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User:Alex Great

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Alexei Artomonov
Cobalt armor Helmet.png
Type Bureaucrat of Russian section of Terraria Wiki
Name Alexei Artomonov
Age 24
Location Vladivostok, Russia

Hello, my name is Alexei aka Alex Great. I am a bureaucrat of Russian language section of Terraria Wiki. Earlier adjust entries for errors, but when I became a bureaucrat, I will also monitor other articles, which has been changed. All my edits can be seen in my contribution (in Russian section). I am also unofficial lead translator of Terraria into Russian. Me and my team wants to contact with developers with integration of Russian language in game, but we can't do it :(

My work (at this section)[edit | edit source]

  1. Updating images and corexction names if it needs.
  2. Updating of interwiki if it possible.

Another work see in Russian section

How to contact me?[edit | edit source]

You can contact me through the discussion and also:

Leaderboard[edit | edit source]

Top 10 users
by all language section of Terraria Wiki
Top 10 users
of English language section of Terraria Wiki
I'm at this wiki
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Rank User Score
1 Alex Great (talk | contribs) 14903
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1 Alex Great (talk | contribs) 14903