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User:Gearzein/Sandbox/Rocket Launchers

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Rocket Launchers are a variety of Ranged weapon that fire Rockets. While they use the same ammunition, individual launchers vary wildly in missile behaviour. Rockets generally explode on contact with an enemy or solid block, dealing heavy damage within the area of the explosion. This can often damage the user if not fired carefully.

There are four varieties of Rockets available. Rockets I and II are equal in damage, as are Rockets III and IV; as such, only damage values for I and III are listed on this table. Even-numbered variants are capable of destroying blocks when used with certain launchers, though some blocks are immune to explosions.

Rocket Launchers benefit from the damage bonus of the Shroomite Helmet.

Conventional Launchers[edit | edit source]

Weapon Damage Auto fire? Fire rate Acquired from Sell Notes
Base Template:Linked icon Template:Linked icon
Grenade Launcher.png Grenade Launcher 55Console versionMobile version/60Desktop version 95/100 120/125 Yes 29 (Average) Dropped by Plantera 20000*2 Shots affected by gravity, will bounce and roll along solid surfaces
Rocket Launcher.png Rocket Launcher 60 100 125 Yes 29 (Average) Dropped by Skeleton Commando in a post-Plantera dungeon 20000*2 Fires rockets like slow bullets, missiles have burning trail
Proximity Mine Launcher.png Proximity Mine Launcher 80 120 145 Yes 39 (Slow) Sold by Cyborg for 350000*35 70000*7 Explosives roll to a stop and wait until enemies draw near before exploding
Electrosphere Launcher.png Electrosphere Launcher 40 80 105 No 11 (Very Fast) Dropped by Martian Saucer during Martian Madness 100000*10 Explodes at the cursor, creating a damaging field. Fields cannot overlap. Does not destroy blocks.
Snowman Cannon.png Snowman Cannon 67 107 132 Yes 15 (Very Fast) Dropped by Ice Queen during Frost Moon 200000*20 Rockets track enemies. Explosions do not damage the user.
Celebration.png Celebration 65 106 130 Yes 29 (Average) Dropped by Moon Lord 100000*10 Fires two rockets at the cost of one. Rockets travel a set distance before exploding. Explosions damage neither blocks nor the user.

Technical Launchers[edit | edit source]

These weapons don't use rockets as ammo but still benefit from Shroomite Helmet.

Weapon Damage Ammo Used Auto fire? Fire rate Acquired from Sell Notes
Base With Ammo
Stynger.png Stynger 45 62 Stynger Bolt Yes 21 (Fast) Dropped by Golem. 70000*7 Bolts explode on contact, shattering into explosive shards that also explode. Explosions do not damage blocks.
Jack 'O Lantern Launcher.png Jack 'O Lantern Launcher 65 95 Explosive Jack 'O Lantern Yes 29 (Average) Dropped by Pumpking during a Pumpkin Moon. 150000*15 Shots bounce. Explosions damage neither blocks nor the user.