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Unused NPCs

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Within Terraria there are several NPCs that are unused for one reason or another

Unspawnable NPCs[edit | edit source]

White Cultist Archer.png
White Cultist Archer.png
The character(s) described in this section will not spawn without hacks.

These NPCs are functional, but do not appear at any time during regular gameplay. They can only only be spawned in by use of a mod or with third-party server commands.

NPC Notes
White Cultist Archer White Cultist ArcherDesktop, Console, and Mobile Versions
Internal NPC ID: 380
Appears to be a Blue Cultist Archer, but with clothes resembling the Solar Cultist costume.
Jungle Mimic Jungle MimicDesktop, Console, and Mobile Versions
Internal NPC ID: 476
Drops only Greater Healing and Mana Potions.

Unused NPCs[edit | edit source]

These NPCs are incomplete, and cannot be spawned even with the use of mods. Various files or ID names may be present in code.

NPC Notes
None2 None2
Internal NPC ID: 76
Not in use. Has the same image as Wandering Eye.
Exploding Snowman Exploding Snowman
Internal NPC ID: 146
Even though it is not used, it was resprited in Desktop 1.3.5.
Mini Flow Invader Mini Flow Invader
Internal NPC ID: 408
Graphically identical to projectile ID 539, the projectile fired by Flow InvadersDesktop, Console, and Mobile Versions.
DD2AttackerTestDesktop VersionConsole Version
Internal NPC ID: 547
Was probably used by the developers to test something relating to the Old One's ArmyDesktop VersionConsole Version event.

Unused projectiles[edit | edit source]

These projectiles exist in Terraria's files, but cannot be spawned even with the use of mods. Various files or ID names may be present in code.

They are a leftover after version 1.0.5, when Mud Blocks and Ash Blocks had a chance to fall, similarly to Sand Blocks and Silt Blocks.

Projectile Notes
Mud Ball Mud Ball
Internal Projectile ID: 39
Looks like recolored Dirt Ball.
Ash Ball Ash Ball
Internal Projectile ID: 40
Looks like recolored Dirt Ball.

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