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Awesome diamonds

Proud United States Citizen and Wikipediholic

Visit my userpage!

No, Awesome_Diamonds22 at the Official Terraria Forums is not impersonating me, I am obsessed. Also, Discord Tag: Speedy_Diamonds#0968.

I just decided to take a break from TW at exactly 11,111 edits, illuminati confirmed?... (1:33 PM; March 21, 2018)
That’s right, I’m back for (hopefully) another insane edit streak! (8:24 PM; February 26, 2019)

I love playing Minecraft, Terraria, and other Steam games. I am always making new discoveries and learning new things. I love editing the wiki when I find out something new. (Sorry Minecraft Wiki for abandoning you...)
I may have a severe case of Wikipediholic.

Warning: this user is conspiring with the bots.
If you need a really boring string of edits to be made to ≤256 pages, I could consider getting it done.
Or, you could get me to use my bot, Awesome Diamonds Bot, ReedemtheD3ad's bot, ReedemBot, or Equazcion's bot, EquazcionBot.

NOTE: I will sometimes use VPN or Puffin Browser while editing, my WiFi is having some issues. Also Wiki bugs.

This may be completely random, but I have a Scratch account here, where I just mess around with visual basic as much as possible.

I used to edit infrequently under the IPs and I also used to edit very frequently under (regretting not logging in, I did so many edits there...).

  • RIP, one of the IPs is permabanned because someone else was vandalizing with it...
  • Someone also opened a proxy or something on another one, rest in pieces old IP.

Fun Fact: I originally created this account as Awesome_Diamonds, but as many of you wikicoders out there know, that did not go over well...

Current Project: Allversions

I also love creating templates and overusing them...

Some links:

If you have any questions about the Xbox One Xbox One version or Mobile version Mobile version of Terraria, I am post-Moon Lord on Xbox and post-Duke Fishron/Ocram in Mobile (soon I will be Post-Moon Lord on both versions, just waiting for 1.3 to come out).

I may also be able to help you with Parser Functions a tiny bit (go to Ferretwings or westgrass for table and DPL help, though).

  • Version Equivalents and Chandelier sell prices. Verify Deathweed and Golem. Ask about crafts row and if crafting stations can be affected by icons = no. Verify Guide:Making money#BoC. Also, verify Queen Bee#Notes music.

    Hellfire Arrow and Shotgun history

    Xbox Live achievements point values (almost there)

    Expert Mode —> Expert mode, Crimson —> The Crimson, and

    Corruption -> The Corruption

    How about split that PS into sections on noticeboard? Verify Slimefish and correct Achievement image names.

    Also verify Palladium Drill (test Palladium Pickaxe also) with Titanium and Adamantite

    Later on, make Bonus drop items category

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