Tinkerer's Workshop

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Tinkerer's Workshop
  • Tinkerer's Workshop item sprite
  • Tinkerer's Workshop placed
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
TypeFurnitureCrafting station
Dimensions3 wide × 2 high
Use time14 Very Fast
TooltipAllows the combining of some accessories
RarityRarity Level: 0
Buy / Sell10 Gold Coin / 2 Gold Coin

The Tinkerer's Workshop is a crafting station that is used primarily to combine pairs (or more) of accessories, into single items that provide the abilities of all. For instance, it can combine the Rocket Boots and Hermes Boots into a single item (the Spectre Boots) that provides the same rocket jumping and accelerated movement as the individual items did, without occupying two accessory slots. The Tinkerer's Workshop is purchased from the Goblin Tinkerer for 10 Gold Coin.

Desktop VersionConsole version When combining items, the Tinkerer's Workshop will assign a new random modifier to the crafted item. The modifiers the individual items had beforehand do not influence the modifier of the new combined item.

Mobile Version3DS version Items crafted at the Tinkerer's Workshop will be assigned no modifier.

The Tinkerer's Workshop is also used to craft a Boulder, and the unique unrecordable Music Box (Title) (using all 12 first recorded Music Boxes). On the Console version Console version it is also used to craft the unique unrecordable Music Box (Tutorial).

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Tinkerer's Workshop can also be used as a three-block-wide flat surface for placing furniture items.
  • A Bottle (or similar) can be placed on it and used as a Placed Bottle for crafting Potions.
  • This crafting station provides the most complex crafting chains in the game: The Cell Phone requires uniting four groups of three informational accessories into four intermediate items, then merging those into a PDA which provides "all the information", and finally combining that with a Magic (or Ice) Mirror to add "call for a ride home". Similarly the Ankh Shield combines 11 different protective items (mostly from Hardmode) into a single accessory that protects from most of the common debuffs. There are several other chains with two or three levels of combination -- e.g. the Spectre Boots noted above can be further upgraded to Lightning Boots and then Frostspark Boots.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The Tinkerer's Workshop can be a crucial step in game advancement, as it effectively allows players to enable more accessory-provided abilities at once.
  • Accessories often combine in stages; here are some notable "final targets", the terminal items of their crafting trees:
    • Cell Phone: Most complex crafting tree in the game, combing 12 informational accessories and a "ride home" to your spawn point.
    • Frostspark Boots: Speed, limited flight , and ice stability.
    • Desktop Version The Grand Design: Everything for working with mechanisms.
    • For balloons, there are two alternatives: The Bundle of Balloons offers the ultimate in jumpiness, or pick one of the Horseshoe balloons for fall resistance.
  • Some Hardmode terminal items:
    • Ankh Shield: Second most complex tree, combining 11 protective accessories to provide immunity to a variety of the commoner ailments inflicted by enemies. Also knockback resistance and some extra defense.
    • Fire Gauntlet: Hit monsters harder and faster, and set them on fire too.
    • Celestial Shell: Stat boosts and useful transformations.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Used to craft[edit | edit source]

Tinkerer's Workshop

Diving Gear.pngDiving Gear
Jellyfish Diving Gear.pngJellyfish Diving Gear
Arctic Diving Gear.pngArctic Diving Gear
GPS.pngGPSDesktop VersionConsole versionOld-gen console version
Fish Finder.pngFish FinderDesktop VersionConsole version
Goblin Tech.pngGoblin TechDesktop VersionConsole version
R.E.K. 3000.pngR.E.K. 3000Desktop VersionConsole version
PDA.pngPDADesktop VersionConsole version
Cell Phone.pngCell PhoneDesktop VersionConsole version
Obsidian Horseshoe.pngObsidian Horseshoe
Obsidian Shield.pngObsidian Shield
Ankh Shield.pngAnkh Shield
Fart in a Jar.pngFart in a Jar
Cloud in a Balloon.pngCloud in a Balloon
Blizzard in a Balloon.pngBlizzard in a Balloon
Sandstorm in a Balloon.pngSandstorm in a Balloon
Fart in a Balloon.pngFart in a Balloon
Honey Balloon.pngHoney Balloon
Sharkron Balloon.pngSharkron BalloonDesktop VersionConsole version
Blue Horseshoe Balloon.pngBlue Horseshoe Balloon
White Horseshoe Balloon.pngWhite Horseshoe Balloon
Yellow Horseshoe Balloon.pngYellow Horseshoe Balloon
Green Horseshoe Balloon.pngGreen Horseshoe BalloonDesktop VersionConsole version
Amber Horseshoe Balloon.pngAmber Horseshoe BalloonDesktop VersionConsole version
Pink Horseshoe Balloon.pngPink Horseshoe BalloonDesktop VersionConsole version
Bundle of Balloons.pngBundle of Balloons
Spectre Boots.pngSpectre Boots
Spectre Boots.pngSpectre Boots
Spectre Boots.pngSpectre Boots
Lightning Boots.pngLightning Boots
Frostspark Boots.pngFrostspark Boots
Obsidian Water Walking Boots.pngObsidian Water Walking Boots
Lava Waders.pngLava Waders
Mana Flower.pngMana Flower
Power Glove.pngPower Glove
Mechanical Glove.pngMechanical Glove
Fire Gauntlet.pngFire Gauntlet
Mana Regeneration Band.pngMana Regeneration Band
Magic Cuffs.pngMagic Cuffs
Celestial Cuffs.pngCelestial CuffsDesktop VersionConsole versionOld-gen console versionMobile Version
Charm of Myths.pngCharm of Myths
Moon Shell.pngMoon Shell
Star Veil.pngStar Veil
Bee Cloak.pngBee Cloak
Sweetheart Necklace.pngSweetheart Necklace
Tiger Climbing Gear.pngTiger Climbing Gear
Master Ninja Gear.pngMaster Ninja Gear
Armor Bracing.pngArmor Bracing
Medicated Bandage.pngMedicated Bandage
The Plan.pngThe Plan
Countercurse Mantra.pngCountercurse Mantra
Ankh Charm.pngAnkh Charm
Avenger Emblem.pngAvenger Emblem (Old-gen console versionMobile Version3DS version)
Avenger Emblem.pngAvenger Emblem (Desktop VersionConsole version)
Avenger Emblem.pngAvenger Emblem (Desktop VersionConsole version)
Avenger Emblem.pngAvenger Emblem (Desktop VersionConsole version)
Avenger Emblem.pngAvenger Emblem (Desktop VersionConsole version)
Celestial Emblem.pngCelestial EmblemDesktop VersionConsole versionOld-gen console versionMobile Version
Destroyer Emblem.pngDestroyer Emblem
Sniper Scope.pngSniper Scope
Papyrus Scarab.pngPapyrus ScarabDesktop VersionConsole versionOld-gen console versionMobile Version
Celestial Stone.pngCelestial Stone
Celestial Shell.pngCelestial ShellDesktop VersionConsole version
Music Box (Title).pngMusic Box (Title)
Music Box (Tutorial).pngMusic Box (Tutorial)Old-gen console version
Yoyo Bag.pngYoyo BagDesktop VersionConsole version
Yoyo Bag.pngYoyo BagDesktop VersionConsole version
Yoyo Bag.pngYoyo BagDesktop VersionConsole version
Yoyo Bag.pngYoyo BagDesktop VersionConsole version
Yoyo Bag.pngYoyo BagDesktop VersionConsole version
Yoyo Bag.pngYoyo BagDesktop VersionConsole version
Coin Ring.pngCoin RingDesktop VersionConsole version
Greedy Ring.pngGreedy RingDesktop VersionConsole version
Angler Tackle Bag.pngAngler Tackle BagDesktop Version
Architect Gizmo Pack.pngArchitect Gizmo PackDesktop VersionConsole version
Multicolor Wrench.pngMulticolor WrenchDesktop Version
The Grand Design.pngThe Grand DesignDesktop Version
Pink Weighted Pressure Plate.pngPink Weighted Pressure PlateDesktop Version
Orange Weighted Pressure Plate.pngOrange Weighted Pressure PlateDesktop Version
Purple Weighted Pressure Plate.pngPurple Weighted Pressure PlateDesktop Version
Cyan Weighted Pressure Plate.pngCyan Weighted Pressure PlateDesktop Version

History[edit | edit source]

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