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stuff[edit | edit source]

my real name is tyler cantrell

i am 14

i have saved a baby bird from a swarm of killer bees

i am from Tulsa,Oklahoma

i have a yahoo acount-tylercantrell555@yahoo.com

i have slain 675 creepers on mindcraft

i have a $10,000 grant for sparten airanotics and technology colledge

i kick a mean soccer ball

i never smoke drink or mess with drugs

i ate three big macks at a time,but i am 104.2 lbs

i once went to Panaway in Africa and saved a family of 7 from MAN EATING ants

and i have been bitten by a bat,once,resulting to rabies.

but,most of all i am a master of terraria.

if you use this info...i will kill you. :)

i can split an atom with a micro scope and a scalple-yes i can-shut up you don't know.

i know MMA

why is my name Matchbox184? i don't know.

two years ago i learned the meaning of life.i just forgot to write it down.

i have written three books

i've read all the Warriors books (the ones with the cats)-if you don't know what i'm talking about then just don't care.

i have a phaseblade of every color.

and in my town i somehow got two Dryads

i can squirt cheese out my nose

and i got an email from chuck noris. P.S. it was a round house kick to the face.-but it is still kind of cool.

i have a pet fox named Bo