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Trap Blocks

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Block Environment Lootable Craftable Notes
Active Stone BlockActive Stone Block Traps Yes Yes Turned into Inactive Stone Blocks when triggered. In the world this typically drops a Boulder from above which deals heavy damage and rolls until it hits an obstacle.
Inactive Stone BlockInactive Stone Block Traps Yes Yes Blocks will not naturally generate as Inactive Stone Blocks, but can be looted from the environment if their trap is triggered by the player. Unlike most blocks, Inactive Stone Blocks are background objects. They cannot be placed onto each other unless the player first places them as Active Stone Blocks and then deactivates them. Triggering them reverts them into Active Stone Blocks.
ExplosivesExplosives Traps Yes Yes Explosives are the rarest form of trap. Prior to 1.2 an enemy would typically detonate it before the player; however in newer versions enemies can no longer trigger world-generated traps. Explosives may be found wired to Pressure Plates or Detonators. In the latter case, they will often be found in the centre of unusually large ore veins. Triggered explosives destroy blocks and deal extreme damage in a large radius, similar to Dynamite. Players caught in the blast will almost always be instantly killed.
Dart TrapDart Trap Underground, Cavern, Dungeon Yes No Dart Traps shoot a dart when triggered which is unaffected by gravity. The dart pierces all targets until it hits a wall. It deals moderate damage, which is doubled against players. It also inflicts the Poisoned debuff.
Super Dart TrapSuper Dart Trap Lihzahrd Temple Yes No Super Dart Traps function identically to regular Dart Traps but deal much more damage.
Spear TrapSpear Trap Lihzahrd Temple Yes No Extends a spear when triggered, then retracts. This deals heavy damage to anything it touches.
Spiky Ball TrapSpiky Ball Trap Lihzahrd Temple Yes No Throws a bouncing, spiky ball when triggered. These balls bounce randomly for a moderate duration before disappearing, dealing heavy damage to anything they touch.
Flame TrapFlame Trap Lihzahrd Temple Yes No Shoots a gout of flame when triggered, dealing high damage and inflicting the On Fire! debuff.
SpikeSpike Dungeon Yes No Spikes will cause damage to players on contact, but not enemies or friendly NPCs.
Wooden SpikeWooden Spike Lihzahrd Temple Yes No Wooden Spikes function like Spikes, but deal more damage.
GeyserGeyserDesktop and Console versions Underground, Cavern Yes No Geysers function similarly to Flame Traps, but are able to shoot through blocks and can only be mounted on floors or ceilings.