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Some Water in a Forest.
Animated water.gif

Water is an abundant liquid. It is found in nearly any biome in pools of various sizes, and forms the large Oceans on either side of a map. It is less abundant in Deserts, and absent in The Underworld (where it disappears if made to flow there). Water flows more freely than Lava and Honey. Each biome has its own unique water color (these colors can be changed, with the Water Fountains sold by the Witch Doctor once he spawns in your world Desktop VersionConsole Version , or after Plantera is defeated Old-gen console versionMobile Version3DS version). Water is only found above a certain depth, beneath which Lava pools tend to appear instead.

Candles, Torches, and Flaming Arrows do not emit light underwater, but Glowsticks and some other light sources do. Most torches are knocked free when water touches them.

Upon submersion, a player's breath meter will display, indicating their remaining breathing time before drowning damage will be incurred. The point where a player is considered submerged for purposes of the breath meter is one pixel above the eyes.

If the player's feet are in at least one tile of water, movement is hindered noticeably. Certain accessories or potions can boost player movement through liquids, enable swimming, or even allow walking along its surface. Players cannot swim by default.

In Expert mode, entering water in Snow Biome will give the player the Chilled debuff, which slows the player further.

A body of water will also break the player's fall upon impact and negate any fall damage. However, if the player has any water walking buff active or any water walking accessory equipped, impact with the water surface will incur fall damage as normal.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

An example of water (together with lava and honey) placed to be used as a crafting station. Notice the Crystal Ball above them.
Water (crafting station).png
Mobile VersionThe water crafting station icon.

Like Lava and Honey, water can be used as a minor crafting station. It works just like those two; in order to use it the player only has to stand nearby. Creation of items from a body of water does not lower the water level at all. A sink may be used in place of a water fluid tile, and similarly offers unlimited water to recipes.

Used to craft[edit | edit source]

Water or Sink


Bottled Water.pngBottled Water
Mud Block.pngMud Block

Water can also be used to make the following items, though not as a crafting station:

Item When combined with
Obsidian.pngObsidian Lava.pngLava
Honey Block.pngHoney Block Honey.pngHoney

Contents[edit | edit source]

Characters Unique Drops
Normal Enemies:
Blue Jellyfish.pngBlue Jellyfish

In the Ocean:

Pink Jellyfish.pngPink Jellyfish
Sea Snail.pngSea Snail
Orca.pngOrcaOld-gen console versionMobile Version3DS version
During a Blood Moon:
Corrupt Goldfish.pngCorrupt Goldfish
Crimtane Goldfish.pngCrimtane GoldfishDesktop VersionConsole Version

During Hardmode:

Blood Feeder.pngBlood Feeder
Angler Fish.pngAngler Fish
Green Jellyfish.pngGreen Jellyfish
Blood Jelly.pngBlood Jelly
Fungo Fish.pngFungo Fish
From Goldfish:
Goldfish.pngGoldfishConsole VersionMobile Version

From Piranhas:

Hook.pngHook (crafting material)

From Sharks:

Shark Fin.pngShark Fin

From Sea Snails:

Purple Mucos.pngPurple MucosDesktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version

From Squids:

Black Ink.pngBlack InkDesktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version

From Jellyfish:


From Green Jellyfish:


Items interacting with water[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Underground pools of water may sometimes be spotted via the glowing Jellyfish that spawn there.
  • The game occasionally has difficulty leveling out large volumes of liquid that flowed into a new space. Exiting and reloading the world, or relocating the liquid elsewhere, can sometimes remedy the problem.

History[edit | edit source]

  • Desktop 1.3.4: Water is now dynamic and has a setting to be more or less dynamic.
  • Desktop 1.2.3:
    • Sped up the Water moving code a bit. 5-10%.
    • Fixed a bug where moving very large quantities of water could leave some water floating.
    • Fixed issue where you cannot jump while in reverse gravity in water.
    • Running underwater no longer causes flashes of the Suffocation debuff.
  • Desktop 1.2:
    • When water touches a half block, it will create a waterfall. Water can also change colors depending what biome it is in, or if it's a Blood Moon.
  • Desktop 1.1: Water is in a secondary 'layer' behind the placed blocks, therefore can no longer be removed by placing blocks on it. "Blocked" liquids disappear only after restart of world.
Liquids: Water.pngWater • Lava.pngLava • Honey.pngHoney
Liquid Blocks: Waterfall Block.pngWaterfall BlockDesktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version • Lavafall Block.pngLavafall BlockDesktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version • Honeyfall Block.pngHoneyfall BlockDesktop VersionConsole Version
Liquid Block Walls: Waterfall Wall.pngWaterfall WallDesktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version • Lavafall Wall.pngLavafall WallDesktop VersionConsole VersionOld-gen console versionMobile Version • Honeyfall Wall.pngHoneyfall WallDesktop VersionConsole Version
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