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See also: Jungle and Guide:Surviving in the Jungle.
A Jungle and an underground jungle on a large map.

The Underground Jungle is one of the most difficult areas to traverse. Located below the surface Jungle, it is a dense network of small caverns, populated with thorns, water, and some of the most challenging enemies for most stages in the game.

Jungle Shrines and Underground Cabins are common, often containing chests with rare items. Materials such as Stingers, Jungle Spores, and Vines can also be gathered here in abundance. There are also approximately 3/5/7 Bee Hives (depending on world size) filled with honey and at least one Queen Bee Larva. The Jungle Temple is also located here, which only becomes accessible once Plantera is defeated in Hardmode.

On the Desktop version Desktop version, Living Mahogany Trees can be found with an Ivy Chest in them. Beehive background objects spawn in both the surface and Underground Jungle; when hit, they fall to the ground and break, spawning Bees and an occasional Hornet. Beehives can also be dislodged with grappling hooks.

On the Mobile version Mobile version, the Jungle Sanctum can be found in the Underground Jungle.

In Hardmode:

Contents[edit | edit source]

Underground Jungle
Characters Unique Treasures Unique Drops
(multiple variants)
Dragon Hornet.png
Man Eater.png Man Eater
Jungle Bat.png Jungle Bat
Spiked Jungle Slime.png
Piranha.png Piranha
Lac Beetle.png
Lac Beetle 
Doctor Bones.png
Doctor Bones 
(rare, night)
Queen Bee.png
Queen Bee 

In Hardmode:

Jungle Creeper.png Jungle Creeper
Moth.png Moth
Moss Hornet.png Moss Hornet
Angry Trapper.png Angry Trapper
Arapaima.png Arapaima
Giant Tortoise.png Giant Tortoise

From Ivy Chests:
Anklet of the Wind.png Anklet of the Wind
Feral Claws.png Feral Claws
Staff of Regrowth.png Staff of Regrowth
Fiberglass Fishing Pole.png
Honey Dispenser.png
Honey Dispenser Desktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version
Flower Boots.png

Ancient Cobalt armor.png
(from Man Eater)
Archaeologist's Hat.png
Violet Husk.png
Violet Husk Desktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version
(from Lac Beetle)
(from Hornet)

In Hardmode:

Jungle Key.png
Jungle Key 
(from any enemy,
1/2500 chance) Desktop Version
Console Version
Jungle Key Mold.png
Jungle Key Mold Old-gen console versionMobile Version3DS version
(from any enemy,
1/2500 chance) Mobile Version
Butterfly Dust.png
Tattered Bee Wing.png
Turtle Shell.png

From vegetation:

Jungle Spores.png Jungle Spores
Jungle Rose.png Jungle Rose
Jungle Grass Seeds.png
Nature's Gift.png Nature's Gift
Moonglow.png Moonglow
Rich Mahogany.png
Sky Blue Flower.png Sky Blue Flower

After killing a Mechanical Boss:

Life Fruit.png Life Fruit

From Fishing:

Neon Tetra.png
Variegated Lardfish.png

Location[edit | edit source]

The Underground Jungle can be found directly under the surface Jungle biome. Underground Jungle monsters and loot begin to appear in the middle of the Underground layer, at these depths:

Map Size Min Start Depth Average Start Depth Max Start Depth
Small 60 ft 240 ft 420 ft
Medium 90 ft 360 ft 630 ft
Large 120 ft 480 ft 840 ft

History[edit | edit source]

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