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The Wolf is a Hardmode enemy that usually spawns in the Snow Biome at night. It has the same AI as the Unicorn, which charges and rams into the player. Like Unicorns, Wolves move at very fast speeds and can jump fairly high, making them one of the hardest enemies to evade. Due to its relatively high defense and health, it is not recommended for early Hardmode players to fight these monsters. If the player does come across them, it is almost impossible to outrun them.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Since these enemies spawn on the surface, weapons that rain projectiles such as the Daedalus Stormbow can hit them without being stopped by blocks above.
  • The player may dig a small hole in the ground just wide enough to stand in and attack Wolves from there, since they'll be too wide to fit.
  • Standing on any block/platform 8 tiles high prevents Wolves from reaching the player, allowing the player to shoot them without having to dodge them.
  • Melee users may find yoyos useful, particularly the Amarok, which drops from any enemy in a Snow Biome and can inflict the Frostburn debuff. Hel-Fire works as well, if the player has been in the Caverns or Underworld. One may stand in/on the aforementioned hole/platform and safely set Wolves alight.
  • Weapons with decently high knockback may keep Wolves from charging at all.
  • Using the Clockwork Assault Rifle while using the Slime Staff is a viable strategy for defeating this, however it is unnecessary to always carry these around, as you may not encounter Wolves all the time.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It seems to have a tiny bit of blood around its mouth.

History[edit | edit source]