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Wind is a mechanic in Terraria which influences the movement of various objects. It primarily affects things that have no effect on gameplay, such as cloud movement speeds, blizzard and sandstorm background effects, and the animation of the surface of water. However, it occasionally plays a part in how the game plays, such as its effects on Detonating Bubbles and its effects on players afflicted with Mighty Wind.

The Weather Radio, Fish Finder, PDA, and Cell Phone all list the wind speed in the upper right corner of the screen.

Effects[edit | edit source]

There are two base values the game uses when determining windspeed, "windSpeed" and "windSpeedSet". windSpeedSet is a value set to determine what value windSpeed should gradually change to, but both values are used intermittently throughout the code to affect certain objects. The game takes the following steps to determine windspeed-

  • If windSpeed is not already equal to windSpeedSet, move it closer by .001
  • Change windSpeedSpeed by a value from -.001 to .001 (-.002 to .002 when night)
  • Cap windSpeedSpeed to -.002 or .002
  • Change windSpeedTemp by windSpeedSpeed (windSpeedSpeed x 2 if raining)
  • Cap windSpeedTemp by .3 + .5 * (Percentage cloud cover / 100)
  • Set windSpeedSet to windSpeedTemp
  • Loop

Overall this means stronger wind speeds when it is nighttime or raining. However, as sandstorms don't count as rain, sandstorms do not actually cause increased wind speeds. Also notable is that more clouds in the sky means higher potential for higher wind speeds, whether it is raining or not.

Wind affects the following:

Object Effect
Water.png Water Affects animation, distortion when Dynamic Water is enabled
Music Box.png Music Box Desktop only.pngConsole only.png Affects note drift direction
Silly Balloon Machine.png Silly Balloon Machine Desktop only.png Affects balloon movement
Precipitation (Rain, Blizzard, Sandstorm, etc) Affects particle movements
Clouds Affects drift direction
Bubble Machine.png Bubbles Affects drift direction
Detonating Bubble.png Detonating Bubble Affects drift direction
Angry Tumbler.png Angry Tumbler Desktop only.png Pushes
Party Center.png Party Background Balloons Desktop only.png Affects balloon drift direction
Players with Mighty Wind Pushes
North Pole.png North Pole Snowflakes Affects drift direction
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