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TypeBlockCrafting material
Use time14 Very Fast
RarityRarity Level: 0

Wood is a type of block that is generally obtained by cutting down Trees using an Axe or a Chainsaw.

There are currently 9 different types of wood. Crafting recipes that include ordinary Wood as an ingredient can use any type except Dynasty Wood. Some resulting items may differ in appearance depending on Wood type used, while providing exactly the same use.

Types of Wood[edit | edit source]

There are nine types as follows:

Each type of Wood has a respective:

  • Sword, Bow, and Hammer (except Spooky and Dynasty)
  • Armor set (except Dynasty)
  • Furniture set

Pine Tree BlockPine Tree BlockDesktop VersionConsole versionOld-gen console versionMobile Version, while only loosely defined as a wood, can be used to craft some wooden furniture (specifically pine wood). It however cannot be used for recipes that require "any wood".

CactusCactus is another block which displays some wood-like properties, especially in the sense that it is gathered from background plants cut with an axe. Again, cactus cannot be used in recipes calling "any wood", however, it does have recipes for furniture, tools and weapons much like those of normal wood.

Some Wood types are found placed in other forms. For example, Underground Cabins generally use wood corresponding to their biome (i.e. Rich Mahogany in the Jungle, Boreal in the Snow Biome, normal Wood basically everywhere else). Living Trees and Living Mahogany Trees are made of Living Wood and Rich Mahogany, respectively.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Generally being available in large quantities at the surface near a player's spawn and having an aesthetic appearance, many players choose to use Wood as the material their first house is built from. Stone is another common beginning material, being easily obtained in large quantities just below the surface.
  • Wood armor sets are of the few that can be crafted at a Work Bench, along with Pumpkin, Necro, Pink Eskimo and Cactus.
  • The average amount of normal wood found in a large world is 6 & 1/2 stacks.
  • While the trees are affected by biomes, the wood they drop is completely immune to them.
  • As wood cannot be sold on its own, the best way to sell wood is to craft it into kegs as this will yield the most amount of money per unit wood. (8.571428 continuing or 60/7, copper per unit. Or approximately 85 silver and 63 copper per stack)

Farming[edit | edit source]

See also: Guide:Gardening.

One method to farm wood with minimum effort is to place Mud and plant a long stretch of jungle grass in a convenient location. Jungle trees will grow automatically without further maintenance, unlike normal trees, which require Acorns. However, keep in mind that the Jungle this creates can spawn Jungle enemies such as Jungle Slime and Jungle Bat, which can be dangerous or annoying, depending on your defensive equipment. Breakable flowers and bushes will very quickly grow, though, which may render this old method of easy wood almost useless.

Another effective way to collect wood is to create a new World and cut down the trees generated within it, then delete the world once its easily-accessible natural resources are exhausted.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Recipe (normal Wood)[edit | edit source]

Used in (normal Wood)[edit | edit source]

Used in (any Wood)[edit | edit source]

ResultIngredientsCrafting station

TorchTorch (3)
By Hand
Pink TorchPink TorchDesktop VersionConsole version (3)
CampfireCampfire (Desktop versionConsole version)
Cursed CampfireCursed CampfireDesktop VersionConsole version
Demon CampfireDemon CampfireDesktop VersionConsole version
Frozen CampfireFrozen CampfireDesktop VersionConsole version
Ichor CampfireIchor CampfireDesktop VersionConsole version
Rainbow CampfireRainbow CampfireDesktop VersionConsole version
Ultra Bright CampfireUltra Bright CampfireDesktop Version
Bone CampfireBone CampfireDesktop Version
Marshmallow on a StickMarshmallow on a Stick

Wooden ArrowWooden Arrow (25 (Desktop VersionConsole version) / 5 (Old-gen console versionMobile Version3DS version))
Work BenchWork Bench
Tiki TorchTiki Torch
Trap DoorTrap DoorDesktop VersionConsole version
FireplaceFireplaceDesktop VersionConsole version

Minecart TrackMinecart Track (50 (Desktop VersionConsole version) / 30 (Old-gen console versionMobile Version3DS version))
Iron AnvilIron Anvil
Lead AnvilLead Anvil
Copper PickaxeCopper Pickaxe
Copper AxeCopper Axe
Copper HammerCopper Hammer
Tin PickaxeTin Pickaxe
Tin AxeTin Axe
Tin HammerTin Hammer
Iron PickaxeIron Pickaxe
Iron AxeIron Axe
Iron HammerIron Hammer
Lead PickaxeLead Pickaxe
Lead AxeLead Axe
Lead HammerLead Hammer
Heavy Work BenchHeavy Work BenchDesktop VersionConsole versionOld-gen console versionMobile Version
Cooking PotCooking Pot
Silver PickaxeSilver Pickaxe
Silver AxeSilver Axe
Silver HammerSilver Hammer
Tungsten PickaxeTungsten Pickaxe
Tungsten AxeTungsten Axe
Tungsten HammerTungsten Hammer
Gold PickaxeGold Pickaxe
Gold AxeGold Axe
Gold HammerGold Hammer
Platinum PickaxePlatinum Pickaxe
Platinum AxePlatinum Axe
Platinum HammerPlatinum Hammer
MinecartMinecart (Desktop versionConsole version)

Planked WallPlanked Wall (4)
Wooden BeamWooden Beam (2)
WomannequinWomannequinDesktop VersionConsole versionOld-gen console versionMobile Version
Target DummyTarget DummyDesktop VersionConsole version
Weapon RackWeapon RackDesktop VersionConsole versionOld-gen console versionMobile Version
Item FrameItem FrameDesktop VersionConsole version
Blacksmith RackBlacksmith RackDesktop VersionConsole versionMobile Version
Carpentry RackCarpentry RackDesktop VersionConsole versionMobile Version
Helmet RackHelmet RackDesktop VersionConsole versionMobile Version
Spear RackSpear RackDesktop VersionConsole versionMobile Version
Sword RackSword RackDesktop VersionConsole versionMobile Version
Bar StoolBar Stool
Banquet TableBanquet Table
Tall GateTall GateDesktop VersionConsole version
Heavy Work BenchHeavy Work BenchDesktop VersionConsole versionOld-gen console versionMobile Version
Goblin Battle StandardGoblin Battle Standard

History[edit | edit source]

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