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Vanity items

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Vanity items are wearable items that can be equipped in Social Slots next to the Armor and Accessories slots in a character's Inventory. Wearing them will change a character's appearance, but will not provide any functionality. Vanity items placed in the armor slots will also cover all armor appearances. Many of these vanity items are references to popular culture and other video games.

Vanity Pieces[edit | edit source]

Halloween Sets[edit | edit source]

These sets can only be found in Goodie Bags or from NPCs during the Halloween season.

Christmas Sets[edit | edit source]

These costumes can only be found in Presents or from NPCs during the Christmas season.

Vanity Sets[edit | edit source]

These sets do not follow any seasons. They can be bought from NPCs, looted from bosses, looted from enemies, looted during events, looted from chests, or crafted by the player.

Boss Masks[edit | edit source]

Vanity Accessories[edit | edit source]

Developer Items[edit | edit source]

Desktop versionConsole version Desktop/Console-Only Content: This section's information applies only to the Desktop and Console versions of Terraria.
Aaron's set (AaronC)
Item Type
Aaron's HelmetAaron's Helmet Vanity Helmet
Aaron's BreastplateAaron's Breastplate Vanity Shirt
Aaron's LeggingsAaron's Leggings Vanity Pants
Arkhalis' set (Arkhalis)
Item Type
Arkhalis's HoodArkhalis's Hood Vanity Helmet
Arkhalis's BodiceArkhalis's Bodice Vanity Shirt
Arkhalis's TightsArkhalis's Tights Vanity Pants
Arkhalis's LightwingsArkhalis's Lightwings Wings
Cenx's set & Dress set (Cenx)
Item Type
Cenx's TiaraCenx's Tiara Vanity Helmet
Cenx's BreastplateCenx's Breastplate Vanity Shirt
Cenx's LeggingsCenx's Leggings Vanity Pants
Cenx's DressCenx's Dress Vanity Shirt
Cenx's Dress PantsCenx's Dress Pants Vanity Pants
Cenx's WingsCenx's Wings Wings
Crowno's set (Crowno)
Item Type
Crowno's MaskCrowno's Mask Vanity Helmet
Crowno's BreastplateCrowno's Breastplate Vanity Shirt
Crowno's LeggingsCrowno's Leggings Vanity Pants
Crowno's WingsCrowno's Wings Wings
D-Town's set (D-Town)
Item Type
D-Town's HelmetD-Town's Helmet Vanity Helmet
D-Town's BreastplateD-Town's Breastplate Vanity Shirt
D-Town's LeggingsD-Town's Leggings Vanity Pants
D-Town's WingsD-Town's Wings Wings
Jim's set (Jimmarn)
Item Type
Jim's HelmetJim's Helmet Vanity Helmet
Jim's BreastplateJim's Breastplate Vanity Shirt
Jim's LeggingsJim's Leggings Vanity Pants
Jim's WingsJim's Wings Wings
Lazure's set (Lazure)
Item Type
Lazure's Valkyrie CircletLazure's Valkyrie Circlet Vanity Helmet
Lazure's Valkyrie CloakLazure's Valkyrie Cloak Vanity Shirt
Lazure's Barrier PlatformLazure's Barrier Platform Wings
Valkyrie YoyoValkyrie Yoyo Yoyo
Leinfors' set (Leinfors)
Item Type
Leinfors' Hair ProtectorLeinfors' Hair Protector Vanity Helmet
Leinfors' Excessive StyleLeinfors' Excessive Style Vanity Shirt
Leinfors' FancypantsLeinfors' Fancypants Vanity Pants
Leinfors' Luxury ShampooLeinfors' Luxury Shampoo Vanity Accessory
Leinfors' Prehensile CloakLeinfors' Prehensile Cloak Wings
Loki's set (Loki)
Item Type
Loki's HelmetLoki's Helmet Vanity Helmet
Loki's BreastplateLoki's Breastplate Vanity Shirt
Loki's GreavesLoki's Greaves Vanity Pants
Loki's DyeLoki's Dye Dye
Loki's WingsLoki's Wings Wings
Red's set (Redigit)
Item Type
Red's HelmetRed's Helmet Vanity Helmet
Red's BreastplateRed's Breastplate Vanity Shirt
Red's LeggingsRed's Leggings Vanity Pants
Red's WingsRed's Wings Wings
Red's ThrowRed's Throw Yoyo
Skiphs's set (Skiphs)
Item Type
Skiphs's MaskSkiphs's Mask Vanity Helmet
Skiphs's SkinSkiphs's Skin Vanity Shirt
Skiphs's Bear ButtSkiphs's Bear Butt Vanity Pants
Skiphs's BloodSkiphs's Blood Dye
Skiphs's PawsSkiphs's Paws Wings
Will's set (Phlebas)
Item Type
Will's HelmetWill's Helmet Vanity Helmet
Will's BreastplateWill's Breastplate Vanity Shirt
Will's LeggingsWill's Leggings Vanity Pants
Will's WingsWill's Wings Wings
Yoraiz0r's set (Yoraiz0r)
Item Type
Yoraiz0r's  Recolored GogglesYoraiz0r's
Recolored Goggles
Vanity Helmet
Yoraiz0r's UniformYoraiz0r's Uniform Vanity Shirt
Yoraiz0r's SkirtYoraiz0r's Skirt Vanity Pants
Yoraiz0r's ScowlYoraiz0r's Scowl Vanity Accessory
Yoraiz0r's SpellYoraiz0r's Spell Wings

Oktoberfest Vanity Sets[edit | edit source]

Mobile version3DS version Mobile/3DS-Only Content: This section's information applies only to the Mobile and 3DS versions of Terraria.

Japanese Console version Japanese Console-only Sets[edit | edit source]

Japanese Console version Japanese console-Only Content: This section's information applies only to the Japanese Console version of Terraria.

Unobtainable Items[edit | edit source]

Red Potion.png
Red Potion.png
The item(s) or effects described in this section exist as functional game items, but cannot be acquired through normal gameplay.

Achievement[edit | edit source]

Achievement Fashion Statement.png
Fashion Statement • "Equip armor or vanity clothing in all three social slots."
Equip armor or vanity clothing in all three social slots. Desktop VersionConsole Version
Achievement Vanity of Vanities.png
Vanity of Vanities • "Looking good!"
Equip a full set of vanity items and/or armor. Old-gen console version

History[edit | edit source]

  • Desktop You can now wear Developer items without having the non-developer killing effect.
  • Desktop It is now possible to obtain Developer items and The White Tuxedo. New outfits are available including Tax Collector's Hat, Suit and Pants, and Dye Trader's Turban.
  • Desktop Fixed bug with a naked arm drawing over some vanity shirts.
  • Desktop 1.2.3: New vanity items introduced. Wings and accessories can be dyed.
  • Desktop Fixed several graphical issues with the new Halloween costumes.
  • Desktop 1.2: New vanity items introduced. Armors can be dyed.
  • Desktop 1.1: Turning on PvP no longer makes social slot items invisible.