as well.


  • Clever uses of the item should go here.
  • Information on its utility in very specific situations fits especially well in this section.


  • Any trivial facts unrelated to gameplay should go here.
  • "Reference" trivia should be sourced. A link to a wikipedia article is sufficient for historical or mythological items. Explicit references to modern pop culture should include a developer-sourced statement. See the trivia policy for additional information.

See also

Any related pages should be listed here to encourage the user for further reading. Items already linked in the top section or under Notes should not be listed here.


Use {{reflist}} to list references if applicable.


The item's history is noted here. The {{History}} template is used here; see the page for details on how it is used.
{{history|1.0.5|Sprite updated.}}

Append any related navigational template and one of the Master templates: {{Master Template Consumables}}, {{Master Template Equipables}}, {{Master Template Furniture}}, {{Master Template Luminite}}, {{Master Template Tiles}}, {{Master Template Tools}}, or {{Master Template Weapons}}.