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Adventure[edit source]

Your adventure stories belong in your userspace. For that reason, I moved it to User:DLAJT24/Adventure part1 by DLAJT24 Mainspace is for game documentation. Thanks! -- Wynthyst Curseicon.png talk 15:42, 26 June 2011 (UTC)

Signatures[edit source]

Please sign all talk page posts with 4 tildes (~~~~) or use the Signature button on the edit bar. This will provide an easy to use link back to your userpage and talk so that people can contact you if they wish. Thanks! -- Wynthyst Curseicon.png talk 15:50, 26 June 2011 (UTC)


You are doing fine, and you can't uncap your post unless you retype the whole thing:D -- Wynthyst Curseicon.png talk 03:00, 27 June 2011 (UTC)
Lol, there is a whole bunch of css tutorials. A quick browse on google said text-transform: lowercase is the solution. --NullTalk 03:34, 30 June 2011 (UTC)
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thanks for the help[edit source]

i didnt know you could make an instant hyperlink with those, i always thought they were used in chat rooms for spam (DLAJT24 21:00, 26 June 2011 (UTC))

questions about TNT[edit source]

i read 2 posts, i heard that both ebonstone and hellstone need a nightmare pickaxe or higher to be mined, and ebonstone i could simply "recollect" with TNT, but i couldnt with TNT on hellstone, all i did was collect ash from the very edge of the nether, i thought TNT was higher than ebonstone which would be nightmare tier or +, but hellstone didnt even get a scratch on it, i REALLY dont want to fight the eater of worlds becuase all i have for armor is: a few shackles, a "lucky" horse shoe, pegasas boots, and of course for armor itself: one golden helmit, one silver chest plate, one iron grieve, i feel ill prepared for the boss fight but i need the nightmare pickaxe, i have no other gold ore o make anything else and i dont feel very confident, what do i do? (DLAJT24 21:51, 26 June 2011 (UTC))

also i have a request for anyone who reads this, i dont have a server IP note with me, but the thing im stuck on and is the most basic map is a map called "Ter I" (might not be all capital like those 2, might have a difference) and if i ever start up an server the password is 123, i have no idea how to post an IP adress though so good luck getting in, but i need scales from the eater of worlds, i dont have high hopes with the armor i have and the crappy weapons i use(like if the starfury would be any use with the armor i have, i'd die easily from over mana usage) so i have this request: can someone send me some EoW scales via treasure chest transfer? i need anything to help me un-bind (DLAJT24 21:56, 26 June 2011 (UTC))

My suggestion is to find a meteor and use a gold pickaxe to mine it. The meteor armor provides much more defense and it provides a massive boost to your mana regeneration. If you do have a star fury the mana regen will allow you to completely wipe him out. --Moxxy 03:11, 27 June 2011 (UTC)

but thts the pardent iin, I RAN OUT OF GOLD ORE and cant find anymore in my shafts, im also out of gold coins from the rather retarded death penalty on my damn-hard earned *quite literally* gold coins, i had 13 gold coins in stack and accounted for but then a blood moon appeared and wrecked my trip to the merchant, i had enough to buy a miners helmit to help me see gold ore and now those chances are screwed in like a light bulb: 0, zilch, nada, also i dont have the armor to go very deep, i dont have enoug wood in any server to make at least even ONE gold pickaxe, i cant find meteorites (they must of ended up in the corruption which i absolutely HATE) and whats more if i want to find that meteorite, chances are it impacted/impaled a dungeon biome, which is past the corruption, the corruption has caused me so many problems ESPECIALLY since it has 2 new enemies, it has become an impossiable obsticle for me, i tried using vile powder t traverse it, ALOT of vile powder, but it ended up costing me my last gold coin and a ton of silver. not only can i not find the meteorite but thecorruption is an immovable obsticle. (one thing in Terraria i would love for an update is the ability to create your own server, a max biome limit, any biome you want like a server full of forests, and a spawn rate slot before you enter which can be tuned to0 or 100) so yeah, plus the armor i have, 40 dammage is going to do alot (all i have is a few shackles, a gold helm, and iron greaves, i shouldnt of wasted my silver for a silver pickaxe, i should of got the silver boots) now what to do?! do i jsut wait for an update for the spawn rate?

Play some more :D The gold will come back. -- Wynthyst Curseicon.png talk 00:03, 28 June 2011 (UTC)

corruption in my servers[edit source]

there is ussually barely any purple grass on the border, ebonstone lines the limit of how far the corruption can go, on my large servers the corruption music can reach even underground, in an underground corruption biome my TNT tactics are flawed by ebonstone above which spawns more enmies, most of the corruption on my maps is distorted either by a single block with corrupted spikes on it or multiple ones wth a fortress of the stuff, when i first played there were only 2 enemies, and thats all that was needed to kill me many times, and during the 1.0.3. update and beyond my treasure chests even the natural ones could NOT be opened, i got as far as the middle of the corruption before dieing horribly,even the enmies seem to pierce through my armor, and a devourer is the first thing to SUPREMELY startle and scare me, there has been only copper ore to be burried in ebonstone, and TNT ussually blows me up becuase i cant mine a safe tunnell, the corruption to me: IS A NIGHTMARE AN IMPOSSIABLE, IMPASSABLE NIGHTMARE. especially during the 1.0.5. which added new EoS, and due to that the original EoS i used to know has more HP, ATK, DEF., and i have to worry about this "big eater" aswell, i vowed i would never pass the corruption for a few meteorite again, i would never traverse it unless blue and red where allyed by my side to get me there, i would like at least some support from a high-tierplayer in multiplayer. but until then the corruption is my version of a "distorted nightmare"

wyn, you seem to know alot and i mean ALOT about Terraria, let me ask you: are you one of the makers of the game? blue? red? if so, can you please just hack my single player server and help me out, cause thers NO WAY im going to the corruption without being given the tools i need, also i now despise the EoS'es new flight enginewhich has killed me from high above the sky countless times? cann you help me out, i'd be happy to share a bounty of vile powder for a full set of gold tools and gold armor (but i dont need a gold helmit, since its already equiped) I HAVE FOUND THE METEORITE, however it was encased in a vast growth of ebonstone when i finally found it, it was a relief to see the enemies around it have been underpowered, but when i tried to mine it with the nearly all-powerfully fast silver pickaxe of mine, i said worrylingly in doubt and hoplessness "oh no...." and had to blow myself up to my spawn again to buy TONS of tant from a merchant for a reason: corruption enemies are super dengerous, and also it wasnt even 50 meteorite, regardless stuff stil spawned without the criteria, i just hope to get a better pickaxe now from meteorite. and hopefully have enough for one piece of armor

I normally don't like to post in people's space without being invited, but you seem to have a lot of questions like I do and I might as well share something with you. What weapon are you using? Try crafting a Thorn Chakrum, it really helps. Instead of nicking and diming things now I can take them out in 2-3 hits; exploring places like the corruption is a breeze despite the constant mob spawning. Bring plenty of dirt and build your own mineshaft as you travel, it's slow but there's nothing like a safe haven to retreat to when 20 devourers show up. - Spinfx 01:59, 23 July 2011 (UTC)

i have been using one of my most powerful combos on those dammage buggers: the minishark, a full set of gold armor, and the starfury, plus some regeneration potions, oh yeah and the metorite is UNDERWATER! making breathing, combat, mining, dynamite placement, and even trying to get out of the sh*thole VERY HARD (DLAJT24 16:37, 28 July 2011 (UTC))

the musket for me[edit source]

for me i amire the musket, back then i could only afford simply muket balls, silver bullets are now the only high demmand for me, why do i keep and admire the musket? becuase i see high pottential in it not only for how much detail goes into it, but the musket to me = the basic shotgun of Terraria, since shotguns are meant for knockback and not dammage it should be handy in dealing with large swarms, and if i add a silver bullet to it WWOOOHOOOOO!! i would never ever sell the musket, but i have an idea for the guns of Terrraria. (its an infinate ammo feature, but it adds less power) if you have absolutely 0 ammo for a gun only its max status will be applyed, the ammo will not apply but a shot giving off light will be fired, but instead of being red and brazen it will be almost plain white and add no special bonus effects of ammo, same thing for bows, it will fire a simple plain white arrow (it cannot be obtained since it wont be indentafied in the inventory) its rather infinate ammo at best but can be very weak for guns, etc., the same thing would apply to the star cannon, except the star cannon would be extremely weaker from just firing normal white stars.

question for 1.0.5's treasure chests[edit source]

is it possiable for the surface chest to spawn ANYWHERE on a surface bime and NOT near where you spawned? that means it could be virtually anywhere, from a forest in the corruption to the beggiinning of a horribly generated cave, correct? i think the beginners chest should be a near spawn supplies. and that it should hold a magic mirror so that we the players dont have to rely on blowing ourselves up to get out of a cave, etc. (note: intentional suicide makes you not lose cash) ( 01:58, 28 June 2011 (UTC)) (BY DAJT24 the wiki auto-logged me out again due to being buggy on my connection)

Other than using explosives (which is a real expensive method btw) how do you commit self-suicide? I've always had to either drown myself, take lethal falling damage, dive into lava, or let a mob chew me up. These methods all result in the money drop penalty. Prior to obtaining a Magic Mirror I usually retraced my steps instead of committing suicide though. Back on topic, yeah, I've seen surface chests pretty much all along the surface not just limited to close to the spawn point. - Spinfx 03:37, 23 July 2011 (UTC)

well one time an EoS pushed me into a corrupted chasm and when i took fall dammage (i didnt have the grappling hook or lucky horse shoe back then) and i fell into a rather well lit up corrupted chasm, the fall dammage killed me but i didnt lose my cash, i guess it twa's just my luck i didnt lose any gold coins or silver that time. but every death after that just got worse and worse and worse!!! unless i used bombs, stickybombs, or dynamite. the best way is to unarmor yourself completley, making sure you are well capped off from enemies (otherwise you have to constantly avoid them) and then blowing myself up, i dont lose cash that way and it takes me to my spawn, but that means the next time i explore the cave it will be slightly "altered" when i go there. *full set of gold armor = 2 bombs and only takes 1 dynamite* (DLAJT24 16:45, 28 July 2011 (UTC)) oh yeah i also have the war axe night, which could be even better than lights bane in everyway, i also have 10% increased melee speed for it now (DLAJT24 17:13, 28 July 2011 (UTC)) the war axe of night can take out meteor heads in 2 hits, but has a relativeley slow speed, is there any greatswords or broadswords you can make outa 15 meteorite bars? wood+ meteorite bars maybe? *smug look on my face eyes closed, just thought you'd know what my face looked like when reading his out loud* (DLAJT24 18:40, 28 July 2011 (UTC))

Questions[edit source]

This isn't really an appropriate use of your talk page. You might find you get more and better answers if you post your questions on the forum (Link in the left nav bar). Your talk page should be used by other users who wish to contact you regarding an edit, or other wiki related topic. Thanks for your help in making the wiki better! -- Wynthyst Curseicon.png talk 08:08, 28 June 2011 (UTC) my talk page is made for me, if i got a question or a bug to report i save them for reference here.

plus i think i found a new BIOME ZONE, the area turns yellowish but there is no corruption to remoteley be seen, almost sounding like techno base music plays, during this hordes of enemies can spawn increasing my cash, all i gotta do is survive the hordes, stay bathed in the music zone and combat the enemies, whats more this blessed by spawnning mobs music is on the surface of a desert, it had me mistooken for it being a coruption theme when it wasnt, do you know the name of this theme? if so whats the effect? and is it relativeley bad? (DLAJT24 22:11, 28 June 2011 (UTC))

also during this music enemies like zombies turn endlessly hostile until i get drafted out of the music by knockbock walking out of it, etc., i must thank your skill for this wiki but i cant find anything on the name of this song, or the after effects it has, i dont see any sighn of it spreading up to the sky, and the theme sounds like a cheerful happy techno mix, as said before i really want to know everything about this theme since i never have heard it in my server before. (DLAJT24 22:18, 28 June 2011 (UTC))

who thinks this...[edit source]

who thinks that the shop NPC's should have a way to fight back at night time? the guns dealer, obviosly, uses ranged weapons (but only guns) in order to hit zombies that wuld threaten him. the demoman would throw grenades into the air/ceiling making a bombardment on demon eyes and zombies, the nurse would have a short sword weapon called the "needle" which does pretty basic dammage but unlike the merchant and guns dealer it cant attack the air meaning demon eyes could be a problem, and she could heal you with the needle a little (as long as she did dammage with it to enemies at least once), and the merchant would fire a bow and arrow (both wooden), hoever those functions would only apply at night time and he enemies must be near them (out doors) or the enemies must beinside they're house (if the NPC's are in their house) in order to fight back, during blood moon they get nightmare equipment. its just an idea, but it could actually be kinda fun.

merchent "can hit enemies that touch him, fires wooden bow and wooden arrows, but if attacked he cant close doors" during a BLOD moon "fires off a demon bow, and unholy arrows at enemies that trespass his house, however if he has no house then he will fire a bow and arrow, when attacked his doors close automatically until opened again" demoman "fires grenades at a very high pace, nearly anhiliating everything in his barrage" (has no blood moon defences except for this) dryad "shoots dirt at her enemies, and can build barricades automatically during a blood moon" extra blood moon effect "the dryad will fire of vile powder at a slow pace until inside" when outside at night time "she grows trees to attack enemies, she must be on an open grassy plain to do so."

that's all my "self-defence" ideas for now, i have no idea on an idea for the clothier.(DLAJT24 20:44, 28 July 2011 (UTC))

For the Clothier, since you didn't have an idea, should he throw his hat like a boomerang? TheOnlyMechaDog 23:40, 6 January 2012 (UTC)

HM THE METEOR[edit source]

i went all outeteor with TNT a hard fight for the ore, and then i crafted the star cannon, luckly i saved some star bits, and then worked up to get some worm food, then i summoned the EoW, at first the fight went very calmly but en turned into a real intense masterpiece battle, to my surprise the EoW gets weaker from every time it breaks, its statuses are spread to the mian area that broke whther segments weaken, if i didnt use the star cannon during the EoW fight i would of been toast, the star cannon used during the EoW fight can be useful as long as you first dammage the segments equally and then always aim for the head, which shouldnt be too hard to miss. i started the battle with 100 + 50 stars and it ended with 34, if i ran out of ammo i would of never finished the boss fight i started, so i must thank you blue for making SUCH a wonderful weapon, and for showng me one meteorite is a beacon of hope. (DLAJT24 00:09, 30 July 2011 (UTC))


defeated skeletron with no change in the enviroment or building an arena, used all lessers and had a full set of every nightmare tool and armor, head does 18 dammage with a full set, hands do a slight less. as long as i kept my cool and kept batling it using the breaker i could easily defeat skeletron. his hands were the first to die soon after his death, to make the fight better i could (not exactly) "cheat" the fight, when starbits fall i can finish his HP to make a dent, however i only could use the star cannon 2 times, then i stuc to the breaker and hoped for the best. also i had to wrry about the constant swarm of enemies but as long as i could double jump i was safe from his second phase if i ever got cuaght in it. see, you dont need fancy arenas to beat bosses, or need the bling of a dungeon, all you need to do is keep calm and then just use the best armor and tools that fit the situation.

You don't need an arena for Skeletron mainly because he doesn't move vertically much and it's fairly easy to hit his head even with a melee weapon, not to mention that area outside the dungeon where the Old Man is standing is already nice and flat (and the ceiling gives a nice boundary for stopping ranged weapons like boomerangs, so you can catch and throw at him rapidly). On the other hand, the EoC and EoW are much harder if you fought them without preparing any ground.

thing about the EoW is i found a natural platform of Ebonstone in the corruption from a randomly generated world, so i just used that, as long as you use the star cannon on its heads the fight can go pretty darn fast. (DLAJT24 00:53, 1 August 2011 (UTC))

1.0.5, better or WORSE? (circles worse)[edit source]

reason?! EVERYTHINGS FUCKING NERFED, the weapons have been beaten to shit, nerfed so much, new enemies strike terror into new users (especially in multiplayer since you share the armor with your pal and everyones recording) cave bats do way too much dammage. and havent we had enough trouble in the nether with 2 enemies? let alone 5 new ones?! and now the corruption has the big eater, which has a knockback radius i would call "bitchslap into chasm and fall to your death here" the bunnies now are hostile so new players who have a pet bnny can get startled the crap outa and die during a blood moon, underground jungles are so frustrating now that muds been fucking nerfed, and the rocket boots now suck, the star cannon now does 60 dammage rather than 75, which means that its shit against anything, including bosses, and you can now get dammaged when you fall to the end of the map in the nether since water now fucking dissolves away. (in short: your hellavators are now useless without the lucky horseshoe and obsidian skull) and harpies, har-pies!! i could once get to the nether easily using my servers skybridge but those flying things are ruining it, and 2 out of 3 follow me to the nether. 1.0.5 = unforgiving? from my point of view thats what it has become. (really wish there was a way to choose the updates in-game, THAT would be useful) (DLAJT24 02:34, 2 August 2011 (UTC))

Fun fact: This is a user talk page, and not actually your blog. --Lunboks 02:46, 2 August 2011 (UTC)
Somebody doesn't know the meaning of "game balance".
1. So it takes 5 swings to kill something now instead of 4. Wow. I'm shocked, it's such a HUGE NERF. Oh wait-
2. The Corruption isn't supposed to be a newbie playground, that's why it's, you know, difficult. Only newbies wouldn't have a grapple, the only item really necessary to stop yourself from falling to the bottom of chasms.
3. -15 damage from the Star Cannon and it's useless? I don't know what game you are playing, but 60 damage kills pretty much anything in 1-2 hits; against bosses you need so many it's not really like it makes a huge difference. A 20% difference, to be exact. If you've got enough resources to actually create this weapon then you should already know how to harvest fallen stars. Unless you're a noob who just duped the stars using reshack.
4. So don't rely on water for your hellevator floor. It was a stupid "feature" anyway, as if 6 feet of water can stop a terminal fall. You're going down into hell: therefore you aren't a newbie (well you could be a suicidal one), therefore you should already have a grapple. Use it.

oh yeah? they also nerfed the star cannons speedry slow so evenu get 1/2 hits on an enemy you're gonna get mualed eventually from not being able to aim: you cant eve take out a jungle slime in 1 hit anymore, my advice is stick with the minishark and buy some silver bullets.also im not a noob anymore, YOU KNOW WHY, i have a full set of molten armor, a fire sword, a sunfury (gotten from my first time in the nether and actually being able to do something, like actualy mine) a cobalt shield, a blue moon flial, an aqua scepter, a set of obsidian skulls, some feral claws, and even phase blades (feral claws = help swing the fire sword faster) and i almost forgot, one of the most powerful items: a handgun (due to its almost-minishark speed and dammage raduis) and a flamarang (DLAJT24 18:01, 9 August 2011 (UTC)) also i spawned in a new type gun which makes an explosion whenever it hits an enemy or the ground, a green lighted explosion, and i spawned in a pheonix blaster, how did i do this you ask? with a mod pack i created called the spawner cheat, with it you can spawn items in using the "O key menu" or change any type of spawn in-game with the "S key" (DLAJT24 18:20, 9 August 2011 (UTC)) saw a video of HERO's hellivator, it was pretty sweet sice regular dammage diverted fall dammage, but 1.0.5 fixed it so he had to put water down the bottom of it in another video then laterin 1.0.5 the water evaporated and HERO was left with a total "WHAT THE HELL?" moment, so in short water isnt crap since it reverts fall dammage but now any water you transport to the nether evaporates meaning: no obsidian bridges/easy acess over huge lava pools, no safe drops in your hellavator, etc., oh i actually found a point in the nether with a natural entrance, and behind the entrance was ash block and hellstone spiking upwards with some lava, this way i can drop into the nether with ease and not have to dig my way into it. ^^ how very nice of my server ( 20:28, 9 August 2011 (UTC)) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_X1tB1Xxvr4&feature=relmfu even HERO had some hard times with the nerf on the star cannon, as you can plainly seeranged weapons cant get things directly ontop of you off and now with its slow speed and nerfed damage (you were slain) (DLAJT24 18:21, 14 August 2011 (UTC)) infact i think the only reason that they weakened the bosses in 1.0.6 is becuase of this 60 dammage and slow speed nerf. that and becuase the dammage on eye of cthulu is redicilous (mainly becuase i did all that battling for the war axe of night which i became relliant on as a weapon for quite some time, until i started working up the ranks into the molten favor) (DLAJT24 18:05, 15 August 2011 (UTC)) plus i THOUGHT the star cannon was SUPPOSED to be crafted and NOT be shit from all your hard work of farming meteorite bars, why mmake it so stupidly retarded as shit? if i say anything 1.0.5 introduced new things and ruined the old things, and 1.0.6 sucked and chewed on it spit it out and ruined the new things to place ITS new things. i hope the star cannon changes soon becuase currently im giving these updates the finger. (DLAJT24 18:28, 15 August 2011 (UTC))

(DLAJT24) nights edge crafted[edit source]

the nights edge, now one of the most powerful items in the game. when using this you can either buff up the melee sped to act ike a murmussa, or if you're cuatios about rather dangerous enemies you can use attack buffs. alone it does 42 dammage. but if you use molten armors full set bonus that doubles to 49 dammage, and when that is combined with ale it does 53 dammage (that of the now complete shit star cannons 60 dammage) not only is the extra dammage useful but the avareage speed makes the weapon cunned out to what its supposed to be (especially when you did all the hard work to get it), it has increased speed and has about 15 higher points of dammage then a buffed out feiry greatsword, and when combined with shadow armor and a single feral claw it acts ALMOST about the same as the murmussa just slower from having to click constantly, overall nights edge is better in dammage than the star cannon for obvios reasons: one of them being when using the 2 attack buffs nights edge an do 90+ dammage on a critical strike to something as simple as a blue slime. and to all who want a nights edge go for it, but i'd never give away mine on purpose. (DLAJT24's post, overridden due to a bug whenever i visit terraria not logged in for a glitchy reason) also a small question: will the old star cannon come back? i mean: i worked so hard to craft it, and i think it goes for everyone when we say: "its not how early you get the weapon, its how hard you work and strive for it to craft it" (DLAJT24)

help build a torch free world[edit source]

i find torches as smoke hazards in both Terarria and minecraft, you can help the enviroment of Terraria by destroying dirt walls and ebonstone walls as a light source, use solar power to help out today with your exploring, you can take out just 1 wall to make a simply thin line and a common light source: the sun, which eleminates having to use torches during day time. hope this helps out those who want to keep terraria "enviromentally freindly" for your servers and it can be used to find ores that arent in the cave or even cavern boime/enviroments. (ex. i found a lot of gold ore with this freindly method, it was inside a randomly generated hill, there was alot of silver lot of gold, the ussuall stuff) (DLAJT24 18:18, 16 August 2011 (UTC))