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Console versionOld-gen console versionMobile version3DS version Console/Old-gen console/Mobile/3DS-Only Content: This information applies only to the Console, Old-gen console, Mobile, and 3DS versions of Terraria.
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This page is about the in-game tutorial. For Terraria Wiki Tutorial articles, see Terraria Wiki:Projects/Guides.

The Tutorial is a special world scripted to explain to the player the basics of the game. The player starts on a small floating island, between a small hole covered by three Wood Platforms. Nearby there are some Ores. The Tutorial will ask the player to do a certain task, and once it is completed the player will be able to start the next task. If the player by accident, or on purpose does a task before they are asked to do so, the game will just let them skip it. The tutorial has its own music track. This plays only for the duration of the instructions and on mobile and 3DS Versions, will change to the regular game music once the player has completed said instructions.

Contents[edit | edit source]

A map of an explored tutorial world on the Mobile version Mobile version/3DS version 3DS version.
Reference Note
[1] Where the player will spawn. The player is taught basic controls here, and it can be considered an arena for the Green Slime the player will have to kill.
[2] There is a wooden chest located under the ore the player will dig out. The chest contains 99 Wood.
[3] There is a small altar made of Gold, Grey, and Red Brick here, hosting a Wooden Chest surrounded by Tiki Torches. The chest contains a full set of Iron armor.
[4] Here there is a shack composed of Demonite Brick with Obsidian Brick Walls for background walls. Inside is a wooden chest with one Healing Potion, Ironskin Potion, and Spelunker Potion inside.
[5] Under the spawn is a large vein of gold which you can make 55 Gold Bars out of.
[6] There is a Pressure Plate that triggers a Dart Trap here.
[7] Here there is a wooden chest containing a Lucky Horseshoe, 20 Glowsticks, and 5 Gold Bars.
[8] Under the island is a small platform made out of Gold Brick Walls, Obsidian, and Hellstone. There is a Toilet, Bathtub, Wooden Chest, and Bed placed here, and if taken to the surface the player WILL be able to use it and spawn point will be set. Inside the chest in the middle, is a Book, Bowl of Soup, and a Grappling Hook.
[9] There is a Golden Chest here containing a Bomb with the large modifier. This is the only non-weapon item to have a modifier that can be obtained by legitimate means.
[10] At the bottom of the tutorial world, instead of the Underworld, is a barrier composed of lava and a layer of 3 obsidian. There is a way to break through this barrier, but it requires obtaining a pickaxe, which is a difficult task because of the limitations of the tutorial world. The player can NOT use the bomb to break through as the blast will destroy only two layers of obsidian, and unless the player finds another bomb the barrier remains unbroken.
Misc If you made your way through the obsidian barrier(By using world editor, for example), you will fall straight into Underworld. However, the whole Underworld is a massive lava pool that eventually kills the player.

Directions[edit | edit source]

The tutorial spawn as seen on the 3DS version 3DS version.
  • The game will first instruct the player to move around, jump, then fall through the nearby wooden platforms.
  • After jumping out, the game will tell the player to use an item, and switch between them, more specifically, to the Copper Shortsword Console version / Wooden Sword Mobile Version 3DS version.
  • After this, the player will be instructed to kill a Green Slime. The slime will always appear from the left.
  • The player will then be told to cut down a tree to obtain some wood. The player is then told how to use this wood via the inventory.
  • When the player enters their inventory, the player will be told how to switch between menus and how to craft. The player can leave the inventory after crafting three torches.
  • After exiting the inventory, the game directs the player to a vein of ore, which the player is told to mine.
  • The player is told to build 5 platforms to get out of the hole. Under the ore is a chest containing 99 Wood, (mobile and 3DS only) which is to be used to build a house.
  • On mobile and 3DS versions, the game then instructs the player to smelt the ore after exiting the pit. The player ends up with two of each ore, with two copper and iron left over.
  • After that, the player is told to build a house of a minimum of 6 by 10 blocks. Even though in-game, a house can be smaller, in the tutorial, it will not progress until the requirement is met.
  • The player will then craft a workbench, use said workbench to craft a door, build the background walls for the house, and place a chair and torch for a livable house.
  • After this, the player can explore the world and do whatever they want, but it is recommended that they create their own world.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Mobile Version 3DS version The tutorial contains some old and deprecated text, and will tell the player that they can receive crafting from the guide and use a hammer to break furniture.
  • 3DS version During the scripted portion of the tutorial, the only enemy that spawns is the Green Slime. Once the player has completed the tutorial (by following all scripted instructions), other enemies will spawn at the appropriate layers.
  • If not killed by player as instructed in the script, the Green Slime will spawn endlessly regardless of the normal spawn limit, resulting in hundreds, possibly infinite, of slimes in the area. Verify
  • In the demo version of Terraria, you can only play the Tutorial.
  • The player starts with the standard five hearts (100 health points) and can take damage from enemies and falls. However, damage will only reduce a player's HP to one quarter-heart (5 HP), meaning that in the tutorial world the player is essentially invincible except from burning, drowning and poisoning.
  • It is possible (in the mobile and 3DS version) to break through the lava-and-obsidian barrier at the bottom of the Cavern layer and access the Underworld. This requires draining an underground lake onto the lava to create an obsidian platform. If the platform is wide enough, more advanced enemies will spawn, including the undead miner. Killing enough miners will supply the player with more bombs. With three to four bombs and enough water (to turn the newly-exposed lava into obsidian), the lava-and-obsidian barrier can be breached. If enough water drops through the breach, an obsidian platform will form on the lava lake at the bottom of the Underworld. Assuming that the player has found and equipped the Lucky Horseshoe, they can drop to the platform. Once there, the player will face all the enemies normally found in the Underworld, including the Voodoo Demon.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Achievement Terraria Student.png
Terraria Student • "Begin the tutorial!"
Start playing the tutorial. Old-gen console version
Achievement Terraria Expert.png
Terraria Expert • "You have completed the tutorial!"
Complete the tutorial. Old-gen console versionMobile Version

History[edit | edit source]