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World Feeder

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World Feeder
World Feeder.png
Coins7 Silver Coin

The World Feeder is a worm-like enemy that appears in The Corruption after reaching hardmode. It drops a small amount of Cursed Flames on death. They are somewhat rare, and are not as common as Devourers in a Pre-Hardmode world. They resemble a smaller Eater of Worlds, but they do not split when a segment is destroyed; rather, they simply die like any other worm. Despite being smaller than the Eater of Worlds, the World Feeder does more than three times its damage.

Loot is dropped from the head segment, so it can get stuck buried deep in blocks if one of the main body parts is killed first. It is perhaps the best source for Cursed Flames, since it always drops several of them.

Segments[edit | edit source]

World FeederWorld Feeder Head
World Feeder Head.png
Coins 7 Silver Coin
World FeederWorld Feeder Body
World Feeder Body.png
Coins 7 Silver Coin
World FeederWorld Feeder Tail
World Feeder Tail.png
TypeBurrowing Enemy
EnvironmentThe CorruptionUnderground Corruption
AI TypeWorm AI
Damage40 / 80
Max Life500 / 1000
KB Resist100%
Immune toConfused
BannerWorld Feeder BannerWorld Feeder Banner
Coins 7 Silver Coin

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The World Feeder in the preview only has a fraction of its segments. In the game, it is much longer, having about 4-5 times more segments than in the preview.
  • Despite dropping Cursed Flames, none of its attacks actually cause the Cursed Inferno debuff.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Having a Dark Lance (or better spear) makes it a trivial enemy.
  • The Ice Sickle and Death Sickle are extremely useful against this enemy.
  • Shooting the World Feeder in multiple segments with Cursed Bullets, Cursed Arrows, or Cursed Flames can catch many segments with Cursed Inferno debuff dealing 500+ damage extremely quickly if you catch enough segments
  • Any piercing weapon, such as the Magical Harp or the Magic Dagger can be extremely effective.
  • Staffs with minions that cause debuffs, such as the Spider Staff can damage multiple segments while you dodge the World Feeder's attacks.

History[edit | edit source]