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See also: Jungle and Guide:Surviving in the Jungle.
A Jungle and an Underground Jungle on a large map.

The Underground Jungle is a dense network of small caverns, composed primarily of Mud, pools of Water, Thorny Bushes, and Beehives. It is located below the surface Jungle.

The Underground Jungle always contains the Jungle Temple and 3 to 7 Bee Hives (depending on world size).

Common treasure rooms are Jungle Shrines, Underground Cabins, Living Mahogany TreesDesktop VersionConsole Version, and Jungle SanctaMobile Version.

In Hardmode, all enemies have a chance of dropping a Jungle Key (Desktop VersionConsole Version) / Jungle Key Mold (Old-gen console versionMobile Version3DS Version).

Furthermore, the Underground Jungle undergoes several minor changes throughout the course of Hardmode:

Contents[edit | edit source]

Location[edit | edit source]

The Underground Jungle can be found directly underneath the surface Jungle biome. It starts around the middle of the Underground layer, at these depths:

Map Size Min Start Depth Average Start Depth Max Start Depth
Small 60 ft 240 ft 420 ft
Medium 90 ft 360 ft 630 ft
Large 120 ft 480 ft 840 ft

History[edit | edit source]