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The change of background that marks the end of the Underground layer and the beginning of the Cavern layer below it.

The Underground is the first layer below the surface. It fills the area between the Surface and Cavern layers, beginning at a depth of 0ft and extending downward.

The Underground can be recognized by its distinctive background, which no longer contains naturally-placed Dirt Walls like surface terrain, but instead displays a unique backdrop with no naturally-placed walls. Players cannot remove this backdrop using a Hammer, nor can they place blocks in midair, as no wall generally exists here (though players can place their own walls, just as they can above surface terrain). Natural Underground blocks are generally similar to those in the surface.

The Underground is home to more aggressive enemies than the surface, as well as traps, Chests, and Underground Cabins.

True underground versions of biomes, such as Underground Snow or Underground Corruption, do not actually begin in this layer, but in the Cavern layer (with the exception of the Underground Desert, which begins in Surface terrain and extends through the Underground and a portion of the Cavern). In Hardmode, some blocks in the Underground can be converted into Hallow, Corruption, or Crimson.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Characters Unique Treasures Unique Drops
Giant Worm Head.png Giant Worm
Blue Slime.png Blue Slime
Red Slime.png Red Slime
Yellow Slime.png Yellow Slime
Pinky.png Pinky (rare)
Mouse.png Mouse
Snail.png Snail

In Hardmode:

Digger Head.png Digger
Possessed Armor.png Possessed Armor
Toxic Sludge.png Toxic Sludge
Jester's Arrow.png Jester's Arrow
Angel Statue.png Angel Statue
Band of Regeneration.png Band of Regeneration
Cloud in a Bottle.png Cloud in a Bottle
Enchanted Boomerang.png Enchanted Boomerang
Hermes Boots.png Hermes Boots
Magic Mirror.png Magic Mirror

Underwater chests:

Breathing Reed.png Breathing Reed
Flipper.png Flipper

From the Giant Worms and Diggers:

Whoopie Cushion.png Whoopie Cushion (rare)

From vegetation:

Glowing Mushroom.png Glowing Mushroom
Mushroom Grass Seeds.png Mushroom Grass Seeds

History[edit | edit source]

Biomes and Structures
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