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Wooden Minecart

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Wooden Minecart
Grants Buff
Buff tooltipRiding in a minecart
Summons Mount

The Wooden Minecart is a pre-Hardmode Mount which serves as the default Minecart. It is not an obtainable item. It allows a player to ride on Minecart Tracks. It's slightly inferior to most other Minecarts (vastly inferior to the Mechanical Cart) due to its top speed of 51 mph.

Other Minecarts have item forms and need to be equipped in the Minecart equipment slot, overriding use of the Wooden Minecart.

Achievement[edit | edit source]

Achievement Vehicular Manslaughter.png
Vehicular Manslaughter • "Defeat an enemy by running it over with a minecart."
Kill an enemy by running over it with a Minecart. Desktop, Console, and Mobile Versions

History[edit | edit source]