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Page dedicated to pointing out missing blocks and items in the game whose existence is implied by analogous blocks and items.

See also: Minecraft analogue of this page

High priority

furniture wip

  • most cases
  • most pine tree pieces
  • wooden candle, candelabra, chandelier, lamp, lantern
  • iron and lead chandelier

Block inconsistencies

Biome stone brick blocks (1 block missing)

Also includes the corresponding wall.

Corruption Crimson Hallow
Ebonstone Block (placed).png
Ebonstone Block
Crimstone Block (placed).png
Crimstone Block
Pearlstone Block (placed).png
Pearlstone Block
Ebonstone Brick (placed).png
Ebonstone Brick
Pearlstone Brick (placed).png
Pearlstone Brick

Ore brick blocks (2 blocks missing)

(platings?) Also includes the corresponding walls. Ores above gold tier not included.

Ore 1 Brick 1 Ore 2 Brick 2
Tier 1
Copper Ore (placed).png
Copper Ore
Copper Brick (placed).png
Copper Brick
Tin Ore (placed).png
Tin Ore
Tin Brick (placed).png
Tin Brick
Tier 2
Iron Ore (placed).png
Iron Ore
Lead Ore (placed).png
Lead Ore
Tier 1
Silver Ore (placed).png
Silver Ore
Silver Brick (placed).png
Silver Brick
Tungsten Ore (placed).png
Tungsten Ore
Tungsten Brick (placed).png
Tungsten Brick
Tier 1
Gold Ore (placed).png
Gold Ore
Gold Brick (placed).png
Gold Brick
Platinum Ore (placed).png
Platinum Ore
Platinum Brick (placed).png
Platinum Brick

Item inconsistencies

- pillar trophes

Powders and mushrooms (1 item missing)

Corruption Crimson Hallow
Vile Mushroom.png
Vile Mushroom
Vicious Mushroom.png
Vicious Mushroom
Vile Powder.png
Vile Powder
Vicious Powder.png
Vicious Powder
Purification Powder.png
Purification Powder

Silver objects (1 item missing)

Silver Tungsten
Silver Bar.png
Silver Bar
Tungsten Bar.png
Tungsten Bar
Silver Bullet.png
Silver Bullet

Medium priority

Item inconsistencies

Amber objects (1 item missing)

Diamond Amber
Large Gem
Large Diamond.png
Large Diamond
Large Amber.png
Large Amber
Gem Lock
Diamond Gem Lock.png
Diamond Gem Lock
Amber Gem Lock.png
Amber Gem Lock
White Torch.png
White Torch
Orange Torch.png
Orange Torch
Gemspark Block
Diamond Gemspark Block.png
Diamond Gemspark Block
Amber Gemspark Block.png
Amber Gemspark Block
Diamond Staff.png
Diamond Staff
Amber Staff.png
Amber Staff
Diamond Robe.png
Diamond Robe

Low priority

Block inconsistencies

Spreading biome ore blocks (1 block missing)

Corruption Crimson Hallow
Demonite Ore (placed).png
Demonite Ore
Crimtane Ore (placed).png
Crimtane Ore
Demonite Bar.png
Demonite Bar
Crimtane Bar.png
Crimtane Bar
Hallowed Bar.png
Hallowed Bar

Occurence suggestion: Would appear in the world similarly to Hardmode ores after defeating a mechanical boss. Each beaten boss would create a decreasing amount of hallowed ore.

Non-spreading biome ore blocks (1 block missing)

Jungle Mushroom
Chlorophyte Ore (placed).png
Chlorophyte Ore
Chlorophyte Bar.png
Chlorophyte Bar
Shroomite Bar.png
Shroomite Bar

Occurence suggestion: Dark blue solution from the clentaminator used on chlorophyte ore would create shroomite ore.