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Not to be confused with Hardmode, which is triggered by defeating the Wall of Flesh in both Expert and Normal worlds.
"Fortune & Glory, Kid."

Expert mode is an option that can be selected during world creation. It greatly increases the difficulty of the game, as well as the quantity and quality of drops. It also offers Expert mode-exclusive items. Expert mode begins the moment the Expert mode world is created, and cannot be altered after that by the player.

General[edit | edit source]

  • Most enemies have around twice as much health, do about twice as much damage, and receive 10% less knockback.
    • Weaker enemies, excluding bosses and their minions, may get an additional multiplier to the above stats in Hardmode and additionally after Plantera has been defeated.
    • Specific enemies (such as all bosses) have additional multipliers to their stats.
  • Enemies and bosses have new AIs with higher difficulty attack patterns.
  • Enemies can spawn in towns (ie. near NPCs), although they still won't spawn in front of placed background walls.
  • Enemies drop more loot, including higher chances (usually 50% or 100% extra chance) to drop certain items.
  • Some enemies inflict additional debuffs, or have an increased chance to inflict a debuff that they already inflict.
  • Enemies can pick up coins dropped by enemies or players. Enemies holding dropped coins emit a sparkle effect based on the color of the best coin they're holding.
    • Coins are often lost permanently on death, as enemies who pick up dead players' coins will often despawn once off-screen.
    • Also (might be not intended) picked-up coins will be reset on NPC transformation, therefore you cannot retrieve coins from enemies like spiders after they have transformed into their alternate form (from horizontal form to wall form, or reverse) or other enemies behaving similarly.
  • Softcore mode players drop 75% of their coins upon death instead of 50%.
  • General respawn time is increased to 15 seconds, while respawn time during boss fights is increased to 30 seconds.
  • Slime Rain can occur without its usual criteria, spawn rates are 15% higher, and Green/Purple Slimes have a higher spawn chance.
  • Attacking Celestial Towers requires killing 150 of their enemies, instead of 100.
  • Killing Pumpkin/Frost Moon enemies progresses the event twice as fast, due to the increased health of their enemies.
  • All NPCs do 1.5x regular damage.
  • Traveling Merchant has a 50% chance to sell an additional item.

New enemy attacks[edit | edit source]

  • Bats have a chance to inflict the Feral Bite debuff.
  • Some Zombies carry a Zombie Arm, causing them to have an extended attack range and higher damage.
  • Spiked Slimes can shoot up to 6 spikes at once in a small area around them.
  • Some Skeletons can throw Bones.
  • Lava Slimes leave behind a block of Lava when killed.
  • Jellyfish gain a new shock attack in which they move in a straight line and take no damage, if hit by melee the player is shocked.
  • Some Black Recluses gain an additional spit attack, making the player unable to move for a short duration.
  • Granite Elementals can shield themselves from attacks, similar to Granite Golems, but will only do so if they have less than 50% health.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

  • Bosses in Expert mode have increased health. Their health is boosted even further in Multiplayer, with more health added for each player.
    • Each boss has their own boost factor, which is a decimal number greater than 1. For example, Skeletron has a boost factor of 2.0 and Plantera has a boost factor of 1.4.
    • In single player, Expert boss health follows this formula: ExpertHealth = NormalHealth * BoostFactor
    • In multiplayer, Expert bosses multiply their health further based on the number of players: ExpertHealth = NormalHealth * BoostFactor * MultiplayerFactor
      • The multiplayer factor is increased incrementally for each player: MultiplayerFactor = 1 + HealthAdded[2] + HealthAdded[3] + ...
      • The base amount of health added per player is 35%. That is, HealthAdded[2] = 0.35.
      • Each consecutive player adds more health than the last: HealthAdded[n+1] = HealthAdded[n] + (1 - HealthAdded[n]) / 3
      • If there are ten or more players, the multiplayer health boost is modified using this formula: MultiplayerFactor = (MultiplayerFactor * 2 + 8) / 3
      • The multiplayer factor cannot exceed 1,000. This limit is never reached in practice because it requires 1,498 players, and Terraria servers cannot have more than 255 players.
  • Most bosses gain a new attack or movement pattern which makes them more difficult. For example, Duke Fishron gains a third stage.
  • When defeated, each boss (except for the Lunatic Cultist, Dark Mage, and Ogre) drops an Expert-Mode-exclusive Treasure Bag unique to that boss. Each Treasure Bag contains a greater quantity of the boss's usual drops from normal mode, along with unique Expert mode-exclusive items. These items can all be used in non-Expert mode worlds, with the exception of the Demon Heart. Hardmode boss Treasure Bags additionally have a 5% chance to contain one random set of Developer items. Treasure Bags can be opened in both Expert mode and Normal worlds.

Items & Loot[edit | edit source]

Player[edit | edit source]

Expert-exclusive items[edit | edit source]

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Expert mode-exclusive items are found inside Treasure Bags, dropped by bosses, and have the Rainbow rarity. While these items can only be obtained via an expert mode world, they still function in regular worlds, excluding the Demon Heart.

Boss Items Usage
King Slime Royal GelRoyal Gel Slimes become passive around the player and deal no damage. Has no effect on the character's look.
Eye of Cthulhu Shield of CthulhuShield of Cthulhu Allows the player to use a "dash" attack, 2 Defense.
0x33's Aviators0x33's AviatorsDesktop Version Vanity item, can only be obtained with an Expert mode Hardcore character.
Eater of Worlds Worm ScarfWorm Scarf Reduces damage taken by 17%.
Brain of Cthulhu Brain of ConfusionBrain of Confusion May confuse nearby enemies after being struck.
Skeletron Bone GloveBone Glove Throws Bones; 33% chance to not consume bone, good for throwing class.
Queen Bee Hive PackHive Pack Increases the strength of friendly bees.
Wall of Flesh Demon HeartDemon Heart Permanently increases the number of accessory slots from 5 to 6. (The slot is only functional in Expert Mode worlds, and won't show up in normal mode worlds)
The Destroyer Mechanical Wagon PieceMechanical Wagon Piece Used to craft the Mechanical Cart.
The Twins Mechanical Wheel PieceMechanical Wheel Piece Used to craft the Mechanical Cart.
Skeletron Prime Mechanical Battery PieceMechanical Battery Piece Used to craft the Mechanical Cart.
Plantera Spore SacSpore Sac Summons spores over time that will damage enemies.
Golem Shiny StoneShiny Stone Greatly increases life regeneration when not moving.
Duke Fishron Shrimpy TruffleShrimpy Truffle Mount with endless flying and travels through water faster.
Moon Lord Gravity GlobeGravity Globe Allows the holder to reverse gravity.
Suspicious Looking TentacleSuspicious Looking Tentacle Light pet that exposes nearby enemies, treasures, and ores.

Notes[edit | edit source]

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Footnotes[edit | edit source]

  1. The increased defense is still less effective than normal, because enemy damage is multiplied by about 2 while damage reduction is only multiplied by 1.5. As a result, you will take more than twice as much damage from enemies given the same amount of defense. For example, let's say you have full melee Adamantite armor (50 defense) with no other defense bonuses and get hit by a Giant Bat (45 damage in Normal mode). In Normal mode, you get 25 damage reduction from 45 damage and take 20 damage. In Expert mode, you get 38 damage reduction from 90 damage and take 52 damage.

History[edit | edit source]

  • Desktop
    • Fixed hittable enemy projectiles not scaling in Expert mode.
    • Fixed air items being left over when monsters pick up coins in Expert mode.
  • Desktop Introduced. Bosses now drop special Expert mode-only items.