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Vanity items/it

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I Vanity Items sono tutti gli oggetti che possono essere indossati dal nostro personaggio migliorando l'estetica a nostro piacimento.

Inoltre possono anche essere indossati dai [manichini] per abbellire le nostre costruzioni

All vanity items[edit | edit source]

Vanity Pieces

These sets can only be found in Goodie Bags or from NPCs during the Halloween season.

These costumes can only be found in Presents or from NPCs during the Christmas season.

Vanity Sets

These sets do not follow any season. They can be purchased from NPCs, looted from bosses or enemies, looted during events, looted from chests, or crafted by the player.

All bosses, including Esercito dell'AnticoDesktop and Console versions ones, but not Lepus3DS version and Turkor the Ungrateful3DS version, have a 14.29% chance to drop their respective mask.

3DS version Oktoberfest Vanity Sets
Unobtainable Items

The item(s) or effects described in this section exist as functional game items, but cannot be acquired through normal gameplay.