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An example of average hover text. The yellow highlighted item is the "tooltip" as labeled on this wiki.

Tooltips are bits of "hover text" displayed when Desktop Version Console Version hovering over items or Mobile only.png 3DS logo.svg selecting them in the Inventory.

The complete text shown for an item usually contains the item's statistics.

An added bit of text also appears on many items, which is what is referred to on this wiki as the item's "tooltip" (they are referred to this way in Terraria's game code as well). They usually describe the item further, often in fun or humorous ways.

The statistics portion of the hover text may contain any of the following:

Modifier effects, if applicable, always appear at the bottom of the tooltip, colored green (for good effects) or red (for negative effects).

Item type[edit | edit source]

Below is a chart of what will appear at the top of the hover text depending on the item type (weapons show no type indication):

Type Indication
Can be placed Found on Blocks, Walls, and Furniture. Indicates the item is able to be placed.
Consumable Found on most Thrown weapons and Critters when caught. Indicates the item will be "consumed" upon use.
Material Found on Crafting materials. Indicates this item is used in the crafting recipe of another.
Equipable Found on Armor, Accessories, Pets, Light Pets, and Mounts. Indicates said item can be equipped in its respective slot in the Equipment Inventory.
Ammo Found on items used by other items as ammunition, like Gel, Arrows, Wire, and Bait items. Indicates this item can be placed in the Ammo slots of the player's inventory.
Vanity item Appears on Vanity items. Indicates that the item won't provide any stat boosts when equipped as armor.
Right Click to open[1] Indicates the item is a Grab bag. Appears on Treasure Bags, Presents, and Goodie Bags, etc. Note does not apply to Mobile only.png and Console Version versions. They have separate controls.
Nearby players get a bonus against: <NPC> Appears exclusively on Enemy Banners. Indicates that the banner will give a damage boost against that enemy when the player is in range of it.
  1. Will appear as "Right Click" no matter what key "Interact" is set to.

Slot type[edit | edit source]

The following may additionally be displayed depending on the type or state of the item's inventory slot:

Message Indication
Marked as favorite
Quick trash, stacking and selling will be blocked
Indicates the item is favorited.
Equipped in social slot
No stats will be gained
When any item is used in the social slots.

List of tooltips[edit | edit source]

Below is a listing of all additional tooltips (the added text actually listed on this wiki as "tooltips"). See Paintings, Buffs, and Debuffs for those items' tooltips.

Item Tooltip
inventory icon   when equipped 0x33's Aviators
Internal Item ID: 3763
Enables your inner wingman
'Great for impersonating streamers!'
Aaron's clothes.png Aaron's clothes 'Great for impersonating devs!'
Aaron's Helmet.png Aaron's Helmet
Internal Item ID: 1566
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Aaron's Breastplate.png Aaron's Breastplate
Internal Item ID: 1567
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Aaron's Leggings.png Aaron's Leggings
Internal Item ID: 1568
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Abeemination.png Abeemination (old).png Abeemination
Internal Item ID: 1133
Summons the Queen Bee
Actuation Rod.png Actuation Rod
Internal Item ID: 3620
Activates Actuators
Actuator.png Actuator
Internal Item ID: 849
Enables solid blocks to be toggled on and off
Adhesive Bandage.png Adhesive Bandage
Internal Item ID: 885
Immunity to Bleeding
Aerial Bane.png Aerial Bane
Internal Item ID: 3859
Shoots splitting arrows, deals more damage to airborne enemies
Aglet.png Aglet
Internal Item ID: 285
5% increased movement speed
Alchemy Table.png Alchemy Table
Internal Item ID: 3000
33% chance to not consume potion crafting ingredients
inventory icon   when equipped Amber Horseshoe Balloon
Internal Item ID: 3251
Releases bees when damaged
Increases jump height and negates fall damage
Amber Mosquito.png Amber Mosquito
Internal Item ID: 1242
Summons a Baby Dinosaur
Ammo Reservation Potion.png Ammo Reservation Potion
Internal Item ID: 2344
Gives 15% chance to not consume ammo
Ancient Horn.png Ancient Horn
Internal Item ID: 3771
Summons a rideable basilisk mount
Ancient Manipulator.png Ancient Manipulator
Internal Item ID: 3549
Used to craft items from Lunar Fragments and Luminite
Angler Earring.png Angler Earring
Internal Item ID: 2374
Increases fishing skill
inventory icon   when equipped Angler Tackle Bag
Internal Item ID: 3721
Fishing line will never break, decreases chance of bait consumption, increases fishing skill
Ankh Charm.png Ankh Charm (old).png Ankh Charm
Internal Item ID: 1612
Grants immunity to most debuffs
inventory icon   when equipped Ankh Shield
Internal Item ID: 1613
Grants immunity to knockback and fire blocks
Grants immunity to most debuffs
Anklet of the Wind.png Anklet of the Wind
Internal Item ID: 212
10% increased movement speed
inventory icon   when equipped Apprentice's Scarf
Internal Item ID: 3809
Increases your max number of sentries
Increases minion damage by 10%
Aqua Scepter.png Aqua Scepter
Internal Item ID: 157
Sprays out a shower of water
Archery Potion.png Archery Potion
Internal Item ID: 303
20% increased arrow speed and damage
inventory icon   when equipped Architect Gizmo Pack
Internal Item ID: 3061
Increases tile and wall placement speed and reach
Automatically paints placed objects
inventory icon   when equipped Arctic Diving Gear
Internal Item ID: 1861
Grants the ability to swim and greatly extends underwater breathing
Provides light under water and extra mobility on ice
Arkhalis.png Arkhalis
Internal Item ID: 3368
'I didn't get this off of a Schmoo'
Male Variation Female Variation Arkhalis's clothes 'Great for impersonating devs!'
'I didn't get this from the Grid'
Arkhalis's Hood.png Arkhalis's Hood
Internal Item ID: 3921
'Great for impersonating devs!'
'I didn't get this from the Grid'
Arkhalis's Bodice.png Arkhalis's Bodice
Internal Item ID: 3922
'Great for impersonating devs!'
'I didn't get this from the Grid'
Arkhalis's Tights.png Arkhalis's Tights
Internal Item ID: 3923
'Great for impersonating devs!'
'I didn't get this from the Grid'
Armor Bracing.png Armor Bracing (old).png Armor Bracing
Internal Item ID: 901
Immunity to Weakness and Broken Armor
Armor Polish.png Armor Polish (old).png Armor Polish
Internal Item ID: 886
Immunity to Broken Armor
Asphalt Block.png Asphalt Block
Internal Item ID: 775
Increases running speed
Autohammer.png Autohammer
Internal Item ID: 1551
Converts Chlorophyte Bars into Shroomite Bars
Avenger Emblem.png Avenger Emblem (old).png Avenger Emblem
Internal Item ID: 935
12% increased damage
Baby Grinch's Mischief Whistle.png Baby Grinch's Mischief Whistle
Internal Item ID: 1959
Summons a Baby Grinch
Bacon.png Bacon
Internal Item ID: 3532
Minor improvements to all stats
'Bacon? Bacon.'
Ballista Rod.png Ballista Cane.png Ballista Staff.png Ballista sentry summons
Internal Item ID: 3824 - 3826
A slow but high damage tower that shoots piercing bolts
Use 10 Etherian Mana to summon more than one
Ballista Rod.png Ballista Rod
Internal Item ID: 3824
A slow but high damage tower that shoots piercing bolts
Use 10 Etherian Mana to summon more than one
Ballista Cane.png Ballista Cane
Internal Item ID: 3825
A slow but high damage tower that shoots piercing bolts
Use 10 Etherian Mana to summon more than one
Ballista Staff.png Ballista Staff
Internal Item ID: 3826
A slow but high damage tower that shoots piercing bolts
Use 10 Etherian Mana to summon more than one
inventory icon   when equipped Balloon Pufferfish
Internal Item ID: 3225
Increases jump height
inventory icon   when equipped Band of Regeneration
Internal Item ID: 49
Slowly regenerates life
inventory icon   when equipped Band of Starpower
Internal Item ID: 111
Increases maximum mana by 20
Battle Potion.png Battle Potion
Internal Item ID: 300
Increases enemy spawn rate
Beam Sword.png Beam Sword
Internal Item ID: 723
Shoots a beam of light
inventory icon   when equipped Bee Cloak
Internal Item ID: 1247
Causes stars to fall and releases bees when injured
Bee Gun.png Bee Gun
Internal Item ID: 1121
Shoots bees that will chase your enemy
Bee Keeper.png Bee Keeper
Internal Item ID: 1123
Summons killer bees after striking your foe

Small chance to cause confusion

Bee Headgear.png Bee Headgear
Internal Item ID: 2361
Increases your max number of minions
Increases minion damage by 4%
Bee Breastplate.png Bee Breastplate
Internal Item ID: 2362
Increases your max number of minions
Increases minion damage by 4%
Bee Greaves.png Bee Greaves
Internal Item ID: 2363
Increases minion damage by 5%
Beenade.png Beenade
Internal Item ID: 1130
Explodes into a swarm of bees
Beeswax.png Beeswax
Internal Item ID: 5019
Summons a pet tiphia
Betsy's Wrath.png Betsy's Wrath
Internal Item ID: 3870
Splashes defense reducing miasma!
Bewitching Table.png Bewitching Table
Internal Item ID: 2999
Right click to have more minions
Bezoar.png Bezoar
Internal Item ID: 887
Immunity to Poison
Binoculars.png Binoculars
Internal Item ID: 1299
Increases view range when held
inventory icon   when equipped Black Belt
Internal Item ID: 963
Gives a chance to dodge attacks
Black Ink.png Black Ink
Internal Item ID: 1119
Used to make Black Dye
Blade of Grass.png Blade of Grass
Internal Item ID: 190
Has a chance to poison enemies
Bladetongue.png Bladetongue
Internal Item ID: 3211
Spits an Ichor stream on contact
Blend-O-Matic.png Blend-O-Matic
Internal Item ID: 995
Used to craft objects
Blessed Apple.png Blessed Apple
Internal Item ID: 3260
Summons a rideable unicorn mount
inventory icon   when equipped Blindfold
Internal Item ID: 888
Immunity to Darkness
inventory icon   when equipped Blizzard in a Balloon
Internal Item ID: 1163
Allows the holder to double jump
Increases jump height
Blizzard in a Bottle.png Blizzard in a Bottle
Internal Item ID: 987
Allows the holder to double jump
Bone Wand.png Bone Wand
Internal Item ID: 932
Places bone
Hive Wand.png Hive Wand
Internal Item ID: 1129
Places Hives
Living Wood Wand.png Living Wood Wand
Internal Item ID: 832
Places living wood
Leaf Wand.png Leaf Wand
Internal Item ID: 933
Places leaves
Living Mahogany Wand.png Living Mahogany Wand
Internal Item ID: 3360
Places living rich mahogany
Rich Mahogany Leaf Wand.png Rich Mahogany Leaf Wand
Internal Item ID: 3361
Places rich mahogany leaves
Bloody Spine.png Bloody Spine
Internal Item ID: 1331
Summons the Brain of Cthulhu
Blowgun.png Blowgun
Internal Item ID: 986
Allows the collection of seeds for ammo
Blowpipe.png Blowpipe
Internal Item ID: 281
Allows the collection of seeds for ammo
Blue Berries.png Blue Berries
Internal Item ID: 1111
Used to make Blue Dye
inventory icon   when equipped Blue Horseshoe Balloon
Internal Item ID: 1250
Allows the holder to double jump
Increases jump height and negates fall damage
Bomb.png Bomb
Internal Item ID: 166
A small explosion that will destroy some tiles
Bomb Fish.png Bomb Fish
Internal Item ID: 3196
A small explosion that will destroy some tiles
Bone Glove.png Bone Glove
Internal Item ID: 3245
Throws empowered bones
33% chance to not consume bone
Bone Key.png Bone Key
Internal Item ID: 1169
Summons a Baby Skeletron Head
Bone Rattle.png Bone Rattle
Internal Item ID: 3060
Summons a Baby Face Monster
Bone Welder.png Bone Welder
Internal Item ID: 2192
Used for special crafting
Book.png Book
Internal Item ID: 149
It contains strange symbols
Book of Skulls.png Book of Skulls
Internal Item ID: 1313
Shoots a skull
Boomstick.png Boomstick
Internal Item ID: 964
Fires a spread of bullets
Bottomless Water Bucket.png Bottomless Water Bucket
Internal Item ID: 3031
Contains an endless amount of water
Bouncy Bomb.png Bouncy Bomb
Internal Item ID: 3115
A small explosion that will destroy some tiles
Very bouncy
Bouncy Dynamite.png Bouncy Dynamite
Internal Item ID: 3547
'This will prove to be terrible idea' [sic]
Bouncy Glowstick.png Bouncy Glowstick
Internal Item ID: 3112
Works when wet
Bouncy Grenade.png Bouncy Grenade
Internal Item ID: 3116
A small explosion that will not destroy tiles
Very bouncy
Bowl of Soup.png Bowl of Soup
Internal Item ID: 357
Minor improvements to all stats
Brain.png Brain
Internal Item ID: 5022
Summons a pet zombie
Brain Scrambler (item).png Brain Scrambler (item)
Internal Item ID: 2771
Summons a rideable Scutlix mount
Brain of Confusion.png Brain of Confusion
Internal Item ID: 3223
May confuse nearby enemies after being struck
Brand of the Inferno.png Brand of the Inferno
Internal Item ID: 3823
Right Click to guard with a shield
Breathing Reed.png Breathing Reed
Internal Item ID: 186
Increases breath time and allows breathing in water
Brick Layer.png Brick Layer
Internal Item ID: 2214
Increases tile placement speed
Broken Heart Crystal.png Broken Heart Crystal
Internal Item ID: 5050
Summons a pet Cupid
Bubble Wand.png Bubble Wand
Internal Item ID: 1450
Blows Bubbles
Builder Potion.png Builder Potion
Internal Item ID: 2325
Increases placement speed and range
15 minute duration
inventory icon   when equipped Bundle of Balloons
Internal Item ID: 1164
Allows the holder to quadruple jump
Increases jump height
Butcher's Chainsaw.png Butcher's Chainsaw
Internal Item ID: 3098
Sparks emit from struck enemies
Cabbage.png Cabbage
Internal Item ID: 603
Summons a pet guinea pig
Calming Potion.png Calming Potion
Internal Item ID: 2324
Reduces enemy aggression and spawn rate
Campfire.png Campfire Life regen is increased when near a campfire
Candy Cane Pickaxe.png Candy Cane Pickaxe
Internal Item ID: 1917
Can mine Meteorite
Candy Corn Rifle.png Candy Corn Rifle
Internal Item ID: 1782
33% chance to not consume ammo
Cannonball.png Cannonball
Internal Item ID: 929
For use with cannon
Carrot.png Carrot
Internal Item ID: 603
Summons a pet bunny
inventory icon   when equipped Celestial Cuffs
Internal Item ID: 2221
Restores mana when damaged
Increases pickup range for stars
Celestial Emblem.png Celestial Emblem
Internal Item ID: 2220
15% increased magic damage
Increases pickup range for stars
Celestial Magnet.png Celestial Magnet
Internal Item ID: 2219
Increases pickup range for mana stars
Celestial Shell.png Celestial Shell
Internal Item ID: 3110
Turns the holder into a werewolf at night and a merfolk when entering water
Minor increases to all stats
Celestial Sigil.png Celestial Sigil
Internal Item ID: 3601
Summons the Impending Doom
Celestial Stone.png Celestial Stone
Internal Item ID: 1865
Minor increase to damage, melee speed, critical strike chance, life regeneration, defense, pick speed, and minion knockback
Cell Phone.png Cell Phone
Internal Item ID: 3124
Displays everything
Allows you to return home at will
Cenx's Dress clothes.png Cenx's Dress clothes 'Great for impersonating devs!'
Cenx's Dress.png Cenx's Dress
Internal Item ID: 1587
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Cenx's Dress Pants.png Cenx's Dress Pants
Internal Item ID: 1588
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Cenx's clothes.png Cenx's clothes 'Great for impersonating devs!'
Cenx's Tiara.png Cenx's Tiara
Internal Item ID: 1554
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Cenx's Breastplate.png Cenx's Breastplate
Internal Item ID: 1555
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Cenx's Leggings.png Cenx's Leggings
Internal Item ID: 1556
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Chain.png Chain
Internal Item ID: 85
Can be climbed on
Chain Gun.png Chain Gun
Internal Item ID: 1929
50% chance to not consume ammo
inventory icon   when equipped Charm of Myths
Internal Item ID: 860
Provides life regeneration and reduces the cooldown of healing potions
Chlorophyte Arrow.png Chlorophyte Arrow
Internal Item ID: 1235
Bounces back after hitting a wall
Chlorophyte Bar.png Chlorophyte Bar
Internal Item ID: 1006
Reacts to the light
Chlorophyte Bullet.png Chlorophyte Bullet
Internal Item ID: 1179
Chases after your enemy
Chlorophyte Claymore.png Chlorophyte Claymore
Internal Item ID: 1226
Shoots a powerful orb
Chlorophyte Ore.png Chlorophyte Ore
Internal Item ID: 947
Reacts to the light
Chlorophyte Partisan.png Chlorophyte Partisan
Internal Item ID: 1228
Shoots a spore cloud
Chlorophyte Saber.png Chlorophyte Saber
Internal Item ID: 1227
Shoots a spore cloud
Christmas Pudding.png Christmas Pudding
Internal Item ID: 1911
Minor improvements to all stats
Clay Pot.png Clay Pot
Internal Item ID: 222
Grows plants
Clentaminator.png Clentaminator
Internal Item ID: 779
Desktop Version3DS logo.svgCreates and destroys biomes when sprayed
Uses colored solution
Console VersionMobile only.pngPurifies and creates biomes when sprayed
Uses colored solutionVerify
Green Solution.png Purple Solution.png Red Solution.png Blue Solution.png Dark Blue Solution.png Solutions
Internal Item ID: 780-784
inventory icon   when equipped Climbing Claws
Internal Item ID: 953
Allows the ability to slide down walls
Improved ability if combined with Shoe Spikes
Clinger Staff.png Clinger Staff
Internal Item ID: 3014
Summons a wall of cursed flames
Clockwork Assault Rifle.png Clockwork Assault Rifle
Internal Item ID: 434
Three round burst
Only the first shot consumes ammo
Red Hat.png Red Hat
Internal Item ID: 260
It smells funny...
Clothier's Jacket.png Clothier's Jacket
Internal Item ID: 3246
Clothier's Pants.png Clothier's Pants
Internal Item ID: 3247
Clothier Voodoo Doll.png Clothier Voodoo Doll
Internal Item ID: 1307
'You are a terrible person.'
inventory icon   when equipped Cloud in a Balloon
Internal Item ID: 399
Allows the holder to double jump
Increases jump height
inventory icon   when equipped Cloud in a Bottle
Internal Item ID: 53
Allows the holder to double jump
Coal.png Coal
Internal Item ID: 1922
You've been naughty this year.
Cobalt Drill.png Cobalt Drill
Internal Item ID: 385
Can mine Mythril and Orichalcum
Cobalt Pickaxe.png Cobalt Pickaxe
Internal Item ID: 776
Can mine Mythril and Orichalcum
inventory icon   when equipped Cobalt Shield
Internal Item ID: 156
Grants immunity to knockback
Cog Wall.png Cog Wall
Internal Item ID: 3751
Productivity up 200%
Coin Gun.png Coin Gun
Internal Item ID: 905
Uses coins for ammo
Higher valued coins do more damage
Coin Ring.png Coin Ring
Internal Item ID: 3034
Increases coin pickup range
Hitting enemies will sometimes drop extra coins
Companion Cube.png Companion Cube
Internal Item ID: 3628
Susceptible to lava!
Compass.png Compass
Internal Item ID: 393
Shows horizontal position
Confetti Gun.png Confetti Gun
Internal Item ID: 1000
Shoots confetti everywhere!
Cooked Marshmallow.png Cooked Marshmallow
Internal Item ID: 969
Minor improvements to all stats
inventory icon   when equipped Copper Watch
Internal Item ID: 15
Tells the time
Corrupt Crate.png Corrupt Crate
Internal Item ID: 3203
Right click to open
Cosmic Car Key.png Cosmic Car Key
Internal Item ID: 2769
Summons a rideable UFO mount
Countercurse Mantra.png Countercurse Mantra
Internal Item ID: 904
Immunity to Silence and Curse
Red Counterweight.png Counterweight
Internal Item ID: 3309-3314
Throws a counterweight after hitting an enemy with a yoyo
Crate Potion.png Crate Potion
Internal Item ID: 2356
Increases chance to get a crate
Wooden Crate.png Crates Right click to open
Creeper Egg.png Creeper Egg
Internal Item ID: 3856
Summons a flickerwick to provide light
Crimson Crate.png Crimson Crate
Internal Item ID: 3204
Right click to open
Crimson Heart (item).png Crimson Heart
Internal Item ID: 3062
Summons a heart to provide light
Crimson Rod.png Crimson Rod
Internal Item ID: 1256
Summons a cloud to rain blood on your foes
inventory icon   when equipped Cross Necklace
Internal Item ID: 554
Increases length of invincibility after taking damage
Crowno's clothes.png Crowno's clothes 'Great for impersonating devs!'
Crowno's Mask.png Crowno's Mask
Internal Item ID: 1557
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Crowno's Breastplate.png Crowno's Breastplate
Internal Item ID: 1558
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Crowno's Leggings.png Crowno's Leggings
Internal Item ID: 1559
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Crystal Bullet.png Crystal Bullet
Internal Item ID: 515
Creates several crystal shards on impact
Crystal Serpent.png Crystal Serpent
Internal Item ID: 3209
Shoots an explosive crystal charge
Crystal Storm.png Crystal Storm
Internal Item ID: 518
Summons rapid fire crystal shards
Crystal Vile Shard.png Crystal Vile Shard
Internal Item ID: 3051
Summons a massive crystal spike
Cursed Flame.png Cursed Flame
Internal Item ID: 522
'Not even water can put the flame out'
Cursed Flames.png Cursed Flames
Internal Item ID: 519
Summons unholy fire balls
Cursed Sapling.png Cursed Sapling
Internal Item ID: 1837
Summons a cursed sapling to follow you
Cursed stuffing.png Cursed stuffing
Internal Item ID: 5064
It pulses with malevolent energy
Cyan Husk.png Cyan Husk
Internal Item ID: 1116
Used to make Cyan Dye
D-Town's clothes.png D-Town's clothes 'Great for impersonating devs!'
D-Town's Helmet.png D-Town's Helmet
Internal Item ID: 1580
'Great for impersonating devs!'
D-Town's Breastplate.png D-Town's Breastplate
Internal Item ID: 1581
'Great for impersonating devs!'
D-Town's Leggings.png D-Town's Leggings
Internal Item ID: 1582
'Great for impersonating devs!'
DPS Meter.png DPS Meter
Internal Item ID: 3119
Displays your damage per second
Daedalus Stormbow.png Daedalus Stormbow
Internal Item ID: 3029
Shoots arrows from the sky
Dangersense Potion.png Dangersense Potion
Internal Item ID: 2329
Allows you to see nearby traps
Dao of Pow.png Dao of Pow
Internal Item ID: 389
Has a chance to confuse
'Find your inner pieces'
Dark Shard.png Dark Shard
Internal Item ID: 527
'Sometimes carried by creatures in corrupt deserts'
Daybreak.png Daybreak
Internal Item ID: 3543
'Rend your foes asunder with a spear of light!'
Deadly Sphere Staff.png Deadly Sphere Staff
Internal Item ID: 3249
Summons deadly spheres to fight for you
Death Sickle.png Death Sickle
Internal Item ID: 1327
Shoots a deathly sickle
Deathbringer Pickaxe.png Deathbringer Pickaxe
Internal Item ID: 798
Able to mine Hellstone
Defender Medal.png Defender Medal
Internal Item ID: 3817
Currency for trading with the Tavernkeep
Demon Heart.png Demon Heart
Internal Item ID: 3335
Permanently increases the number of accessory slots
Demon Scythe.png Demon Scythe
Internal Item ID: 272
Casts a demon scythe
Demonite Bar.png Demonite Bar
Internal Item ID: 57
'Pulsing with dark energy'
Demonite Ore.png Demonite Ore
Internal Item ID: 56
'Pulsing with dark energy'
Depth Meter.png Depth Meter
Internal Item ID: 18
Shows depth
Destroyer Emblem.png Destroyer Emblem
Internal Item ID: 1301
10% increased damage
8% increased critical strike chance
Detonator.png Detonator
Internal Item ID: 3545
'Guts... and Gory!'
Dirt Rod.png Dirt Rod
Internal Item ID: 114
Magically moves dirt
Discount Card.png Discount Card
Internal Item ID: 854
Shops have lower prices
inventory icon   when equipped Diving Gear
Internal Item ID: 394
Grants the ability to swim
Greatly extends underwater breathing
inventory icon   when equipped Djinn's Curse
Internal Item ID: 3770
Grants slow fall in exchange for your feet
Dog Whistle.png Dog Whistle
Internal Item ID: 1927
Summons a Puppy
Dragon Egg.png Dragon Egg
Internal Item ID: 3857
Summons a pet dragon
Drax.png Drax
Internal Item ID: 579
'Not to be confused with a picksaw'
Drill Containment Unit.png Drill Containment Unit
Internal Item ID: 2768
Summons a rideable drill mount
Dungeon Crate.png Dungeon Crate
Internal Item ID: 3205
Right click to open
Dye Vat.png Dye Vat
Internal Item ID: 1120
Used to Craft Dyes
Dynamite.png Dynamite
Internal Item ID: 167
A large explosion that will destroy most tiles
Eater's Bone.png Eater's Bone
Internal Item ID: 994
Summons a Baby Eater of Souls
Egg Cannon.png Egg Cannon
Internal Item ID: 5058
"To kill a goblin, you have to break a few eggs"
Elf Melter.png Elf Melter
Internal Item ID: 1910
Uses gel for ammo
Enchanted Sundial.png Enchanted Sundial
Internal Item ID: 3064
Allows time to fast forward one day per week
Enchanted Sword (item).png Enchanted Sword
Internal Item ID: 989
Shoots an enchanted beam
Endurance Potion.png Endurance Potion
Internal Item ID: 2346
Reduces damage taken by 10%
4 minute duration
Eternia Crystal.png Eternia Crystal
Internal Item ID: 3828
Place in the Eternia Crystal Stand to summon Etheria's portals
Eternia Crystal Stand.png Eternia Crystal Stand
Internal Item ID: 3816
Holds the Eternia Crystal
Etherian Mana.png Etherian Mana
Internal Item ID: 3822
Often used to manifest one's will as a physical form of defense
Exploding Bullet.png Exploding Bullet
Internal Item ID: 1351
Explodes on impact
Explosive Trap Rod.png Explosive Trap Cane.png Explosive Trap Staff.png Explosive Trap sentry summons
Internal Item ID: 3832 - 3834
A trap that explodes when enemies come near
Use 10 Etherian Mana to summon more than one
Explosive Trap Rod.png Explosive Trap Rod
Internal Item ID: 3832
A trap that explodes when enemies come near
Use 10 Etherian Mana to summon more than one
Explosive Trap Cane.png Explosive Trap Cane
Internal Item ID: 3833
A trap that explodes when enemies come near
Use 10 Etherian Mana to summon more than one
Explosive Trap Staff.png Explosive Trap Staff
Internal Item ID: 3834
A trap that explodes when enemies come near
Use 10 Etherian Mana to summon more than one
Explosives.png Explosives
Internal Item ID: 580
Explodes when activated
Extendo Grip.png Extendo Grip
Internal Item ID: 2215
Increases tile reach
Extractinator.png Extractinator
Internal Item ID: 997
Turns silt/slush/fossils into something more useful
'To use: Place silt/slush/fossils in the extractinator'
Eye Spring.png Eye Spring
Internal Item ID: 1311
Summons an eyeball spring
Eye of the Golem.png Eye of the Golem
Internal Item ID: 1248
10% increased critical strike chance
Fairy Bell.png Fairy Bell
Internal Item ID: 425
Summons a magical fairy
Fallen Star.png Fallen Star
Internal Item ID: 75
Disappears after the sunrise
inventory icon   when equipped Fart in a Balloon
Internal Item ID: 1863
Allows the holder to double jump

Increases jump height

Fart in a Jar.png Fart in a Jar
Internal Item ID: 1724
Allows the holder to double jump
Fast Clock.png Fast Clock
Internal Item ID: 889
Immunity to Slow
Featherfall Potion.png Featherfall Potion
Internal Item ID: 295
Slows falling speed
inventory icon   when equipped Feral Claws
Internal Item ID: 211
12% increased melee speed
inventory icon   when equipped Fez
Internal Item ID: 1988
'Fezzes are cool'
Fiery Greatsword.png Fiery Greatsword
Internal Item ID: 121
'It's made out of fire!'
inventory icon   when equipped Fire Gauntlet
Internal Item ID: 1343
Increases melee knockback and inflicts fire damage on attack
10% increased melee damage and speed
Fish (item).png Fish
Internal Item ID: 669
Summons a baby penguin
Fish Finder.png Fish Finder
Internal Item ID: 3036
Displays weather, moon phase, and fishing information
Fisherman's Pocket Guide.png Fisherman's Pocket Guide
Internal Item ID: 3120
Displays fishing information
Cooked Fish.png Cooked Shrimp.png Sashimi.png Fishing Food Minor improvements to all stats
Fishing Potion.png Fishing Potion
Internal Item ID: 2354
Increases fishing skill
8 minute duration
Flameburst Rod.png Flameburst Cane.png Flameburst Staff.png Flameburst sentry summons
Internal Item ID: 3818-3820
An average speed tower that shoots exploding fireballs
Use 10 Etherian Mana to summon more than one
Flameburst Rod.png Flameburst Rod
Internal Item ID: 3818
An average speed tower that shoots exploding fireballs
Use 10 Etherian Mana to summon more than one
Flameburst Cane.png Flameburst Cane
Internal Item ID: 3819
An average speed tower that shoots exploding fireballs
Use 10 Etherian Mana to summon more than one
Flameburst Staff.png Flameburst Staff
Internal Item ID: 3820
An average speed tower that shoots exploding fireballs
Use 10 Etherian Mana to summon more than one
Flamelash.png Flamelash
Internal Item ID: 218
Summons a controllable ball of fire
Flamethrower.png Flamethrower
Internal Item ID: 506
Uses gel for ammo
Flask of Cursed Flames.png Flask of Cursed Flames
Internal Item ID: 1353
Melee attacks inflict enemies with cursed flames
Flask of Fire.png Flask of Fire
Internal Item ID: 1354
Melee attacks set enemies on fire
Flask of Gold.png Flask of Gold
Internal Item ID: 1355
Melee attacks make enemies drop more gold
Flask of Ichor.png Flask of Ichor
Internal Item ID: 1356
Melee attacks decrease enemies defense
Flask of Nanites.png Flask of Nanites
Internal Item ID: 1357
Melee attacks confuse enemies
Flask of Party.png Flask of Party
Internal Item ID: 1358
Melee attacks cause confetti to appear
Flask of Poison.png Flask of Poison
Internal Item ID: 1359
Melee attacks poison enemies
Flask of Venom.png Flask of Venom
Internal Item ID: 1340
Melee attacks inflict Venom on enemies

20 minute duration

Flesh Cloning Vat.png Flesh Cloning Vat
Internal Item ID: 2193
Used for special crafting
Flesh Knuckles.png Flesh Knuckles
Internal Item ID: 3016
Enemies are more likely to target you
inventory icon   when equipped Flipper
Internal Item ID: 187
Grants the ability to swim
Flipper Potion.png Flipper Potion
Internal Item ID: 2327
Lets you move swiftly in liquids
8 minute duration
Flower Boots.png Flower Boots
Internal Item ID: 3017
Flowers grow on the grass you walk on
Flower Pow.png Flower Pow
Internal Item ID: 1259
Shoots razor sharp flower petals at nearby enemies
Flower of Fire.png Flower of Fire
Internal Item ID: 112
Throws balls of fire
Flower of Frost.png Flower of Frost
Internal Item ID: 1264
Shoots a ball of frost
inventory icon   when equipped Flurry Boots
Internal Item ID: 1579
The wearer can run super fast
inventory icon   when equipped Flying Carpet
Internal Item ID: 934
Allows the owner to float for a few seconds
Flying Dragon.png Flying Dragon
Internal Item ID: 3827
Unleashes the heart's energy forward
Flying Knife.png Flying Knife
Internal Item ID: 3030
Throws a controllable flying knife
inventory icon   when equipped Frog Leg
Internal Item ID: 2423
Increases jump speed and allows auto-jump
Increases fall resistance
Frost Staff.png Frost Staff
Internal Item ID: 726
Shoots a stream of frost
Frostbrand.png Frostbrand
Internal Item ID: 676
Shoots an icy bolt
inventory icon   when equipped Frostspark Boots
Internal Item ID: 1862
Allows flight, super fast running, and extra mobility on ice
7% increased movement speed
inventory icon   when equipped Frozen Turtle Shell
Internal Item ID: 1253
Puts a shell around the owner when below 50% life that reduces damage
Furnace.png Furnace
Internal Item ID: 33
Used for smelting ore
Fuzzy Carrot.png Fuzzy Carrot
Internal Item ID: 2428
Summons a rideable Bunny mount
Internal Item ID: 395
Shows position
Tells the time
Gatligator.png Gatligator
Internal Item ID: 2270
50% chance to not consume ammo (33% on console)
Highly inaccurate
Gato Egg.png Gato Egg
Internal Item ID: 3855
Summons a pet gato
Gel.png Gel
Internal Item ID: 23
'Both tasty and flammable'
George's Tuxedo.png George's Tuxedo "Oh myyy!"
Ghastly Glaive.png Ghastly Glaive
Internal Item ID: 3836
Summons ghosts as it hits enemies
inventory icon   Male Variation Female Variation Gi
Internal Item ID: 2277
5% increased damage and critical strike chance
10% increased melee and movement speed
Gills Potion.png Gills Potion
Internal Item ID: 291
Breathe water instead of air
Gingerbread Cookie.png Gingerbread Cookie
Internal Item ID: 1920
Minor improvements to all stats
Glass Kiln.png Glass Kiln
Internal Item ID: 2194
Used for special crafting
Glowstick.png Glowstick
Internal Item ID: 282
Works when wet
Goblin Battle Standard.png Goblin Battle Standard
Internal Item ID: 361
Summons a Goblin Army
Goblin Tech.png Goblin Tech
Internal Item ID: 3121
Displays movement speed, damage per second, and valuable ore
Gold Pickaxe.png Gold Pickaxe
Internal Item ID: 3521
Can mine Meteorite
Gold Ring.png Gold Ring
Internal Item ID: 3033
Increases coin pickup range
inventory icon   when equipped Gold Watch
Internal Item ID: 17
Tells the time
Golden Bullet.png Golden Bullet
Internal Item ID: 1352
Enemies killed will drop more money
Golden Crate.png Golden Crate
Internal Item ID: 2336
Desktop VersionRight click to open/Console VersionMobile only.png3DS logo.svgUse to open
Golden Key.png Golden Key (old).png Golden Key
Internal Item ID: 327
Desktop VersionOpens one Gold or Dungeon Chest
Console VersionMobile only.png3DS logo.svgOpens one Gold Chest
Golden Lock Box.png Golden Lock Box
Internal Item ID: 3085
Right click to open
Requires a Golden Key
Golden Shower.png Golden Shower
Internal Item ID: 1336
Sprays a shower of ichor
Decreases target's defense
Goldfish.png Goldfish (item)
Internal Item ID: 261
'It's smiling, might be a good snack'
Golem Fist.png Golem Fist
Internal Item ID: 1297
Punches with the force of a golem
Goodie Bag.png Goodie Bag
Internal Item ID: 1774
Desktop VersionConsole VersionRight click to open/Mobile only.png3DS logo.svgTry to open the present!
Gravitation Potion.png Gravitation Potion
Internal Item ID: 305
Allows the control of gravity
Gravity Globe.png Gravity Globe
Internal Item ID: 1131
Allows the holder to reverse gravity
Press UP to change gravity
Greedy Ring.png Greedy Ring
Internal Item ID: 3035
Increases coin pickup range and shops have lower prices
Hitting enemies will sometimes drop extra coins
inventory icon   when equipped Green Horseshoe Balloon
Internal Item ID: 3250
Allows the holder to double jump
Increases jump height and negates fall damage
Green Mushroom.png Green Mushroom
Internal Item ID: 1108
Used to make Green Dye
Grenade.png Grenade
Internal Item ID: 168
A small explosion that will not destroy tiles
Grub Soup.png Grub Soup
Internal Item ID: 3195
Minor improvements to all stats
Guide Voodoo Doll.png Guide Voodoo Doll
Internal Item ID: 267
'You are a terrible person.'
Guide to Plant Fiber Cordage.png Guide to Plant Fiber Cordage
Internal Item ID: 3068
Allows the collection of Vine Rope from vines
inventory icon   Male Variation Female Variation Gypsy Robe
Internal Item ID: 2279
6% increased magic damage and critical strike chance
Reduces mana usage by 10%
Hallowed Crate.png Hallowed Crate
Internal Item ID: 3207
Right click to open
Hammush.png Hammush
Internal Item ID: 787
Strong enough to destroy Demon Altars
inventory icon   when equipped Hand Warmer
Internal Item ID: 1921
Provides immunity to chill and freezing effects
Happy Grenade.png Happy Grenade
Internal Item ID: 3548
A small explosion that will not destroy tiles
Orichalcum Anvil.png Orichalcum Anvil
Internal Item ID: 1220
Used to craft items from mythril, orichalcum, adamantite, and titanium bars
Mythril Anvil.png Mythril Anvil
Internal Item ID: 525
Used to craft items from mythril, orichalcum, adamantite, and titanium bars
Titanium Forge.png Titanium Forge
Internal Item ID: 1221
Used to smelt adamantite and titanium ore
Adamantite Forge.png Adamantite Forge
Internal Item ID: 524
Used to smelt adamantite and titanium ore
Hardy Saddle.png Hardy Saddle
Internal Item ID: 2491
Summons a rideable Turtle mount
Heartreach Potion.png Heartreach Potion
Internal Item ID: 2323
Increases pickup range for life hearts
Heat Ray.png Heat Ray
Internal Item ID: 1295
Shoots a piercing ray of heat
Heavy Work Bench.png Heavy Work Bench
Internal Item ID: 2172
Used for advanced crafting
Hellstone Bar.png Hellstone Bar
Internal Item ID: 175
'Hot to the touch'
Hellwing Bow.png Hellwing Bow
Internal Item ID: 3019
Wooden arrows turn into flaming bats
Herb Bag.png Herb Bag
Internal Item ID: 3093
Right click to open
Hercules Beetle.png Hercules Beetle
Internal Item ID: 1167
Increases the damage of your minions by 15%
Increases the knockback of your minions
inventory icon   when equipped Hermes Boots
Internal Item ID: 54
The wearer can run super fast
High Test Fishing Line.png High Test Fishing Line
Internal Item ID: 2373
Fishing line will never break
inventory icon   when equipped Hive Pack
Internal Item ID: 3333
Increases the strength of friendly bees
Holiday Bauble.png Holiday Bauble
Internal Item ID: 5047
Summons a pet elfa
Holy Arrow.png Holy Arrow
Internal Item ID: 516
Summons falling stars on impact
Holy Hand Grenade.png Holy Hand Grenade
Internal Item ID: 5061
The Lord's chosen weapon
inventory icon   when equipped Honey Balloon
Internal Item ID: 1249
Increases jump height
Releases bees when damaged
Honey Comb.png Honey Comb
Internal Item ID: 1132
Releases bees when damaged
Honey Dispenser.png Honey Dispenser
Internal Item ID: 2204
Used for special crafting
Honeyed Goggles.png Honeyed Goggles
Internal Item ID: 2502
Summons a rideable Bee mount
Hook.png Hook
Internal Item ID: 118
Sometimes dropped by Skeletons and Piranha
Horn o' plenty.png Horn o' plenty
Internal Item ID: 5065
It is filled with the inexhaustible gifts of celebratory fruits.
Male Variation Female Variation

Maskless Male Variation Maskless Female Variation

Horned God costume
Internal Item ID: 2792-2794
'Remnant of an age of wonders'
Hornet Staff.png Hornet Staff
Internal Item ID: 2364
Summons a hornet to fight for you
inventory icon   when equipped Hoverboard
Internal Item ID: 1866
Allows flight and slow fall
Hold DOWN and JUMP to hover
Hunter Potion.png Hunter Potion
Internal Item ID: 304
Shows the location of enemies
inventory icon   when equipped Huntress's Buckler
Internal Item ID: 3811
Increases your max number of sentries
Increases minion damage by 10%
Ice Blade.png Ice Blade
Internal Item ID: 724
Shoots an icy bolt
Ice Bow.png Ice Bow
Internal Item ID: 725
Shoots frost arrows
Ice Machine.png Ice Machine
Internal Item ID: 2198
Used for special crafting
Ice Rod.png Ice Rod
Internal Item ID: 496
Summons a block of ice
Ice Sickle.png Ice Sickle
Internal Item ID: 1306
Shoots an icy sickle
inventory icon   when equipped Ice Skates
Internal Item ID: 950
Provides extra mobility on ice
Ice will not break when you fall on it
Ichor.png Ichor
Internal Item ID: 1332
'The blood of gods'
Ichor Arrow.png Ichor Arrow
Internal Item ID: 1334
Decreases target's defense
Ichor Bullet.png Ichor Bullet
Internal Item ID: 1335
Decreases target's defense
Illegal Gun Parts.png Illegal Gun Parts
Internal Item ID: 324
'Banned in most places'
Imp Staff.png Imp Staff
Internal Item ID: 2365
Summons an imp to fight for you
Inferno Potion.png Inferno Potion
Internal Item ID: 2348
Ignites nearby enemies
Invisibility Potion.png Invisibility Potion
Internal Item ID: 297
Grants invisibility
Iron Crate.png Iron Crate
Internal Item ID: 2335
Desktop VersionRight click to open/Console VersionMobile only.png3DS logo.svgUse to open
Ironskin Potion.png Ironskin Potion
Internal Item ID: 292
Increase defense by 8
Blue Jellyfish (bait).png   Green Jellyfish (bait).png   Pink Jellyfish (bait).png Jellyfish (bait)
Internal Item ID: 2436-2438
Used as Bait
Blue Jellyfish (bait).png Blue Jellyfish (bait)
Internal Item ID: 2436
Used as Bait
Green Jellyfish (bait).png Green Jellyfish (bait)
Internal Item ID: 2437
Used as Bait
Pink Jellyfish (bait).png Pink Jellyfish (bait)
Internal Item ID: 2438
Used as Bait
Its inventory icon   When equipped Jellyfish Diving Gear
Internal Item ID: 1860
Grants the ability to swim and greatly extends underwater breathing

Provides light under water.

inventory icon   when equipped Jellyfish Necklace
Internal Item ID: 1303
Provides light under water
Jim's clothes.png Jim's clothes 'Great for impersonating devs!'
Jim's Helmet.png Jim's Helmet
Internal Item ID: 1563
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Jim's Breastplate.png Jim's Breastplate
Internal Item ID: 1564
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Jim's Leggings.png Jim's Leggings
Internal Item ID: 1565
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Junction Box.png Junction Box
Internal Item ID: 3616
Separates wire paths
It's also hammerable!
Jungle Crate.png Jungle Crate
Internal Item ID: 3208
Right click to open
Jungle Rose.png   Jungle Rose (equipped).png Jungle Rose
Internal Item ID: 208
'It's pretty, oh so pretty'
KO Cannon.png KO Cannon
Internal Item ID: 1314
Shoots a boxing glove
Keg.png Keg
Internal Item ID: 352
Used for brewing ale
Key of Light.png Key of Light
Internal Item ID: 3092
'Charged with the essence of many souls'
Key of Night.png Key of Night
Internal Item ID: 3091
'Charged with the essence of many souls'
Land Mine.png Land Mine
Internal Item ID: 937
Explodes when stepped on
Large Sapphire.png Large Gem
Internal Item ID: 1522-1527, 3643
For Capture the Gem. It drops when you die
Last Prism.png Last Prism
Internal Item ID: 3541
'Fire a lifeform disintegration rainbow'
Lava Charm.png Lava Charm
Internal Item ID: 906
Provides 7 seconds of immunity to lava
inventory icon   when equipped Lava Waders
Internal Item ID: 908
Provides the ability to walk on water and lava
Grants immunity to fire blocks and 7 seconds of immunity to lava
Lazure's clothes.png Lazure's clothes 'Great for impersonating devs!'
Lazure's Valkyrie Circlet.png Lazure's Valkyrie Circlet
Internal Item ID: 3226
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Lazure's Valkyrie Cloak.png Lazure's Valkyrie Cloak
Internal Item ID: 3227
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Leaf Blower.png Leaf Blower
Internal Item ID: 1178
Rapidly shoots razor sharp leaves
Leinfors's clothes.png Leinfors's clothes 'Great for impersonating devs!'
Leinfors' Hair Protector.png Leinfors' Hair Protector
Internal Item ID: 3925
'Great for impersonating devs!'
'To keep those luscious locks as gorgeous as ever'
Leinfors' Excessive Style.png Leinfors' Excessive Style
Internal Item ID: 3926
'Great for impersonating devs!'
'Bringing sexy back'
Leinfors' Fancypants.png Leinfors' Fancypants
Internal Item ID: 3927
'Great for impersonating devs!'
'Shia surprise! Didn't expect that from pants, did you?'
inventory icon   when equipped Leinfors' Luxury Shampoo
Internal Item ID: 3929
'Great for impersonating devs!'
'For best results, use with pasta-based diet'
Leprechaun Hat.png Leprechaun Hat
Internal Item ID: 1767
To me it look like a leprechaun to me
Leprechaun Shirt.png Leprechaun Shirt
Internal Item ID: 1768
I just wanna know where the gold at!
Leprechaun Pants.png Leprechaun Pants
Internal Item ID: 1768
I want the gold. I want the gold. I want the gold. Gimme the gold!
Life Crystal.png Life Crystal
Internal Item ID: 29
Permanently increases maximum life by 20
Life Drain.png Life Drain
Internal Item ID: 3006
Drains life from enemies
Life Fruit.png Life Fruit
Internal Item ID: 1291
Permanently increases maximum life by 5
Lifeforce Potion.png Lifeforce Potion
Internal Item ID: 2345
Increases max life by 20%
Lifeform Analyzer.png Lifeform Analyzer
Internal Item ID: 3118
Displays the name of rare creatures around you
Light Disc.png Light Disc
Internal Item ID: 561
Stacks up to 5
Light Shard.png Light Shard
Internal Item ID: 528
'Sometimes carried by creatures in light deserts'
Lightning Aura Rod.png Lightning Aura Cane.png Lightning Aura Staff.png Lightning Aura sentry summons
Internal Item ID: 3829 - 3831
An aura that repeatedly zaps enemies that go inside
Use 10 Etherian Mana to summon more than one
Lightning Aura Rod.png Lightning Aura Rod
Internal Item ID: 3829
An aura that repeatedly zaps enemies that go inside
Use 10 Etherian Mana to summon more than one
Lightning Aura Cane.png Lightning Aura Cane
Internal Item ID: 3830
An aura that repeatedly zaps enemies that go inside
Use 10 Etherian Mana to summon more than one
Lightning Aura Staff.png Lightning Aura Staff
Internal Item ID: 3831
An aura that repeatedly zaps enemies that go inside
Use 10 Etherian Mana to summon more than one
inventory icon   when equipped Lightning Boots
Internal Item ID: 898
Allows flight
The wearer can run incredibly fast
Lihzahrd Furnace.png Lihzahrd Furnace
Internal Item ID: 2195
Used for special crafting
Lihzahrd Power Cell.png Lihzahrd Power Cell
Internal Item ID: 1293
Used at the Lihzahrd Altar
Lime Kelp.png Lime Kelp
Internal Item ID: 1112
Used to make Lime Dye
Living Loom.png Living Loom
Internal Item ID: 2196
Used for special crafting
Lizard Egg.png Lizard Egg
Internal Item ID: 1172
Summons a Pet Lizard
Off On Faulty Logic Gate Lamp
Internal Item ID: 3602, 3618, 3663
Place this on logic gates to add checks
Loki's clothes.png Loki's clothes 'Great for impersonating devs!'
Loki's Helmet.png Loki's Helmet
Internal Item ID: 3589
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Disorder came from order, fear came from courage, weakness came from strength
Loki's Breastplate.png Loki's Breastplate
Internal Item ID: 3590
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories…
Loki's Greaves.png Loki's Greaves
Internal Item ID: 3591
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Wheels of justice grind slow but grind fine.
Loom.png Loom
Internal Item ID: 332
Used for crafting cloth
Love Potion.png Love Potion
Internal Item ID: 2352
Throw at someone to make them fall in love
Lucky Coin.png Lucky Coin (old).png Lucky Coin
Internal Item ID: 855
Hitting enemies will sometimes drop extra coins
Lucky Horseshoe.png Lucky Horseshoe
Internal Item ID: 158
Negates Fall Damage
Luminite.png Luminite
Internal Item ID: 3460
'A pebble of the heavens'
Luminite Arrow.png Luminite Arrow
Internal Item ID: 3568
'Shooting them down at the speed of sound!'
Luminite Bar.png Luminite Bar
Internal Item ID: 3467
'It vibrates with luminous celestial energy'
Luminite Bullet.png Luminite Bullet
Internal Item ID: 3567
'Line 'em up and knock 'em down...'
Lunar Flare.png Lunar Flare
Internal Item ID: 3570
Rains down lunar flares
Lunar Portal Staff.png Lunar Portal Staff
Internal Item ID: 3569
Summons a lunar portal to shoot lasers at your enemies
inventory icon   when equipped Magic Cuffs
Internal Item ID: 1595
Increases maximum mana by 20
Restores mana when damaged
Magic Dagger.png Magic Dagger
Internal Item ID: 517
A magical returning dagger
Magic Lantern.png Magic Lantern
Internal Item ID: 3043
Summons a magic lantern that exposes nearby treasure
Ice Mirror.png Ice Mirror
Internal Item ID: 3199
Gaze in the mirror to return home
Magic Mirror.png Magic Mirror
Internal Item ID: 50
Gaze in the mirror to return home
Magic Missile.png Magic Missile
Internal Item ID: 113
Casts a controllable missile
Magic Power Potion.png Magic Power Potion
Internal Item ID: 294
20% increased magic damage
inventory icon   when equipped Magic Quiver
Internal Item ID: 1321
Increases damage by 10% and greatly increases arrow speed
20% chance to not consume arrow
Magical Pumpkin Seed.png Magical Pumpkin Seed
Internal Item ID: 1799
Summons a pet squashling
Magma Stone.png Magma Stone
Internal Item ID: 1322
Inflicts fire damage on attack
Magnet Sphere.png Magnet Sphere
Internal Item ID: 1266
Summons a magnet sphere to attack enemies
Mana Crystal.png Mana Crystal
Internal Item ID: 109
Permanently increases maximum mana by 20
inventory icon   when equipped Mana Flower
Internal Item ID: 555
8% reduced mana usage
Automatically use mana potions when needed
inventory icon   when equipped Mana Regeneration Band
Internal Item ID: 982
Increases maximum mana by 20
Increases mana regeneration rate
Mana Regeneration Potion.png Mana Regeneration Potion
Internal Item ID: 293
Increased mana regeneration
Marshmallow.png Marshmallow
Internal Item ID: 967
Put it on a stick and roast over a campfire
Marshmallow on a Stick.png Marshmallow on a Stick
Internal Item ID: 968
Roast it over a campfire!
inventory icon   when equipped Master Ninja Gear
Internal Item ID: 984
Allows the ability to climb walls and dash
Gives a chance to dodge attacks
Meat Grinder.png Meat Grinder
Internal Item ID: 996
Used to craft objects
Mechanical Eye.png Mechanical Eye (old).png Mechanical Eye
Internal Item ID: 544
Summons The Twins
inventory icon   when equipped Mechanical Glove
Internal Item ID: 936
Increases melee knockback
12% increased damage and melee speed
Mechanical Lens.png Mechanical Lens
Internal Item ID: 3619
Grants improved wire vision
Mechanical Ruler.png Mechanical Ruler
Internal Item ID: 2799
Creates measurement lines on screen for block placement
Mechanical Skull.png Mechanical Skull
Internal Item ID: 557
Summons Skeletron Prime
Mechanical Worm.png Mechanical Worm (old).png Mechanical Worm
Internal Item ID: 556
Summons Destroyer
Medicated Bandage.png Medicated Bandage
Internal Item ID: 902
Immunity to Poison and Bleeding
Megaphone.png Megaphone (old).png Megaphone
Internal Item ID: 890
Immunity to Silence
Megashark.png Megashark
Internal Item ID: 533
'Minishark's older brother'
50% chance to not consume ammo
Metal Detector.png Metal Detector
Internal Item ID: 3102
Displays the most valuable ore around you
Meteor Staff.png Meteor Staff
Internal Item ID: 2750
Showers meteors
Meteorite Bar.png Meteorite Bar
Internal Item ID: 117
'Warm to the touch'
Minecart.png Minecart
Internal Item ID: 2343
Let's ride the rails
Minecart Track.png Minecart Track
Internal Item ID: 2340
Hammer end piece to change bumper style
Hammer intersections to change direction
Mining Potion.png Mining Potion
Internal Item ID: 2322
Increases mining speed by 25%
8 minute duration
Minishark.png Minishark
Internal Item ID: 98
33% chance to not consume ammo.
'Half shark, half gun, completely awesome.'
Molotov Cocktail.png Molotov Cocktail
Internal Item ID: 2590
A small explosion that puts enemies on fire
Lights nearby area on fire for a while
Molten Fury.png Molten Fury
Internal Item ID: 120
Lights wooden arrows ablaze
Money Trough.png Money Trough
Internal Item ID: 3213
Summons a flying piggy bank to store your items
inventory icon   when equipped Monk's Belt
Internal Item ID: 3812
Increases your max number of sentries
Increases minion damage by 10%
Moon Charm.png Moon Charm
Internal Item ID: 485
Turns the holder into a werewolf at night
Moon Shell.png Moon Shell
Internal Item ID: 861
Turns the holder into a werewolf at night and a merfolk when entering water
inventory icon   when equipped Moon Stone
Internal Item ID: 900
Increases all stats if worn during the night
Multicolor Wrench.png Multicolor Wrench
Internal Item ID: 3625
Right click while holding to edit wire settings
Music Box.png Music Box
Internal Item ID: 576
Has a chance to record songs
Mysterious Package.png Mysterious Package Summons a pet drone
Mythril Drill.png Mythril Drill
Internal Item ID: 386
Can mine Adamantite and Titanium
Mythril Pickaxe.png Mythril Pickaxe
Internal Item ID: 777
Can mine Adamantite and Titanium
Nano Bullet.png Nano Bullet
Internal Item ID: 1350
Causes Confusion
Nature's Gift.png Nature's Gift
Internal Item ID: 223
6% reduced mana usage
Naughty Present.png Naughty Present
Internal Item ID: 1958
Summons the Frost Moon
Nazar.png Nazar
Internal Item ID: 891
Immunity to Curse
Nebula Arcanum.png Nebula Arcanum
Internal Item ID: 3476
'Conjure masses of astral energy to chase down your foes'
Nebula Blaze.png Nebula Blaze
Internal Item ID: 3542
'From Orion's belt to the palm of your hand'
Nebula Fragment.png Nebula Fragment
Internal Item ID: 3457
'The power of a galaxy resides within this fragment'
Necromantic Scroll.png Necromantic Scroll
Internal Item ID: 1845
Increases your max number of minions
Increases minion damage by 10%
Nectar.png Nectar
Internal Item ID: 1170
Summons a Baby Hornet
Neptune's Shell.png Neptune's Shell
Internal Item ID: 497
Transforms the holder into merfolk when entering water
Nettle Burst.png Nettle Burst
Internal Item ID: 788
Summons a thorn spear
Night Owl Potion.png Night Owl Potion
Internal Item ID: 299
Increases night vision
inventory icon   when equipped Night Vision Helmet
Internal Item ID: 3109
Improves vision
Nightmare Pickaxe.png Nightmare Pickaxe
Internal Item ID: 103
Able to mine Hellstone
Nimbus Rod.png Nimbus Rod
Internal Item ID: 1244
Summons a cloud to rain down on your foes
Obsidian Horseshoe.png Obsidian Horseshoe
Internal Item ID: 396
Negates fall damage
Grants immunity to fire blocks
inventory icon   when equipped Obsidian Rose
Internal Item ID: 1323
Reduced damage from touching lava
inventory icon   when equipped Obsidian Shield
Internal Item ID: 397
Grants immunity to knockback
Grants immunity to fire blocks
Obsidian Skin Potion.png Obsidian Skin Potion
Internal Item ID: 288
Provides immunity to lava
Obsidian Skull.png Obsidian Skull
Internal Item ID: 193
Grants immunity to fire blocks
inventory icon   when equipped Obsidian Water Walking Boots
Internal Item ID: 907
Provides the ability to walk on water
Grants immunity to fire blocks
Old Walking Stick.png Old Walking Stick
Internal Item ID: 5060
Summons a pet Old Lady
Optic Staff.png Optic Staff
Internal Item ID: 2535
Summons twins to fight for you
Orange Bloodroot.png Orange Bloodroot
Internal Item ID: 1114
Used to make Orange Dye
Orichalcum Drill.png Orichalcum Drill
Internal Item ID: 1196
Can mine Adamantite and Titanium
Orichalcum Pickaxe.png Orichalcum Pickaxe
Internal Item ID: 1195
Can mine Adamantite and Titanium
Internal Item ID: 3123
Displays everything
Pad Thai.png Pad Thai
Internal Item ID: 2267
Minor improvements to all stats
Paint Roller.png Paint Roller
Internal Item ID: 1072
Used with paint to color walls
Paint Scraper.png Paint Scraper
Internal Item ID: 1100
Used to remove paint
Paint Sprayer.png Paint Sprayer
Internal Item ID: 2216
Automatically paints placed objects
Paintbrush.png Paintbrush
Internal Item ID: 1071
Used with paint to color blocks
inventory icon   when equipped Paladin's Shield
Internal Item ID: 938
Absorbs 25% of damage done to players on your team
Only active above 25% life
Palladium Drill.png Palladium Drill
Internal Item ID: 1189
Desktop VersionCan mine Mythril and Orichalcum
Console VersionMobile only.png3DS logo.svgCan mine Mythril, Orichalcum, Adamantite, and Titanium
Palladium Pickaxe.png Palladium Pickaxe
Internal Item ID: 1188
Can mine Mythril and Orichalcum
inventory icon   when equipped Panic Necklace
Internal Item ID: 1290
Increases movement speed after being struck
Papyrus Scarab.png Papyrus Scarab
Internal Item ID: 1864
Increases your max number of minions
Increases the damage and knockback of your minions
Parrot Cracker.png Parrot Cracker
Internal Item ID: 1180
Summons a Pet Parrot
Party Bullet.png Party Bullet
Internal Item ID: 1349
Explodes into confetti on impact
Party Center.png Party Center
Internal Item ID: 3747
'Balloons shall rain from the sky'
Party Present.png Party Present
Internal Item ID: 3749
Wonder what's inside?
Peace Candle.png Peace Candle
Internal Item ID: 3117
Makes surrounding creatures less hostile
Petri Dish.png Petri Dish
Internal Item ID: 5018
Summons a pet slime
Phantasm.png Phantasm
Internal Item ID: 3540
66% chance to not consume ammo
Phantom Phoenix.png Phantom Phoenix
Internal Item ID: 3854
Harnesses the power of undying flames
Philosopher's Stone.png Philosopher's Stone
Internal Item ID: 535
Reduces the cooldown of healing potions
Pho.png Pho
Internal Item ID: 2268
Minor improvements to all stats
Pickaxe Axe.png Pickaxe Axe
Internal Item ID: 990
'Not to be confused with a hamdrill'
Picksaw.png Picksaw
Internal Item ID: 1294
Capable of mining Lihzahrd Bricks
Pigronata.png Pigronata
Internal Item ID: 3746
Beat the shindig out of it!
May contain a surprise!
Pink Gel.png Pink Gel
Internal Item ID: 3111
'Bouncy and sweet!'
inventory icon   when equipped Pink Horseshoe Balloon
Internal Item ID: 3252
Allows the holder to double jump
Increases jump height and negates fall damage
Pink Prickly Pear.png Pink Prickly Pear
Internal Item ID: 1113
Used to make Pink Dye
Pink Slime Block.png Pink Slime Block
Internal Item ID: 3113
Very bouncy
Piranha Gun.png Piranha Gun
Internal Item ID: 1156
Latches on to enemies for continuous damage
Pirate Map.png Pirate Map
Internal Item ID: 1315
Summons a Pirate Invasion
Pirate Staff.png Pirate Staff
Internal Item ID: 2584
Summons pirates to fight for you
Pixel Box.png Pixel Box
Internal Item ID: 3725
Separates wire paths
Lights off from horizontal signals
Lights on from crossed signals
Platinum Pickaxe.png Platinum Pickaxe
Internal Item ID: 3485
Can mine Meteorite
inventory icon   when equipped Platinum Watch
Internal Item ID: 709
Tells the time
Pocket Mirror.png Pocket Mirror
Internal Item ID: 3781
Immunity to petrification
Poison Dart.png Poison Dart
Internal Item ID: 1310
Inflicts poison on enemies
For use with Blowpipe and Blowgun
Portable Cement Mixer.png Portable Cement Mixer
Internal Item ID: 2217
Increases wall placement speed
Possessed Hatchet.png Possessed Hatchet
Internal Item ID: 1122
Chases after your enemy
Pot o' Gold.png Pot o' Gold
Internal Item ID: 5053
Summons pet Leprechaun o'Fyffe
inventory icon   when equipped Power Glove
Internal Item ID: 897
Increases melee knockback
12% increased melee speed
Lead Anvil.png Lead Anvil
Internal Item ID: 716
Used to craft items from metal bars
Iron Anvil.png Iron Anvil
Internal Item ID: 35
Used to craft items from metal bars
Inventory icon Present
Internal Item ID: 599-601, 1869
Desktop VersionRight click to open
Xbox One logo large.svgXbox 360 VersionPress RT to open
PlayStation versionPress R1 to open
Mobile only.png3DS logo.svg Try to open the present!
Inventory icon Present (Furniture)
Internal Item ID: ?
Use to open
Presserator.png Presserator
Internal Item ID: 3624
Automatically places actuators on placed objects
Red Pressure Plate.png Green Pressure Plate.png Gray Pressure Plate.png
Brown Pressure Plate.png Blue Pressure Plate.png Yellow Pressure Plate.png
Pink Weighted Pressure Plate.png Orange Weighted Pressure Plate.png Purple Weighted Pressure Plate.png
Cyan Weighted Pressure Plate.png Lihzahrd Pressure Plate.png
Pressure Plates Activates when stepped on (Red, Green)
Activates when a player steps on it (Gray, Brown, Blue, Lihzahrd)
Activates when anything but a player steps on it (Yellow)
Activates when a players steps on or off it (Weighted)
Teal Pressure Pad.png Teal Pressure Pad
Internal Item ID: 3707
Activates when a projectile touches it
Psycho Knife.png Psycho Knife
Internal Item ID: 3106
Allows you to go into stealth mode
Pulse Bow.png Pulse Bow
Internal Item ID: 2223
Shoots a charged arrow
Inlet Pump.png Inlet Pump
Internal Item ID: 581
Sends water to outlet pumps
Outlet Pump.png Outlet Pump
Internal Item ID: 582
Receives water from inlet pumps
Pumpkin Moon Medallion.png Pumpkin Moon Medallion
Internal Item ID: 1844
Summons the Pumpkin Moon
Pumpkin Pie.png Pumpkin Pie
Internal Item ID: 1787
Minor improvements to all stats
Purple Mucos.png Purple Mucos
Internal Item ID: 1118
Used to make Purple Dye
Putrid Scent.png Putrid Scent
Internal Item ID: 3015
Enemies are less likely to target you
5% increased damage and critical strike chance
Pwnhammer.png Pwnhammer
Internal Item ID: 367
Strong enough to destroy Demon Altars
inventory icon   when equipped Pygmy Necklace
Internal Item ID: 1158
Increases your max number of minions
Pygmy Staff.png Pygmy Staff
Internal Item ID: 1157
Summons a Pygmy to fight for you
R.E.K. 3000.png R.E.K. 3000
Internal Item ID: 3122
Displays number of monsters, kill count, and rare creatures
Radar.png Radar
Internal Item ID: 3084
Detects enemies around you
Rage Potion.png Rage Potion
Internal Item ID: 2347
Increases critical strike chance by 10%
Rainbow Crystal Staff.png Rainbow Crystal Staff
Internal Item ID: 3571
Summons a radiant crystal that banishes your enemies down.
'The colors, Duke, the colors!'
Rainbow Gun.png Rainbow Gun
Internal Item ID: 1260
Shoots a rainbow that does continuous damage
Rainbow Piece.png Rainbow Piece
Internal Item ID: 5052
Combine 5 pieces to craft a pot o' gold
Rainbow Rod.png Rainbow Rod (old).png Rainbow Rod
Internal Item ID: 495
Casts a controllable rainbow
Ranger Emblem.png Ranger Emblem
Internal Item ID: 491
15% increased ranged damage
Raven Staff.png Raven Staff
Internal Item ID: 1802
Summons a raven to fight for you
Razorblade Typhoon.png Razorblade Typhoon
Internal Item ID: 2622
Casts fast moving razorwheelsDesktop Version
Casts a typhoonConsole VersionMobile only.png3DS logo.svgVerify
Razorpine.png Razorpine
Internal Item ID: 1930
Shoots razor sharp pine needles
Recall Potion.png Recall Potion
Internal Item ID: 2350
Teleports you home
Red's Throw.png Red's Throw
Internal Item ID: 3287
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Red's clothes.png Red's clothes 'Great for impersonating devs!'
Red's Helmet.png Red's Helmet
Internal Item ID: 666
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Red's Breastplate.png Red's Breastplate
Internal Item ID: 667
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Red's Leggings.png Red's Leggings
Internal Item ID: 668
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Red Husk.png Red Husk
Internal Item ID: 1115
Used to make Red Dye
Red Potion.png Red Potion
Internal Item ID: 678
Only for those who are worthy
Red Ryder.png Red Ryder
Internal Item ID: 1870
'Don't shoot your eye out!'
Regeneration Potion.png Regeneration Potion
Internal Item ID: 289
Provides life regeneration
Reindeer Bells.png Reindeer Bells
Internal Item ID: 1914
Summons a rideable reindeer
Restoration Potion.png Restoration Potion
Internal Item ID: 227
Reduced potion cooldown
Rifle Scope.png Rifle Scope
Internal Item ID: 1300
Increases view range for guns
Right click to zoom out
inventory icon   when equipped Rocket Boots
Internal Item ID: 128
Allows flight
Rod of Discord.png Rod of Discord
Internal Item ID: 1326
Teleports to the position of the mouse
Roman candle.png Roman candle
Internal Item ID: 5066
Fire works!
Rope.png Vine Rope.png Silk Rope.png Web Rope.png Rope
Internal Item ID: 965, 2996, 3077, 3078
Can be climbed on
Rope Coil.png Vine Rope Coil.png Silk Rope Coil.png Web Rope Coil.png Rope Coil
Internal Item ID: 985,
3005 (vine), 3079 (silk), 3080 (web)
Throw to create a climbable line of rope
Rotten Chunk.png Rotten Chunk
Internal Item ID: 68
'Looks tasty!'
Rotten Egg.png Rotten Egg
Internal Item ID: 1809
Best used for pranking townsfolk
Royal Gel.png Royal Gel
Internal Item ID: 3090
Slimes become friendly
Ruler.png Ruler
Internal Item ID: 486
Creates measurement lines on screen for block placement
S.D.M.G..png S.D.M.G.
Internal Item ID: 1553
50% chance to not consume ammo
'It came from the edge of space'
inventory icon   when equipped Sailfish Boots
Internal Item ID: 3200
The wearer can run super fast
Sandfall Block.png Sandfall Block
Internal Item ID: 3754
Falling sand you can safely watch
Sandfall Wall.png Sandfall Wall
Internal Item ID: 3752
Falling sand you can safely watch
Sandgun.png Sandgun
Internal Item ID: 266
'This is a good idea!'
inventory icon   when equipped Sandstorm in a Balloon
Internal Item ID: 983
Allows the holder to double jump
Increases jump height
Sandstorm in a Bottle.png Sandstorm in a Bottle
Internal Item ID: 857
Allows the holder to do an improved double jump
Sawmill.png Sawmill
Internal Item ID: 363
Used for advanced wood crafting
Scaly Truffle.png Scaly Truffle
Internal Item ID: 2429
Summons a rideable Pigron mount
Scourge of the Corruptor.png Scourge of the Corruptor
Internal Item ID: 1571
'A powerful javelin that unleashes tiny eaters'
Seaweed.png Seaweed
Internal Item ID: 753
Summons a pet turtle
Seed.png Seed
Internal Item ID: 283
For use with Blowpipe
Seedling.png Seedling
Internal Item ID: 1182
Summons a Pet Sapling
Sextant.png Sextant
Internal Item ID: 3096
Displays the phase of the moon
Shadow Key.png Shadow Key
Internal Item ID: 329
Opens all Shadow Chests
Shadow Orb (item).png Shadow Orb
Internal Item ID: 115
Creates a magical shadow orb
Shadowflame Bow.png Shadowflame Bow
Internal Item ID: 3052
Shoots Shadowflame Arrows
Shadowflame Hex Doll.png Shadowflame Hex Doll
Internal Item ID: 3053
Summons Shadowflame tentacles to strike your foe
Shadowflame Knife.png Shadowflame Knife
Internal Item ID: 3054
Inflicts Shadowflame on hit
Sharanga.png Sharanga
Internal Item ID: 5012
Transforms any suitable ammo into Spectral Arrows
inventory icon   when equipped Shark Tooth Necklace
Internal Item ID: 3212
Increases armor penetration by 5
inventory icon   when equipped Sharkron Balloon
Internal Item ID: 3241
Increases jump height
Allows the holder to double jump
Sharpening Station.png Sharpening Station
Internal Item ID: 3198
Increases armor penetration for melee weapons
inventory icon   when equipped Shield of Cthulhu
Internal Item ID: 3097
Allows the player to dash into the enemy
Double tap a direction
Shine Potion.png Shine Potion
Internal Item ID: 298
Emits an aura of light
Shiny Black Slab.png Shiny Black Slab
Internal Item ID: 5048
Summons a pet android
inventory icon   when equipped Shiny Red Balloon
Internal Item ID: 159
Increases jump height
inventory icon   when active Shiny Stone
Internal Item ID: 3337
Greatly increases life regen when not moving
inventory icon   when equipped Shoe Spikes
Internal Item ID: 975
Allows the ability to slide down walls
Improved ability if combined with Climbing Claws
Shotgun.png Shotgun
Internal Item ID: 534
Fires a spread of bullets
Shrimpy Truffle.png Shrimpy Truffle
Internal Item ID: 3367
Attracts a legendary creature which flourishes in water & combat
Sickle.png Sickle
Internal Item ID: 1786
Allows the collection of hay from grass
Silly Balloon Machine.png Silly Balloon Machine
Internal Item ID: 3742
It never stops celebrating!
Silly Pink Balloon.png Silly Purple Balloon.png Silly Green Balloon.png Silly Balloons
Internal Item ID: 3736-3738
Silly Pink Balloon.png Silly Pink Balloon
Internal Item ID: 3736
'Smells like bubblegum and happiness'
Silly Purple Balloon.png Silly Purple Balloon
Internal Item ID: 3737
'Smells like lavender and enthusiasm'
Silly Green Balloon.png Silly Green Balloon
Internal Item ID: 3738
'Smells like mint and glee'
Silly Tied Bundle of Balloons.png Silly Tied Bundle of Balloons
Internal Item ID: 3748
'Tied down for everyone's pleasure'
inventory icon   when equipped Silver Watch
Internal Item ID: 16
Tells the time
Skiphs's Blood.png Skiphs's Blood
Internal Item ID: 3024
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Skiphs's clothes.png Skiphs's clothes 'Great for impersonating devs!'
Skiphs's Mask.png Skiphs's Mask
Internal Item ID: 3585
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Skiphs's Skin.png Skiphs's Skin
Internal Item ID: 3586
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Skiphs's Bear Butt.png Skiphs's Bear Butt
Internal Item ID: 3587
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Sky Blue Flower.png Sky Blue Flower
Internal Item ID: 1109
Used to make Sky Blue Dye
Sky Crate.png Sky Crate
Internal Item ID: 3206
Right click to open
Sky Dragon's Fury.png Sky Dragon's Fury
Internal Item ID: 3858
Right Click while holding for an alternate attack!
Sky Mill.png Sky Mill
Internal Item ID: 2197
Used for special crafting
Sleepy Octopod.png Sleepy Octopod
Internal Item ID: 3835
Charges power as it is swung to smash enemies
Slice of Cake.png Slice of Cake
Internal Item ID: 3750
"Stuff your face. Stuff someone elses face. Whatever."
Slime Crown.png Slime Crown
Internal Item ID: 560
Summons King Slime
Slime Staff.png Slime Staff
Internal Item ID: 1309
Summons a baby slime to fight for you.
Slimy Saddle.png Slimy Saddle
Internal Item ID: 2430
Summons Slime Mount
Sniper Rifle.png Sniper Rifle
Internal Item ID: 1254
Shoots a powerful, high velocity bullet
Right click to zoom out
Sniper Scope.png Sniper Scope
Internal Item ID: 1858
Increases view range for guns (Right click to zoom out)
10% increased ranged damage and critical strike chance
Snow Cloud.png Snow Cloud
Internal Item ID: 3756
It gets pretty cold up there
Snow Globe.png Snow Globe
Internal Item ID: 602
Summons the Frost Legion
Snowball Launcher.png Snowball Launcher
Internal Item ID: 951
Rapidly launches snowballs
Snowfall Block.png Snowfall Block
Internal Item ID: 3755
A lot cooler than a snow globe
Snowfall Wall.png Snowfall Wall
Internal Item ID: 3753
A lot cooler than a snow globe
Solar Eruption.png Solar Eruption
Internal Item ID: 3473
'Strike with the fury of the sun'
Solar Fragment.png Solar Fragment
Internal Item ID: 3458
'The fury of the universe resides within this fragment'
Solar Tablet.png Solar Tablet
Internal Item ID: 2767
Summons the Eclipse
Solidifier.png Solidifier
Internal Item ID: 998
Used to craft objects
Sonar Potion.png Sonar Potion
Internal Item ID: 2355
Detects hooked fish
Sorcerer Emblem.png Sorcerer Emblem
Internal Item ID: 489
15% increased magic damage
Soul of Blight.png Soul of Blight
Internal Item ID: 5017
The essence of infected creatures’ [sic]
Soul of Flight.gif SoulFlightOriginal.png Soul of Flight
Internal Item ID: 575
'The essence of powerful flying creatures'
Soul of Fright.gif SoulFrightOriginal.png Soul of Fright
Internal Item ID: 547
'The essence of pure terror'
Soul of Light.gif SoulLightOriginal.png Soul of Light
Internal Item ID: 520
'The essence of light creatures'
Soul of Might.gif SoulMightOriginal.png Soul of Might
Internal Item ID: 548
'The essence of the destroyer'
Soul of Night.gif SoulNightOriginal.png Soul of Night
Internal Item ID: 521
'The essence of dark creatures'
Soul of Sight.gif SoulSightOriginal.png Soul of Sight
Internal Item ID: 549
'The essence of omniscient watchers'
inventory icon   when equipped Spectre Boots
Internal Item ID: 405
Allows flight
The wearer can run super fast
Spectre Paint Roller.png Spectre Paint Roller
Internal Item ID: 1544
Used with paint to color walls

+3 range

Spectre Paint Scraper.png Spectre Paint Scraper
Internal Item ID: 1545
Used to remove paint

+3 range

Spectre Paintbrush.png Spectre Paintbrush
Internal Item ID: 1543
Used with paint to color blocks

+3 range

Spectre Pickaxe.png Spectre Tools +3 Range
Spell Tome.png Spell Tome
Internal Item ID: 531
Can be enchanted
Spelunker Glowstick.png Spelunker Glowstick
Internal Item ID: 3002
Exposes nearby treasure
Spelunker Potion.png Spelunker Potion
Internal Item ID: 296
Shows the location of treasure and ore
Spider Egg.png Spider Egg
Internal Item ID: 1798
Summons a pet spider
Spider Staff.png Spider Staff
Internal Item ID: 2551
Summons spiders to fight for you
inventory icon   when active Spore Sac
Internal Item ID: 3336
Summons spores over time that will damage enemies
inventory icon   when equipped Squire's Shield
Internal Item ID: 3810
Increases your max number of sentries
Increases minion damage by 10%
Staff of Earth.png Staff of Earth
Internal Item ID: 1296
Summons a powerful boulder
Staff of Regrowth.png Staff of Regrowth
Internal Item ID: 213
Creates grass and moss on dirt and stone

Increases alchemy plant collection when used to gather

Staff of the Frost Hydra.png Staff of the Frost Hydra
Internal Item ID: 1572
Summons a powerful frost hydra to spit ice at your enemies
Star Cannon.png Star Cannon
Internal Item ID: 197
Shoots fallen stars
inventory icon   when equipped Star Cloak
Internal Item ID: 532
Causes stars to fall when injured
inventory icon   when equipped Star Veil
Internal Item ID: 862
Causes stars to fall and increases length of invincibility after taking damage
Stardust Cell Staff.png Stardust Cell Staff
Internal Item ID: 3474
Summons a stardust cell to fight for you
'Cultivate the most beautiful cellular infection'
Stardust Dragon Staff.png Stardust Dragon Staff
Internal Item ID: 3531
Summons a stardust dragon to fight for you
'Who needs a horde of minions when you have a giant dragon?'
Stardust Fragment.png Stardust Fragment
Internal Item ID: 3459
'Entrancing particles revolve around this fragment'
Starfury.png Starfury
Internal Item ID: 65
Causes stars to rain from the sky

'Forged with the fury of heaven'

Steampunk Boiler.png Steampunk Boiler
Internal Item ID: 2203
Used for special crafting
Sticky Bomb.png Sticky Bomb
Internal Item ID: 235
'Tossing may be difficult.'
Sticky Grenade.png Sticky Grenade
Internal Item ID: 2586
A small explosion that will not destroy tiles.

'Tossing may be difficult.'

Stink Potion.png Stink Potion
Internal Item ID: 2353
Throw at someone to make them smell terrible
Stopwatch.png Stopwatch
Internal Item ID: 3099
Displays how fast the player is moving
Strange Brew.png Strange Brew
Internal Item ID: 3001
'It looks and smells terrible'
Strange Glowing Mushroom.png Strange Glowing Mushroom
Internal Item ID: 1181
Summons a Baby Truffle
Strange Plant.png Strange Plant
Internal Item ID: 3385-3388
Can be traded for rare dyes
Blue Streamer.png Green Streamer.png Pink Streamer.png Streamers
Internal Item ID: 3739 - 3741
Oddly durable enough to climb!
Blue Streamer.png Blue Streamer
Internal Item ID: 3739
Green Streamer.png Green Streamer
Internal Item ID: 3740
Pink Streamer.png Pink Streamer
Internal Item ID: 3741
Red String.png Green String.png Blue String.png String Increases yoyo range
Stynger.png Stynger
Internal Item ID: 1258
Shoots an explosive bolt
Stynger Bolt.png Stynger Bolt
Internal Item ID: 1261
Explodes into deadly shrapnel
Sugar Cookie.png Sugar Cookie
Internal Item ID: 1919
Minor improvements to all stats
Summoner Emblem.png Summoner Emblem
Internal Item ID: 2998
15% increased summon damage
Summoning Potion.png Summoning Potion
Internal Item ID: 2328
Increases your max number of minions
inventory icon   when equipped Sun Stone
Internal Item ID: 899
Increases all stats if worn during the day
inventory icon   when equipped Sunglasses
Internal Item ID: 237
'Makes you look cool!'
Super Absorbant Sponge.png Super Absorbant Sponge
Internal Item ID: 3032
Capable of soaking up an endless amount of water
Suspicious Looking Apple.png Suspicious Looking Apple
Internal Item ID: 5059
Summons a pet Worm
Suspicious Looking Egg.png Suspicious Looking Egg
Internal Item ID: 5056
Summons Lepus
Suspicious Looking Eye.png Suspicious Looking Eye
Internal Item ID: 43
Summons the Eye of Cthulhu
Suspicious Looking Skull.png Suspicious Looking Skull
Internal Item ID: 5016
Summons Ocram
Suspicious Looking Tentacle.png Suspicious Looking Tentacle
Internal Item ID: 3577
Calls upon a suspicious looking eye to provide light
'I know what you're thinking....'
inventory icon   when equipped Sweetheart Necklace
Internal Item ID: 1578
Releases bees and increases movement speed when damaged
Swiftness Potion.png Swiftness Potion
Internal Item ID: 290
25% increased movement speed
inventory icon   when equipped Tabi
Internal Item ID: 977
Allows the ability to dash
Double tap a direction
Tackle Box.png Tackle Box
Internal Item ID: 2375
Decreases chance of bait consumption
Tally Counter.png Tally Counter
Internal Item ID: 3095
Displays how many monsters have been killed
Tartar Sauce.png Tartar Sauce
Internal Item ID: 2587
Summons a mini minotaur
Teal Mushroom.png Teal Mushroom
Internal Item ID: 1107
Used to make Teal Dye
Teleportation Potion.png Teleportation Potion
Internal Item ID: 2351
Teleports you to a random location
Tempest Staff.png Tempest Staff
Internal Item ID: 2621
Summons sharknados to fight for you
Temple Key.png Temple Key
Internal Item ID: 1141
Opens the jungle temple door
The Bee's Knees.png The Bee's Knees
Internal Item ID: 2888
Wooden arrows turn into a column of bees
The Grand Design.png The Grand Design
Internal Item ID: 3611
Allows ultimate control over wires!
Right Click while holding to edit wire settings
The Horseman's Blade.png The Horseman's Blade
Internal Item ID: 1826
Summons Pumpkin heads to attack your enemies
The Plan.png The Plan (old).png The Plan
Internal Item ID: 903
Immunity to Slow and Confusion
Thorns Potion.png Thorns Potion
Internal Item ID: 301
Attackers also take damage
Purification Powder.png Vile Powder.png Vicious Powder.png Thrown Powder
Internal Item ID: 66, 67, 2886
Cleanses the evil (Purification)
Banishes the Hallow (Vile / Vicious)
Holy Water.png Unholy Water.png Blood Water.png Thrown Water
Internal Item ID: 422 , 423 , 3477
Spreads the Hallow/corruption/crimson to some blocks
inventory icon   when equipped Tiger Climbing Gear
Internal Item ID: 976
Allows the ability to climb walls
Tiki Totem.png Tiki Totem
Internal Item ID: 1171
Summons a Tiki Spirit
1 Second Timer.png 3 Second Timer.png 5 Second Timer.png Timer
Internal Item ID: 583-585
1 Second Timer.png 1 Second Timer
Internal Item ID: 583
Activates every second
3 Second Timer.png 3 Second Timer
Internal Item ID: 584
Activates every 3 seconds
5 Second Timer.png 5 Second Timer
Internal Item ID: 585
Activates every 5 seconds
inventory icon   when equipped Tin Watch
Internal Item ID: 707
Tells the time
Tinkerer's Workshop.png Tinkerer's Workshop
Internal Item ID: 398
Allows the combining of some accessories
inventory icon   when equipped Titan Glove
Internal Item ID: 536
Increases melee knockback
Titan Potion.png Titan Potion
Internal Item ID: 2326
Increases knockback
Tizona.png Tizona
Internal Item ID: 5010
Has a chance to cause bleeding
Tome of Infinite Wisdom.png Tome of Infinite Wisdom
Internal Item ID: 3852
Gotta wonder who stuck a tome of infinite wisdom on a stick...
Right Click to cast a powerful tornado
Tonbogiri.png Tonbogiri
Internal Item ID: 5011
A legendary Japanese spear coated in venom
inventory icon   when equipped Toolbelt
Internal Item ID: 407
Increases block placement range
Toolbox.png Toolbox
Internal Item ID: 1923
Increases item placement and tool range by 1
Torch.png Torch Provides light
Toxikarp.png Toxikarp
Internal Item ID: 3210
Spits toxic bubbles
Toy Sled.png Toy Sled
Internal Item ID: 1312
Summons a baby snowman
Treasure Bag.gif Treasure Bag
Internal Item ID: 3318-3332, 3860-3862
Right click to open
Trifold Map.png Trifold Map
Internal Item ID: 893
Immunity to Confusion
inventory icon   when equipped Tsunami in a Bottle
Internal Item ID: 3201
Allows the holder to double jump
Tungsten Pickaxe.png Tungsten Pickaxe
Internal Item ID: 3491
Can mine Meteorite
inventory icon   when equipped Tungsten Watch
Internal Item ID: 708
Tells the time
Turkey Feather.png Turkey Feather
Internal Item ID: 5063
Summons a pet turkey
Umbrella.png Umbrella
Internal Item ID: 946
You will fall slower while holding this
Unholy Trident.png Unholy Trident
Internal Item ID: 683
Summons the Devil's trident
Unicorn Horn.png Unicorn Horn
Internal Item ID: 526
'Sharp and magical!'
Unicorn on a Stick.png Unicorn on a Stick
Internal Item ID: 856
'Having a wonderful time!'
Unlucky Yarn.png Unlucky Yarn
Internal Item ID: 1810
Summons a black kitty
Uzi.png Uzi
Internal Item ID: 1265
Shoots a powerful, high velocity bullet
Valentine Ring.png Valentine Ring
Internal Item ID: 5051
Give it to someone special! /
50% health regeneration
Increased jump height
Valkyrie Yoyo.png Valkyrie Yoyo
Internal Item ID: 3288
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Vampire Knives.png Vampire Knives
Internal Item ID: 1569
Rapidly throws life stealing daggers
Venom Arrow.png Venom Arrow
Internal Item ID: 1341
Inflicts target with venom
Venom Bullet.png Venom Bullet
Internal Item ID: 1342
Inflicts target with venom
Venom Staff.png Venom Staff
Internal Item ID: 2188
'Shoots a venom fang that pierces multiple enemies'
Venus Magnum.png Venus Magnum
Internal Item ID: 1255
Shoots a powerful, high velocity bullet
Vial of Blood.png Vial of Blood
Internal Item ID: 5020
Summons a pet bat
Vial of Venom.png Vial of Venom
Internal Item ID: 1339
'Extremely toxic'
Vilethorn.png Vilethorn
Internal Item ID: 64
Summons a vile thorn
Violet Husk.png Violet Husk
Internal Item ID: 1117
Used to make Violet Dye
Vitamins.png Vitamins (old).png Vitamins
Internal Item ID: 892
Immunity to Weakness
Vortex Beater.png Vortex Beater
Internal Item ID: 3475
66% chance to not consume ammo
'The catastrophic mixture of pew pew and boom boom.'
Vortex Fragment.png Vortex Fragment
Internal Item ID: 3456
'Swirling energies emanate from this fragment'
Vulcan Repeater.png Vulcan Repeater
Internal Item ID: 5014
Transforms any suitable ammo into Vulcan Bolts
Wand of Sparking.png Wand of Sparking
Internal Item ID: 3069
Shoots a small spark
Warmth Potion.png Warmth Potion
Internal Item ID: 2359
Reduces damage from cold sources
Warrior Emblem.png Warrior Emblem
Internal Item ID: 490
15% increased melee damage
Water Bolt.png Water Bolt
Internal Item ID: 165
Casts a slow moving bolt of water
Water Candle.png Water Candle
Internal Item ID: 148
Holding this may attract unwanted attention
Water Gun.png Water Gun
Internal Item ID: 2272
Squirts a harmless stream of water
inventory icon   when equipped Water Walking Boots
Internal Item ID: 863
Provides the ability to walk on water
Water Walking Potion.png Water Walking Potion
Internal Item ID: 302
Allows the ability to walk on water
Weather Radio.png Weather Radio
Internal Item ID: 3037
Displays the weather
inventory icon   when equipped White Horseshoe Balloon
Internal Item ID: 1251
Allows the holder to double jump
Increases jump height and negates fall damage
Whoopie Cushion.png Whoopie Cushion
Internal Item ID: 215
'May annoy others'
Wiesnbräu.png Wiesnbräu
Internal Item ID: 5074
Numbs the user from damage taken but also reduces damage inflicted
Will's clothes.png Will's clothes 'Great for impersonating devs!'
Will's Helmet.png Will's Helmet
Internal Item ID: 1560
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Will's Breastplate.png Will's Breastplate
Internal Item ID: 1561
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Will's Leggings.png Will's Leggings
Internal Item ID: 1562
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Angel Wings.png Wings Allows flight and slow fall
Wire Bulb.png Wire Bulb
Internal Item ID: 3629
Lights up bulbs for each wire color
Wire Cutter.png Wire Cutter
Internal Item ID: 510
Removes wire
Wisp in a Bottle.png Wisp in a Bottle
Internal Item ID: 1183
Summons a Wisp to provide light
Wolf Fang.png Wolf Fang
Internal Item ID: 5021
Summons a pet werewolf
Wooden Crate.png Wooden Crate
Internal Item ID: 2334
Desktop VersionRight click to open/Console VersionMobile only.png3DS logo.svgUse to open
Work Bench.png Work Bench Used for basic crafting
Worm Food.png Worm Food
Internal Item ID: 70
Summons the Eater of Worlds
inventory icon   when equipped Worm Scarf
Internal Item ID: 3224
Reduces damage taken by 17%
Wormhole Potion.png Wormhole Potion
Internal Item ID: 2997
Teleports you to a party member
Click their head on the fullscreen map
Wrath Potion.png Wrath Potion
Internal Item ID: 2349
Increases damage by 10%
Wrench.png Wrench
Internal Item ID: 509, 850, 851, 3612
Wrench.png Red Wrench
Internal Item ID: 509
Places red wire
Wrench.png Blue Wrench
Internal Item ID: 850
Places blue wire
Wrench.png Green Wrench
Internal Item ID: 851
Places green wire
Wrench.png Yellow Wrench
Internal Item ID: 3612
Places yellow wire
Xeno Staff.png Xeno Staff
Internal Item ID: 2749
Summons a UFO to fight for you
inventory icon   when equipped Yellow Horseshoe Balloon
Internal Item ID: 1252
Allows the holder to double jump
Increases jump height and negates fall damage
Yellow Marigold.png Yellow Marigold
Internal Item ID: 1110
Used to make Yellow Dye
Yoraiz0r's Spell.gif Yoraiz0r's Spell
Internal Item ID: 3580
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Whatever this accessory does to you is not a bug!
Yoraiz0r's clothes Yoraiz0r's clothes 'Great for impersonating devs!'
Yoraiz0r's Recolored Goggles.png Yoraiz0r's Recolored Goggles
Internal Item ID: 3583
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Yoraiz0r's Uniform.png Yoraiz0r's Uniform
Internal Item ID: 3578
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Yoraiz0r's Skirt.png Yoraiz0r's Skirt
Internal Item ID: 3579
'Great for impersonating devs!'
Yoraiz0r's Scowl inventory icon   when equipped Yoraiz0r's Scowl
Internal Item ID: 3581
'Great for impersonating devs!'
If you see this you should probably run away...
Yoyo Bag.png Yoyo Bag
Internal Item ID: 3366
Gives the user master yoyo skills
inventory icon   when equipped Yoyo Glove
Internal Item ID: 3334
Allows the use of two yoyos at once
Zephyr Fish.png Zephyr Fish
Internal Item ID: 2420
Summons a Zephyr Fish

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