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Wall IDs

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This page lists the IDs of walls in Terraria.

ID Name Image
1 Stone Wall Stone Wall (placed).png
2 Dirt Wall (natural) Dirt Wall (natural) (placed).png
3 Ebonstone Wall Ebonstone Wall (placed).png
4 Wood Wall Wood Wall (placed).png
5 Gray Brick Wall Gray Brick Wall (placed).png
6 Red Brick Wall Red Brick Wall (placed).png
10 Gold Brick Wall Gold Brick Wall (placed).png
11 Silver Brick Wall Silver Brick Wall (placed).png
12 Copper Brick Wall Copper Brick Wall (placed).png
13 Hellstone Brick Wall Hellstone Brick Wall (placed).png
14 Obsidian Brick Wall (natural) Obsidian Brick Wall (natural) (placed).png
15 Mud Wall Mud Wall (placed).png
17 Dungeon Brick Walls File:Dungeon Brick Walls (placed).png
20 Obsidian Brick Wall Obsidian Brick Wall (placed).png
21 Glass Wall Glass Wall (placed).png
22 Pearlstone Brick Wall Pearlstone Brick Wall (placed).png
23 Iridescent Brick Wall Iridescent Brick Wall (placed).png
24 Mudstone Brick Wall Mudstone Brick Wall (placed).png
25 Cobalt Brick Wall Cobalt Brick Wall (placed).png
26 Mythril Brick Wall Mythril Brick Wall (placed).png
27 Planked Wall Planked Wall (placed).png
28 Pearlstone Wall Pearlstone Wall (placed).png
29 Candy Cane Wall Candy Cane Wall (placed).png
30 Green Candy Cane Wall Green Candy Cane Wall (placed).png
31 Snow Brick Wall Snow Brick Wall (placed).png
32 Adamantite Beam Wall Adamantite Beam Wall (placed).png
33 Demonite Brick Wall Demonite Brick Wall (placed).png
34 Sandstone Brick Wall Sandstone Brick Wall (placed).png
35 Ebonstone Brick Wall Ebonstone Brick Wall (placed).png
36 Red Stucco Wall Red Stucco Wall (placed).png
37 Yellow Stucco Wall Yellow Stucco Wall (placed).png
38 Green Stucco Wall Green Stucco Wall (placed).png
39 Gray Stucco Wall Gray Stucco Wall (placed).png
40 Snow Wall Snow Wall (placed).png
41 Ebonwood Wall Ebonwood Wall (placed).png
42 Rich Mahogany Wall Rich Mahogany Wall (placed).png
43 Pearlwood Wall Pearlwood Wall (placed).png
44 Rainbow Brick Wall Rainbow Brick Wall (placed).gif
45 Tin Brick Wall Tin Brick Wall (placed).png
46 Tungsten Brick Wall Tungsten Brick Wall (placed).png
47 Platinum Brick Wall Platinum Brick Wall (placed).png
48 Gem Wall File:Gem Wall (placed).png
54 Cave Wall File:Cave Wall (placed).png
60 Living Leaf Wall Living Leaf Wall (placed).png
62 Spider Wall Spider Wall (placed).png
63 Grass Wall Grass Wall (placed).png
64 Jungle Wall Jungle Wall (placed).png
65 Flower Wall Flower Wall (placed).png
69 Corrupt Grass Wall Corrupt Grass Wall (placed).png
70 Hallowed Grass Wall Hallowed Grass Wall (placed).png
71 Ice Wall Ice Wall (placed).png
72 Cactus Wall Cactus Wall (placed).png
73 Cloud Wall Cloud Wall (placed).png
74 Mushroom Wall Mushroom Wall (placed).png
75 Bone Block Wall Bone Block Wall (placed).png
76 Slime Block Wall Slime Block Wall (placed).png
77 Flesh Block Wall Flesh Block Wall (placed).png
78 Living Wood Wall Living Wood Wall (placed).png
79 Obsidian Back Wall Obsidian Back Wall (placed).png
80 Mushroom Wall (natural) Mushroom Wall (natural) (placed).png
81 Crimson Grass Wall Crimson Grass Wall (placed).png
82 Disc Wall Disc Wall (placed).png
83 Crimstone Wall Crimstone Wall (placed).png
84 Ice Brick Wall Ice Brick Wall (placed).png
85 Shadewood Wall Shadewood Wall (placed).png
86 Hive Wall Hive Wall (placed).png
87 Lihzahrd Brick Wall Lihzahrd Brick Wall (placed).png
88 Purple Stained Glass Purple Stained Glass (placed).png
89 Yellow Stained Glass Yellow Stained Glass (placed).png
90 Blue Stained Glass Blue Stained Glass (placed).png
91 Green Stained Glass Green Stained Glass (placed).png
92 Red Stained Glass Red Stained Glass (placed).png
93 Multicolored Stained Glass Multicolored Stained Glass (placed).png
106 Fence File:Fence (placed).png
109 Palladium Column Wall Palladium Column Wall (placed).png
110 Bubblegum Block Wall Bubblegum Block Wall (placed).png
111 Titanstone Block Wall Titanstone Block Wall (placed).png
113 Pumpkin Wall Pumpkin Wall (placed).png
114 Hay Wall Hay Wall (placed).png
115 Spooky Wood Wall Spooky Wood Wall (placed).png
116 Wallpapers File:Wallpapers (placed).png
136 Waterfall Wall Waterfall Wall (placed).gif
137 Lavafall Wall Lavafall Wall (placed).gif
142 White Dynasty Wall White Dynasty Wall (placed).png
143 Blue Dynasty Wall Blue Dynasty Wall (placed).png
144 Arcane Rune Wall Arcane Rune Wall (placed).gif
146 Copper Plating Wall Copper Plating Wall (placed).png
147 Stone Slab Wall Stone Slab Wall (placed).png
148 Sail Sail (placed).png
149 Boreal Wood Wall Boreal Wood Wall (placed).png
151 Palm Wood Wall Palm Wood Wall (placed).png
153 Gemspark Wall File:Gemspark Wall (placed).png
167 Tin Plating Wall Tin Plating Wall (placed).png
168 Confetti Wall Confetti Wall (placed).gif
169 Midnight Confetti Wall Midnight Confetti Wall (placed).gif
172 Honeyfall Wall Honeyfall Wall (placed).gif
173 Chlorophyte Brick Wall Chlorophyte Brick Wall (placed).png
174 Crimtane Brick Wall Crimtane Brick Wall (placed).png
175 Shroomite Plating Wall Shroomite Plating Wall (placed).png
176 Martian Conduit Wall Martian Conduit Wall (placed).png
179 Smooth Marble Wall Smooth Marble Wall (placed).png
181 Smooth Granite Wall Smooth Granite Wall (placed).png
182 Meteorite Brick Wall Meteorite Brick Wall (placed).png
183 Marble Wall Marble Wall (placed).png
184 Granite Wall Granite Wall (placed).png
186 Crystal Block Wall Crystal Block Wall (placed).png
187 Sandstone Wall Sandstone Wall (placed).png
188 Corruption Wall File:Corruption Wall (placed).png
192 Crimson Wall File:Crimson Wall (placed).png
200 Hallow Wall File:Hallow Wall (placed).png
204 Jungle Wall (natural) File:Jungle Wall (natural) (placed).png
208 Lava Walls File:Lava Walls (placed).png
212 Rocks Wall File:Rocks Wall (placed).png
216 Hardened Sand Wall Hardened Sand Wall (placed).png
217 Hardened Ebonsand Wall Hardened Ebonsand Wall (placed).png
218 Hardened Crimsand Wall Hardened Crimsand Wall (placed).png
219 Hardened Pearlsand Wall Hardened Pearlsand Wall (placed).png
220 Ebonsandstone Wall Ebonsandstone Wall (placed).png
221 Crimsandstone Wall Crimsandstone Wall (placed).png
222 Pearlsandstone Wall Pearlsandstone Wall (placed).png
223 Desert Fossil Wall Desert Fossil Wall (placed).png
224 Luminite Brick Wall Luminite Brick Wall (placed).png
225 Cog Wall File:Cog Wall (placed).png
226 Sandfall Wall File:Sandfall Wall (placed).png
227 Snowfall Wall File:Snowfall Wall (placed).png
228 Silly Pink Balloon Wall Silly Pink Balloon Wall (placed).png
229 Silly Purple Balloon Wall Silly Purple Balloon Wall (placed).png
230 Silly Green Balloon Wall Silly Green Balloon Wall (placed).png