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Titanium Crate

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Desktop version Desktop-Only Content: This information applies only to the Desktop version of Terraria.
Titanium Crate
  • Titanium Crate item sprite
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
PlaceableYes (2 wide × 2 high)
Use time15 (Very fast)
TooltipRight click to open
Rarity3*Rarity level: 3
Research10 required

The Titanium Crate is the highest tier of standard Crate in Hardmode. It offers the most valuable rewards and sells for the most coins if sold to an NPC, being the most valuable of the three standard crates. Like other crates, it is obtained by fishing. Its pre-Hardmode counterpart is the Golden Crate.

Drops[edit | edit source]

% Chance Items Amount
8.87% 1 in 11 Hardy SaddleHardy SaddleDesktop, Console, Old-gen console, and Mobile Versions 1
6.67% 1 in 15 Life CrystalLife Crystal
5% 1 in 20 Enchanted SundialEnchanted SundialDesktop, Console, and Mobile Versions
2% 1 in 50 Enchanted Sword (item)Enchanted Sword 1
10% 1 in 10 Silver OreSilver Ore 30-44
Tungsten OreTungsten Ore
Gold OreGold Ore
Platinum OrePlatinum Ore
10% 1 in 10 Mythril OreMythril Ore 30-44
Orichalcum OreOrichalcum Ore
Adamantite OreAdamantite Ore
Titanium OreTitanium Ore
17.78% 1 in 6 Silver BarSilver Bar 10-14
Tungsten BarTungsten Bar
Gold BarGold Bar
Platinum BarPlatinum Bar
35.56% 1 in 3 Mythril BarMythril Bar 10-14
Orichalcum BarOrichalcum Bar
Adamantite BarAdamantite Bar
Titanium BarTitanium Bar
33.33% 1 in 3 Obsidian Skin PotionObsidian Skin Potion 2-5
Spelunker PotionSpelunker Potion
Gravitation PotionGravitation Potion
Mining PotionMining PotionDesktop, Console, Old-gen console, and Mobile Versions
Heartreach PotionHeartreach Potion
50% 1 in 2 Healing PotionHealing Potion 5-20
Mana PotionMana Potion
66.67% 2 in 3 Master BaitMaster Bait 3-7
33.33% 1 in 3 Gold CoinGold Coin 8-20

History[edit | edit source]