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The Underground Hallow is a dangerous Hardmode biome, being one of the biomes that spawns when the Wall of Flesh is defeated. It is the underground version of the surface-level Hallow, and appears in the Cavern layer. It operates similarly to the surface Hallow, being comprised of Pearlstone and Pearlsand; though it spawns different enemies, along with Crystal Shards, a common Hardmode crafting material. The Underground Hallow spreads just like its surface counterpart, The Hallow, and similarly will conflict with Corruption and Crimson, as well as their underground variants.

Underground Hallow does not suppress the spawn of other underground and cavern enemies.

All enemies killed in the Underground Hallow have a 1/5(20%) chance to drop a Soul of Light. In Expert mode this chance increases to a 1/3(33%) chance.

Note: Most characteristics of the surface Hallow apply to the Underground Hallow, with the exception of the enemies that spawn. See The Hallow for more extensive information.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Underground Hallow
Characters Unique Drops
Illuminant Slime.png Illuminant Slime
Illuminant Bat.png Illuminant Bat
Chaos Elemental.png Chaos Elemental
Spectral Elemental.png Spectral Elemental Console only.pngMobile only.png3DS logo.svg Console only.png Mobile only.png
Enchanted Sword (NPC).png Enchanted Sword (NPC)
Hallowed Mimic.png Hallowed Mimic Desktop only.png
Unicorn.png Unicorn
From Illuminant Slimes:
Gel.png Gel
Slime Staff.png Slime Staff

From Chaos Elementals:

Rod of Discord.png Rod of Discord
Chaos Elemental Banner.png Chaos Elemental Banner

From Spectral Elementals: Console only.png Mobile only.png

Spectral Elemental Banner.png Spectral Elemental Banner Console only.pngMobile only.png3DS logo.svg
From Hallowed Mimics: Desktop only.png
Daedalus Stormbow.png Daedalus Stormbow Desktop only.png
Flying Knife.png Flying Knife Desktop only.png
Crystal Vile Shard.png Crystal Vile Shard Desktop only.png
Illuminant Hook.png Illuminant Hook Desktop only.png
Greater Healing Potion.png Greater Healing Potion
Greater Mana Potion.png Greater Mana Potion
From any enemy:
Hallowed Key.png Hallowed Key (1/2500 chance) Desktop only.png
Hallowed Key Mold.png Hallowed Key Mold Console only.pngMobile only.png3DS logo.svg (1/2500 chance) Console only.png Mobile only.png
Soul of Light.png Soul of Light (1/5 chance)
Blessed Apple.png Blessed Apple Desktop only.png (1/200 chance, 1/150 Expert Mode) Desktop only.png

From terrain:

Pearlstone Block.png Pearlstone Block
Pearlsand Block.png Pearlsand Block
Crystal Shard.png Crystal Shard

From Fishing:

Chaos Fish.png Chaos Fish
Princess Fish.png Princess Fish
Prismite.png Prismite

History[edit | edit source]

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