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Type Debuff
Effects Multiple stat decreases
Tooltip Physical abilities are decreased
Internal Buff ID: 33
This article is about the debuff that decreases player stats. For the modifier, see Modifiers#Universal.

Weak is a debuff which causes multiple ability penalties. Equipping Vitamins or anything derived from it will make the player immune to this debuff.

Weak causes the following effects:

  • -4 defense
  • -5.1% melee damage
  • -5.1% melee attack speed
  • -10% movement speed

Causes[edit | edit source]

From enemy[edit | edit source]

From Duration Chance
Corruptor Corruptor 5 / 10 minutes 1/20 (5%)
Floaty Gross Floaty Gross 2 / 4 minutes 1/20 (5%)
Scarecrow Scarecrow 1 / 2 minute(s) 1/10 (10%)
Brain of Cthulhu Brain of Cthulhu 18.75-37.5 seconds 1/8 (12.5%)
Creeper Creeper 18.75-37.5 seconds 1/24 (4.17%)
Eater of Worlds Eater of Worlds 10 minutes 1/20 (5%)

History[edit | edit source]