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This script gathers all calls of {{item infobox}} on this wiki and stores them to a set of pages (User:Ryebot/Cargo storage/Items/<one-based incrementing index>) on the de (German) wiki. It ignores translation subpages.

See User:Ryebot/bot for starting this script, and User:Ryebot/bot/scripts/storeinfob/config for the configuration options for this script.

Since it is designed for {{item infobox}} and {{npc infobox}}, it will add a |cargo=force parameter (if the template call does not contain a cargo parameter yet), force the view parameter to infobox (if the template call contains a view parameter), and will add a |name=<name of the page that transcludes the template> parameter (if the template call contains a name parameter or does not contain an auto parameter).

Note that this script may take a fairly long time to finish, given it has to gather template call data from 2893 pages that transclude the template, which approximately takes between 38 minutes 50 seconds and 57 minutes to complete. In addition to that, it needs time to store all the data to the target wiki.