Truffle Worm

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Truffle Worm
Truffle Worm (NPC).png
EnvironmentMushroom Biome
AI TypePassive Worm AI
Max Life5
KB Resist100%
Truffle Worm2 (NPC).png
Truffle Worm
  • Truffle Worm inventory sprite
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
Bait Power666%
Use time14 Very Fast
RarityRarity Level: 3
Sell10 Gold Coin
Animation of Truffle Worm
A Truffle Worm as it appears before being caught.
Using the Underground Jungle to farm Truffle Worms (having four of them at the same time was pure luck).

The Truffle Worm is a rare Critter that spawns in the underground Mushroom Biome during Hardmode. It is solely used to summon the Duke Fishron boss. In order to use it, it must be caught with the Bug Net and used as Bait with a Fishing Pole in an Ocean biome. It only spawns underground, and will not appear in surface Mushroom biomes. (In the Mobile version Mobile version, it will also spawn in a Surface Mushroom Biome.)

The Truffle Worm is more difficult to catch than other Critters, as it burrows away when a player comes too close. It must be charged at quickly, with the Bug Net already swinging when arriving in its range, in order to successfully catch it.

Unlike most Critters, the Truffle Worm cannot be used for ordinary Fishing, nor for crafting a Cage. When attempting to use it as bait, the bobber will simply sit in the water indefinitely, unless fishing in an Ocean (where anything reeled in will summon Duke Fishron).

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Achievement Like a Boss.png Like a Boss • "Obtain a boss-summoning item."
Obtain any boss-summoning item.Desktop VersionConsole Version

Tips[edit | edit source]

Catching[edit | edit source]

  • A Hunter Potion may be useful because the Truffle Worm has a color scheme very similar to the biome. The potion will make it glow red, making it easier to see.
  • Truffle Worms will burrow themselves (despawn) if you are near them for about 1 second, so the use of a speed-enhancing item is suggested. For example: a Grappling Hook, Wings, Lightning Boots or Tabi have speed improvements or dashing.
  • Take note that if a Truffle Worm is let free by a player, it will also burrow, and despawn almost immediately if approached or stood near to for more than a few seconds.
  • Even while burrowing, the Truffle Worm can be caught. If the Truffle Worm is in a small pit where it's impossible or very difficult to catch from above, and there's a cave below it, a player can jump up directly under it and swing the bug net to catch it as it tries to burrow downward.
  • The player should ensure that there is room in their inventory. Once the player's inventory is full, any caught critter (Truffle Worms included) will drop to the ground as an item, and can only be collected once the player has made room in their inventory.
  • Summoned minions do not directly target the Truffle Worm, though they can inadvertently kill it.
  • A Rod of Discord makes catching Truffle Worms easy. Just warp right next to them, quickly swap to your Bug Net, and snatch it.
  • Desktop VersionConsole Version The Lifeform Analyzer can detect the Truffle Worm.
  • Desktop VersionConsole Version Using a Golden Bug Net can make it easier to catch the Truffle Worm before it burrows as it has a longer reach and swings faster than Bug Net.
  • A simple but perhaps slower way to farm them, for those less interested in creating farms, is to simply move away from and back to a mushroom biome repeatedly, causing new monsters to spawn and potentially a Truffle Worm.
  • On the 3DS version 3DS version, Truffle Worms will move, but not burrow, similar to Worms. This makes them much easier to catch.

Spawning[edit | edit source]

  • Despite the Truffle Worm posing no threat, it is considered an enemy. Thus, having NPCs in the vicinity decreases its spawn rate. As such, NPCs should not be used as a means to increase the proportion of critters in the total number of creatures spawned.
  • Although the Truffle Worm is considered an enemy, other enemies can kill it. This includes all enemies present in an Underground Mushroom Biome. If simply using a flattened stretch of mushroom grass, be wary of other enemies, as they can make catching even a single Truffle Worm an aggravating task.
  • Water Candles and Battle Potions will increase its spawn rate.
    • While a Water Candle or Battle Potion will cause more Truffle Worms to spawn, they will also greatly increase the likelihood of it dying due to being trampled by additional enemies.
  • Each existing enemy may reduce the spawn rate of the next. Getting rid of excess enemies will give the Truffle Worm more opportunities to spawn.
  • One way to increase your chances of finding Truffle Worms is to make a large section of the Underground Jungle into an Underground Mushroom Biome, using the Clentaminator and Dark Blue Solution. A slower alternative would be to use Mushroom Grass Seeds instead of Solution.
  • 100 tiles of Mushroom Blocks are not necessary for Truffle Worms to spawn. Mushroom enemies and Truffle Worms will spawn wherever there is mushroom grass, without requiring that the area is actually considered a Mushroom biome.
  • On Mushroom grass, each enemy spawn has a 2/3 chance of being a mushroom-themed enemy or critter; each time this happens, there is a 1/7 chance (1/5 as of VersionConsole Version) that the mushroom-themed character is a Truffle Worm. Considering the maximum spawn rate (1/60 per tick), the maximum expected Truffle Worm spawns is 343 per hour (2/3*1/7*3600) (480 as of VersionConsole Version, although Truffle Worms can be killed by enemies in 1.3, drastically increasing the difficulty to reach the expectancy).
  • Desktop VersionConsole Version The Portal Gun can be used to make an infinite falling loop. If it's high enough, going in can cause other enemies to despawn, allowing the Truffle Worm to have more chances to spawn.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The number 666 in the Truffle Worm's "666% bait power" is a reference to the Number of the Beast, commonly associated with Satan.
  • When carrying the Truffle Worm as your first bait, the Fisherman's Pocket Guide (and its combined accessories) will display a player's fishing power simply as "Warning!", due to the fact that Duke Fishron will spawn when using this as bait in an Ocean Biome and no fish will be caught when not in an Ocean Biome.
  • Mobile VersionThe Truffle Worm used to follow Worm AI instead of Passive Worm AI due to a mistake in the code, making catching them quite trivial. This has since been fixed.

History[edit | edit source]

  • Desktop Fixed a bug where trying to use multiple Truffle Worms while the line is pulled would make numerous Duke Fishrons appear. Fixed issues where the Truffle Worm would be consumed without summoning Duke Fishron.
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