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Toxic Sludge

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Toxic Sludge
Toxic Sludge.png
AI TypeSlime AI
Damage50 / 100
Max Life150 / 300
KB Resist20% / 28%
BannerToxic Sludge BannerToxic Sludge Banner
Immune toVenomPoisoned
Inflicts debuff
Debuff tooltipSlowly losing life
Duration10 seconds / 20 seconds
Coins400*4 Silver Coin.png
Toxic sludge Idle animation of it moving up and down
Toxic Sludge Idle

The Toxic Sludge is a Hardmode Slime Enemy that appears in the Underground in place of ordinary Slimes. They deal significantly increased damage and have a 50% chance of inflicting the Poisoned Debuff, which they are also immune to.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Toxic Sludge is one of the few enemies in Terraria to have a visible smile, the others being the Clown, Snow Balla and Snowman Gangsta.
  • Disregarding the Gastropod, it is the only slime on which a face is visible.
  • The Toxic Sludge seems to be an adult version of the Baby Slime summoned by the Slime Staff, given its similar colors and face.

History[edit | edit source]